Coinbase Global, Inc. (COIN) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript

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Coinbase Global, Inc. (NASDAQ:COIN) Q4 2022 Earnings Conference Call February 21, 2023 5:30 PM ET

Company Participants

Anil Gupta - VP of IR

Brian Armstrong - Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO

Alesia Haas - CFO

Emilie Choi - President & COO

Paul Grewal - Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary

Conference Call Participants

Owen Lau - Oppenheimer

Michael Falco - JMP Securities

Kenneth Worthington - JPMorgan

Lisa Ellis - SVB MoffettNathanson

Pete Christiansen - Citi


Good afternoon. My sanction is Paula, and I will beryllium your convention usability today. At this time, I would for illustration to invited everyone to nan Coinbase Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2022 Earnings Call. All lines person been placed connected shut up to forestall immoderate inheritance noise. After nan speakers' remarks, location will beryllium a question-and-answer session. [Operator Instructions].

Anil Gupta, Vice President, Investor Relations, you whitethorn statesman your conference.

Anil Gupta

Good afternoon, and invited to nan Coinbase 4th fourth and afloat twelvemonth '22 net call. Joining maine connected today's telephone are Brian Armstrong, Co-Founder and CEO; Emily Choi, President and COO; Alesia Haas, CFO; and because regulatory questions whitethorn beryllium apical of mind, Paul Grewal, Chief Legal Officer, is besides joining today. I dream you've each had nan opportunity to publication our shareholder letter, which was published connected our Investor Relations website earlier today.

Before we get started, I'd for illustration to punctual you that during today's call, we whitethorn make forward-looking statements. Actual results whitethorn alteration materially from today's statements. Information concerning risks, uncertainties and different factors that could origin these results to disagree is included successful our SEC filings.

Our chat coming will see references to definite non-GAAP financial measures. Reconciliations to nan astir straight comparable GAAP financial measures are provided successful our shareholder missive and connected our Investor Relations website. Non-GAAP financial measures should beryllium considered successful summation to, not arsenic a substitute for, GAAP measures.

We are erstwhile again utilizing Safe Technologies to alteration our shareholders to station questions. And successful summation to that, we will beryllium taking immoderate unrecorded questions from our investigation analysts.

So pinch that, I'll move it over to Brian and Alesia for opening comments.

Brian Armstrong

Thanks, Anil. So I want to touch connected 3 themes successful my opening comments. The first 1 is going to beryllium astir really we're reducing our OpEx to run much efficiently and amended make EBITDA successful nan future. The 2nd taxable is going to beryllium astir nan existent regulatory environment. And nan 3rd taxable is going to beryllium astir wherever we are successful this crypto cycle.

So let's commencement pinch our reductions successful OpEx. When Coinbase went public, our extremity was to run astatine astir breakeven crossed crypto cycles, but nan marketplace has changed, and truthful we're evolving on pinch that. We're now evolving nan business pinch a extremity to make adjusted EBITDA successful each marketplace conditions.

In January, we further reduced caput count by 20%. This follows nan caput count simplification of 18% we did past twelvemonth successful June. We've besides worked difficult to trim nan magnitude of dilution we're taking from stock-based compensation and adjusted our compensation argumentation crossed a number of dimensions. Our full dilution since going nationalist successful April of 2021 has been astir 5%. These changes will guarantee that we proceed to negociate dilution going forward.

Now parting ways pinch colleagues and changes to compensation are ne'er easy, but I deliberation this is helping america beryllium a much businesslike institution arsenic a result, and it positions america to amended upwind this downturn pinch a very patient equilibrium expanse and proceed investing successful nan early truthful we tin beryllium nan world leader successful nan crypto space.

I was besides really gladsome to spot that our subscription and services gross grew 53% year-over-year to $792 cardinal successful 2022. This was a awesome downturn successful crypto, of course, from 2021 to 2022. And I deliberation this really shows that our strategy of becoming an all-weather crypto institution is paying disconnected pinch much predictable gross streams.

So next, I want to talk astir nan regulatory situation that we're presently in. In nan aftermath of FTX and different crypto institution failures, we've seen accrued regulatory scrutiny, of course. But fto maine beryllium very clear, I judge this is simply a bully point for nan abstraction and that it will yet use Coinbase. It's really easy to look astatine nan headlines and presume that accrued regulatory activity is bad for crypto, but I really don't work together pinch that. There's galore morganatic companies successful nan crypto space, for illustration Coinbase, and those of america which prioritize spot and compliance from nan beginning, I believe, will beryllium beneficiaries.

This really goes backmost to nan founding of Coinbase much than 10 years ago. And erstwhile I started nan company, I really decided that this was going to beryllium a compliance-focused company. We were going to do things nan correct measurement moreover if it was much difficult. And I knew that location were going to beryllium companies that would travel successful and effort to trim corners. They mightiness moreover turn really quickly because it's easier to move accelerated erstwhile you don't person to travel nan rules. But they would inevitably travel crashing down because regulators don't ever enactment quickly, but they do yet act.

We decided to do things nan difficult way, playing nan semipermanent crippled and built a very different institution complete nan past 10 years. In galore cases, we really proactively put successful spot due controls earlier they were moreover required, anticipating that this greater regulatory clarity would beryllium coming.

So I deliberation we're really good positioned successful this type of situation and really things are changing. And we request much clarity successful nan United States astir regulation, and we astir apt request caller authorities astatine immoderate point, but I'll talk astir that a small spot later.

So third, let's talk astir wherever we are successful this crypto cycle. Now I deliberation it's important ever look astatine nan basal indicators that we person and effort to abstracted retired nan awesome from nan sound and nan antagonistic headlines. The communicative successful crypto tends to flip each 2 years, it's either irrational exuberance aliases despair. Neither 1 is existent astatine immoderate fixed time, but we're successful 1 of those despair phases correct now. And that besides intends there's an opportunity for builders who are focused successful this abstraction for illustration Coinbase.

So if you return wherever we are now aliases successful 2022 and comparison that to conscionable 2 years ago, you benignant of person to look complete astatine slightest nan anterior cycle. You can't conscionable look astatine what happened successful nan past twelvemonth aliases nan past quarter. So nan bitcoin value successful January of 2023 is up 80% compared to nan mean value successful 2020. The number of package developers who activity successful crypto has doubled since 2020, and that's a awesome predictor, I think, of wherever nan early is going.

The number of awesome brands who've started integrating Web3 and different technology, are wholly different, Starbucks, Adidas, Nike, Coca-Cola and societal media platforms for illustration Instagram, Twitter and Reddit. These are each integrating crypto services into their products, and customers who usage those things are going to request a wallet, a crypto wallet. That's wherever Coinbase comes in.

We moreover travel a agelong measurement connected nan regulatory side. Outside nan U.S., conscionable astir each awesome financial hub is vying to beryllium nan leader successful Web3. We've seen a broad crypto authorities get passed successful nan EU pinch MiCA. Even nan UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil are each making very affirmative steps toward broad crypto legislation. And I deliberation we'll moreover get that successful nan U.S. eventually.

So successful short, we stay incredibly bullish connected this technology, successful this industry. We're operating much efficiently astatine this caller size. We judge that we will beryllium successful a nett beneficiary accrued regulatory clarity. And of course, ultimately, we've sewage to support driving nan inferior of crypto, improving our products, driving much and much usage cases truthful that cardinal aliases much group tin use from this technology, and we tin summation economical state successful nan world.

So pinch that, fto maine move it complete to Alesia to talk astir our financial results.

Alesia Haas

Thanks, Brian. First, I'm going to recap our Q4 results. Our 4th fourth nett gross accrued 5% quarter-over-quarter to $605 million. This was driven by beardown maturation successful our subscription and services revenues. In position of transaction gross first, we gained trading measurement marketplace share. Our trading measurement did diminution 9% quarter-over-quarter, but it outperformed nan full crypto spot market, which saw a 21% measurement diminution quarter-over-quarter.

As a result, our full transaction gross declined 12% to $322 million. In contrast, subscription services grew 34% quarter-over-quarter to $283 million. This was mostly driven by our information successful nan USTC programme arsenic reported by nan maturation successful liking rates successful Q4.

Our full operating expenses accrued 3% quarter-over-quarter to $1.2 billion, which was accordant pinch nan outlook we provided. There are 3 factors that contributed to this flimsy summation successful spend. First, we had higher seasonal trading spend. Second, we saw a timing of definite SEC awards accrued nan costs quarter-over-quarter. And third, we had a $50 cardinal colony pinch nan New York DFS. Absent this settlement, expenses would person been down astir 1% quarter-over-quarter.

I want to zoom retired now and look astatine nan afloat twelvemonth of 2020. Our adjusted EBITDA was antagonistic $371 cardinal successful 2022, good wrong nan $500 cardinal mislaid guardrail we've provided for successful February of 2022 astir a twelvemonth ago. This included antagonistic $124 cardinal of adjusted EBITDA successful Q4. I want to note, while this was somewhat little successful Q3, our gross improved quarter-over-quarter, and our recurring expenses, excluding nan effect of nan DFS settlement, were little quarter-over-quarter. So nan superior logic EBITDA was little successful Q4 was owed to a overseas speech nonaccomplishment that we knowledgeable successful Q2 that was not afloat realized until Q4.

I want to displacement gears now towards our outlook. Crypto markets person improved truthful acold into Q1 arsenic compared to Q4. Crypto marketplace headdress is up 40% year-to-date done February 17. Crypto volatility is 5% higher complete nan aforesaid clip period. As a result, we generated $120 cardinal of transaction gross successful January 2023.

I cannot underscore this enough. We be aware investors to not extrapolate these results forward. We each request to support successful mind past year's acquisition of really quickly markets tin evolve. They evolved quickly betwixt Q4 and Q1, and they person nan imaginable to germinate again. And we are mindful of nan manufacture dynamics crossed aggregate dimensions stay successful flux.

In that spirit, we've updated our outlook attack for 2023. Our outlook is reflecting what we judge are nan astir unchangeable and predictable elements of our business, specifically subscription and services gross and expenses. And we're now providing 1 4th of outlook. With that, we expect Q1 subscription services gross to beryllium betwixt $300 cardinal and $325 million.

As Brian mentioned, we are focused connected costs guidance and operating pinch discipline. That intends we're much rigorously assessing our merchandise marketplace fit, we're taking a scrappier attack to investments, and we're getting backmost to mini squad sizes.

For Q1, we expect exertion and improvement and wide and administrative expenses, together, will beryllium betwixt $625 cardinal and $675 million. And that income and trading will beryllium betwixt $60 cardinal and $70 million. When totaling these OpEx categories, this represents a much than 30% simplification successful Q1 compared to nan Q4 reported results. If you backmost retired nan $50 cardinal colony from Q4, we person reduced recurring expenses by much than 25% quarter-over-quarter.

Embedded successful that disbursal outlook is an anticipation of $250 cardinal of stock-based compensation successful Q1. This compares to $431 cardinal of stock-based compensation disbursal successful Q4. So we've brought that down by much than $200 cardinal quarter-over-quarter. Separately, our outlook includes astir $150 cardinal for restructuring expenses associated pinch our January headcount reduction. Overall, our extremity for 2023 is to amended adjusted EBITDA successful absolute dollar position versus afloat twelvemonth 2022. And we judge our costs simplification efforts position america to do so.

As we look forward, we don't expect to meaningfully summation our caput count, which is 1 of our largest disbursal drivers, compared to our Q1 levels which we expect to beryllium astir 3,650 people.

All right, earlier we spell to Q&A, I want to concisely springiness immoderate discourse astir immoderate updates you're going to spot successful our 10-K that we revenge this afternoon. Following nan events of 2022, which included failures and different situations of financial distress astatine definite crypto companies for illustration FTX, nan SEC has issued a caller guidance successful December connected expected disclosures for nationalist companies for illustration ours that are crypto marketplace participants.

While we already disclosed overmuch astir was outlined successful nan guidance, we did make immoderate further disclosures this quarter. So you will spot an expanded chat of really nan 2022 events person impacted Coinbase, really akin events could effect our company, we've expanded disclosures of our lending activities, counterparty consequence and nan interconnectedness we person pinch different marketplace participants.

Accordingly, you'll spot updates connected our business section, MD&A and consequence factors. These are successful nonstop consequence to nan caller guidance. The afloat missive tin beryllium recovered connected nan website.

So pinch that, I deliberation we tin move to questions. Anil?

Question-and-Answer Session

A - Anil Gupta

Okay. Thank you, both. So pinch that, we'll move to shareholder questions, and we are taking nan astir uploaded questions arsenic wished by nan number of shares, and we mightiness harvester questions that touch connected nan aforesaid themes. .

The first mobility is about, has Coinbase considered operating an offshore business, possibly pinch Big 4 audits and further consequence guidance controls, to connection caller products to world investors while they hold regulatory clarity connected specified products successful nan U.S.?

Emilie Choi

Thanks for nan question. So our ngo is to summation economical state successful nan world by enabling amended entree to crypto. So to fulfill our mission, we person to beryllium a world company. And arsenic such, world description is going to proceed to beryllium a very halfway portion of really we operate.

In nan past quarter, we had a motorboat successful Australia. We person an upcoming motorboat successful Brazil. And we've been very encouraged by nan affirmative regulatory developments successful nan EU pinch MiCA and nan UK's long-awaited consultation. So you tin expect to spot america continuing to put successful nan UK and Europe. They're really important parts of our business. .

We're going to thin into moving pinch jurisdictions to thief america maximize world coverage. And we will ever beryllium focused connected offering our products successful a safe, compliant measurement with, arsenic you referenced, bully consequence guidance and sound audit. So there's thing to denote present today, but world continues to beryllium a attraction area for america successful 2023 and beyond.

Anil Gupta

Thanks, Emilie. Next question, has Coinbase considered updating its P&L target from operating astatine a nonaccomplishment during times of nan trading volumes for illustration those successful 2022 and 2023 year-to-date to operating astatine breakeven aliases profitability during specified times? Alesia?

Alesia Haas

I consciousness for illustration nan questions had a preview into Brian's opening comments. So this is not a alteration we tin make overnight. But yeah, arsenic Brian shared successful his opening comments, we person changed our attack and we are building towards nan future. So we utilized to opportunity Coinbase would astir breakeven complete time, complete a cycle, but now we are very focused connected giving a institution that tin make EBITDA successful each marketplace conditions, which is to opportunity we aspire to beryllium an all-weather company.

Specifically, for 2023, our extremity is to amended our adjusted EBITDA capacity successful absolute dollar position year-over-year. And we're going to proceed to activity to build gross streams pinch little volatility. And while nan attraction is connected improving adjusted EBITDA, arsenic I shared successful my opening comments, our SBC, aliases our stock-based compensation, is coming down, too. So we are focused connected wide disbursal performance, and we deliberation that will group nan shape for semipermanent financial performance.

Anil Gupta

Next question, will Coinbase grow nan stocks to compete pinch platforms for illustration Robinhood? Brian?

Brian Armstrong

Yeah, I tin return that one. So nan short reply is no. We consciousness our champion opportunities are still successful nan crypto, successful nan Web3 space. There's a batch of solution there. We want to spell make judge we're nan leader successful that space. And there's a number of places group could waste and acquisition accepted securities today, truthful I don't cognize really we would needfully beryllium differentiated connected that dimension.

There is an objection to that I tin deliberation of, which is that if we recovered a measurement to tokenize aliases wrap accepted securities, making them much crypto native, that could beryllium beautiful interesting, I think, for our customers and for us. It would unlock immoderate further functionality, for instance, 24/7 trading, group could much easy waste and acquisition fractions of a stock aliases they could person entree to much world capital.

But nan regulatory situation successful nan U.S. correct now is not presently hospitable to that type of product. It's thing that we're moving to change. We really acquired a broker-dealer licence respective years ago, but it's dormant correct now. And we'd for illustration to activity pinch nan SEC to make it active. I deliberation that thing for illustration that, that would let america to wrap accepted securities, could -- and I besides conscionable make it really elemental for group to spell and registry cryptosecurities, that could beryllium beautiful absorbing and thing we'd for illustration prosecute successful nan future. But I don't deliberation that will hap successful nan short term. So it's thing we'll person to activity towards complete time.

Anil Gupta

Next question, really does Coinbase statement to compete pinch different trading platforms that let america users to acquisition crypto without fees? Alesia?

Alesia Haas

Thanks for nan question. So I want to commencement pinch conscionable a remark that location are nary existent zero interest products retired there. Some monetize for illustration Coinbase do via our fees that we station but others monetize connected nan backmost extremity wherever nan fees are not transparent to nan users, but location really are nary zero interest platforms.

So we do make astir of our transaction gross coming from our unit customer base. They are trusting our products because they are safe and easy to use, and we're giving them an integrated level to prosecute pinch a scope of crypto assets and activities. So you tin stake, you tin participate and you tin walk your crypto connected a Coinbase card. You tin do galore different things. And we judge this is simply a premium merchandise that our customers are consenting to salary for.

But we besides person for a subscription product, Coinbase One, wherever you conscionable tin waste and acquisition without fees. So we are decidedly experimenting pinch different monetization models and different ways to connection our services to our customers. As we said before, complete nan long-term, we judge fees will compress owed to commoditization, but we person yet to spot that successful crypto. And we deliberation that aft coming to 2022, location is much worth placed connected a trusted platform, our regulated compliant approach, and group are consenting to salary for that premium offering.

Anil Gupta

Next question, really is Coinbase moving alongside lawmakers to style U.S. crypto regulation? Brian?

Brian Armstrong

Yeah. So I've been spending a batch of clip successful D.C. I was conscionable location past week, actually. And I'd opportunity argumentation is my apical privilege for this year. So erstwhile I was location conscionable past week, we met pinch a number of applicable senators that are moving connected different crypto bills. There's really a batch of bipartisan support, I would say, retired location for getting broad crypto authorities pass.

There's a nickname that successful nan aftermath of FTX, we request stronger user protections. There's besides a batch of excitement conscionable astir nan imaginable of this technology. And there's a batch of desire for group to person this built present successful America. And they consciousness that it's important for each kinds of reasons: economical growth, nationalist security, et cetera.

So I was very pleased to spot that. I deliberation nan folks that I said with, they besides recognize that nan U.S. is simply a small spot down correct now. The EU has already benignant of passed broad crypto legislation. They're looking astatine others for illustration successful nan UK, Singapore, et cetera, that are moving connected this magnitude and seeing what they tin return and put successful their bill.

So I'm spending much clip successful D.C. But I deliberation what's moreover much important than that really is that we tin spell and activate nan astir 50 cardinal group aliases truthful who person utilized crypto successful nan United States and asking them to -- arsenic they're very passionate astir crypto, galore of them. And truthful it's astir asking them to interaction nan representatives and encouraging them to opportunity we want this manufacture to beryllium built successful America pinch beardown user protection and preserving invention potential.

So I deliberation we request to really make it clear that -- let's say, successful nan upcoming predetermination successful 2024, for instance, that this is going to beryllium a large issue, I think, for a batch of voters. Crypto is now utilized by 1 successful 5 households successful nan United States, and it's becoming a beautiful powerful lobby and a constituent.

So Coinbase of course, we tin do our portion present by helping shape them. We've been really giving customers accusation correct successful our app astir argumentation issues and moreover scores for different candidates that correspond them. But we're conscionable 1 institution successful nan space. The full manufacture is really going to person to travel together to make this hap and -- of each nan crypto users retired there.

So there's tons much that we're doing. We're donating to cardinal crypto advocates. We've hired an unthinkable argumentation team. Our Head of Policy, Faryar Shirzad, came from Goldman Sachs wherever he was coleading policy. We're moving pinch various waste and acquisition groups. We really wrote a really elaborate petition that we sent to nan SEC, requesting much clarity connected regularisation and pointing retired benignant of galore of nan areas wherever successful nan rule coming it's not clear really crypto should beryllium regulated. We person a nationalist argumentation page connected our website, which I promote group to spell cheque out.

So there's a batch we tin do here. And I deliberation it's a awesome attraction for myself and nan company.

Actually, Paul, our Chief Legal Officer, do you want to adhd thing here?

Paul Grewal

Yeah. Happy to, Brian. Coinbase, we person a 10-year positive grounds of regulatory compliance engagement. And we stay committed to moving pinch regulators to create solutions that are sensible, that put consumers first and protect them and yet thief to turn nan crypto economy.

We are successful changeless speech pinch each of these regulators and, of course, nan policymakers arsenic well, peculiarly successful D.C. In those conversations, our schedule is very clear. Regulators should travel nan modular people and undertake nationalist rule-making that will springiness clarity, not conscionable to nan manufacture and to consumers but, of course, investors arsenic well.

The bottommost statement is this, not everything successful crypto arsenic a security. That's conscionable not nan rule today. And it shouldn't beryllium nan debased tomorrow and successful nan future. Securities laws doesn't beryllium successful bid to move everything of worth successful our economy, whether it's shot cards aliases sneakers aliases integer assets for illustration crypto, into a information that only a mini number of group aliases nan elite are capable to bargain aliases trade. That's why we person to get these lines right. It's not conscionable astir crypto.

And truthful successful that aforesaid spirit, past July, successful July 2022, we revenge a broad petition for rule-making pinch nan SEC that outline nan issues pinch applying an existing aliases nan existing securities into modern integer assets. And we propose that each area successful which nan SEC could and should prosecute successful rule-making successful bid to supply clarity for nan full industry.

We're very hopeful that nan SEC and others will admit that rule-making is nan due way forward. And importantly, we're not going to extremity engaging until they do so. It's not excessively late.

One last point, conscionable recently, nan SEC issued a announcement of projected norm for safeguarding crypto assets pinch qualified custodians specified arsenic Coinbase. We spot that arsenic a awesome that nan SEC recognizes and is consenting to travel a modular nationalist rule-making process successful bid to get these answers right.

Anil Gupta

Great. Thanks. Next question, are location immoderate plans to initiate banal buybacks aliases trim wide indebtedness load if nan institution valuation becomes debased enough. Alesia?

Alesia Haas

Thanks for nan question. So I would stock pinch you that we perpetually measure what is nan astir accretive measurement to allocate our capital. So thing we've looked at, we talked about. But today, our attraction is connected rate conservation and maximizing nan options that we person disposable to us, maximizing our expertise to navigate done this modulation play arsenic we displacement from being a institution that has volatility successful our P&L to a much unchangeable P&L wherever we tin person nan opportunity to make EBITDA successful an up and down market. So while we person nan correct business, we don't only usage to stock astatine this clip astir pinch banal buyback aliases a indebtedness buyback program.

I would constituent retired that while we do not person a general buyback program, we do mostly nett settee our equity awards to employees. What that intends is that we salary taxes connected behalf of nan labor and those shares don't extremity up successful nan market.

So arsenic a result, since we went public, we've efficaciously bought backmost conscionable complete 5 cardinal shares owed to this approach. So while this a betterment of banal buyback, it has nan effect of reducing shares outstanding and reducing our magnitude of dilution that we've put into nan market.

Anil Gupta

Our adjacent mobility is, pinch Kraken staking arsenic a work being cracked down upon by nan SEC, what differentiates Coinbase staking arsenic a work from theirs? And what assurances tin you springiness investors that their costs will not beryllium affected? Paul?

Paul Grewal

The Coinbase's staking products are not securities, and truthful they are not affected by this news. Staking connected Coinbase continues to beryllium disposable to our customers and liking assets proceed to gain rewards. The staking products that we connection astatine Coinbase are fundamentally different from nan output products that were described successful nan reinforcement action against Kraken. The differences matter.

Just to item a fewer of them, first and foremost, connected Coinbase, customer assets ever stay there. At each times, customers clasp nan title to and ownership of their tokens. And of course, we clasp each personification assets, including tokens 1 to one.

Another important quality is that our fees are tethered to realities. They're wished by nan web protocols and commissions that we return are afloat disclosed successful our wellness center. On Coinbase, our customers person a correct to nan returns. We can't simply conscionable determine not to salary immoderate returns astatine all. And critically, Coinbase customers person heavy transparent insights into our financials because, of course, Coinbase is simply a publically traded institution pinch nationalist audited financials.

The bottommost statement is that Coinbase customers person entree to due disclosures. Coinbase has ever disclosed captious accusation for its staking users, specified arsenic what happens to assets erstwhile they're staked. And we do that successful our unit personification agreement.

Rules, making clear these distinctions would supply a very existent clarity. And we deliberation nan nationalist shouldn't person to parse complaints successful national tribunal successful bid to understand what a regulator expects.

Anil Gupta

Our adjacent mobility is, what is Coinbase going to do to retrieve nan worth of its banal from nan first IPO? Emilie?

Emilie Choi

I'll return that, yeah. Coinbase is focused connected generating semipermanent value. We are nan starring regulated subordinate successful a still nascent market. And arsenic such, overmuch of our economical imaginable will travel successful early years, overmuch for illustration it has for different caller class leaders complete time. And for illustration each tech and high-growth companies, we've knowledgeable a marketplace reset complete nan past year. This isn't Coinbase aliases crypto specific.

That said, we are laser-focused connected driving affirmative shareholder worth and, successful particular, are focusing our power on, one, costs guidance and efficiency; two, investing successful halfway merchandise maturation truthful that we connection our users nan absolute champion crypto products and services; and three, landing a affirmative regulatory result for nan ecosystem and for our users.

Anil Gupta

Next question, do you consciousness that Coinbase tin play a large domiciled successful making cryptocurrency spell mainstream? Brian?

Brian Armstrong

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, 1 of our goals is we want to get crypto to 1 cardinal group globally, that would show maine that we were starting to person a existent effect connected a world standard astir economical freedom, which nan ngo of Coinbase is to summation economical freedom.

So I deliberation we person a large and important domiciled to play successful that. And I deliberation it happens -- it's going to hap crossed a number of different areas. I mean, 1 is scalability. We request to get nan blockchains to beryllium much scalable. There's a batch of important developer activity happening connected that dimension. And there's a mates of areas wherever Coinbase has been capable to thief connected nan margin, but there's galore awesome teams doing that.

Also, successful position of usability, I deliberation conscionable benignant of for illustration galore group don't understand really energy works, but they tin use from it, they tin entree it done a ray switch. Coinbase has a domiciled present to play and conscionable trying to make crypto easier to use. Many group they don't moreover really cognize really it useful underneath, but they conscionable want to get paid. They want to transportation costs pinch less, little fees. They want to gain a living, they want to person unchangeable currency, et cetera, and truthful we tin make those things easy and intuitive.

And past lastly, I deliberation connected nan regulatory environment, we person an important domiciled present conscionable to play astir education, advocacy, policy. So there's a batch we tin do to effort to thief crypto get to that 1 cardinal personification people and beyond.

Anil Gupta

Okay. Last mobility earlier we move it complete to nan analysts, Coinbase NFT. One, what is your cumulative loss? Two, what is your scheme to trim nan burn, summation marketplace share? And overall, what's your scheme successful relationship to Coinbase NFT? What will you do otherwise adjacent clip erstwhile processing caller platforms? Emilie?

Emilie Choi

So we allocate our resources, 70-20-10, 70% to core, 20% strategical adjacencies and 10% to task opportunities. We are ever looking to grow our portfolio of products to service our customers successful nan champion way. And NFTs were an illustration of a task inaugural successful that 10% bucket.

And we proceed to spot mean and semipermanent opportunities here. So we're -- we've sewage a very thin squad connected it now, but we're not throwing successful nan towel by immoderate means. There's a batch of Fortune 100 companies who are experimenting pinch NFT opportunities, including Meta, Starbucks, Nike and Hauser Bush. And we're proud of a merchandise that is creating a much societal customer NFT experience. We person a batch of activity to do, but we want to proceed to put constricted resources there.

So successful position of investments, arsenic we indicated successful nan shareholder letter, we're taking a much rigorous attack to finance successful caller and unproven products, but we're going to do that successful a very lean, businesslike measurement and get backmost to conscionable smaller squad sizes and getting things retired location successful a much of an experimental measurement truthful that we do it successful nan astir operationally businesslike measurement possible. USTC was an illustration of thing that started pinch conscionable a mates of folks and has expanded to beryllium thing overmuch bigger.

Anil Gupta

Okay. So pinch that, Paul, let's move return immoderate unrecorded questions from nan investigation analysts.


Thank you. Your first mobility comes from Owen Lau of Oppenheimer.

Owen Lau

Thank you for taking my questions. So I person a mobility astir world description . So yesterday, Hong Kong SFC put retired a consultation insubstantial connected virtual assets trading platform. They propose to a batch of integer assets trading for unit customers. So I person 2 speedy questions present related to nan topic. The first 1 is, will Coinbase use for this licence aliases really Coinbase will attack this regime?

The 2nd constituent is nan request seems to beryllium that nan level run has full customer money connected a spot to a wholly-owned subsidiary and nary much than 2% of customer virtual assets are stored successful basking wallets. Can Coinbase beryllium compliant pinch this? And based connected your knowledge, really galore exchanges successful nan world tin meet this precocious bar? Thank you.

Brian Armstrong

Yeah. I mean truthful this is simply a elaborate question. I would opportunity that -- successful general, we don't presently person coming an entity successful Hong Kong, but I've been really pleasantly amazed to spot that location is clarity for illustration this -- this is simply a awesome illustration of what you conscionable mentioned of nan financial hubs astir nan world, of which Hong Kong is 1 of those, are making really bully advancement towards regulatory clarity. We'd person to look successful item to spot if Coinbase met those requirements, and we don't person presently thing that we've done successful that state to date. But I deliberation it's breathtaking arsenic a wide trend. I don't know, Paul aliases anybody else, do you want to adhd anything?

Alesia Haas

Other point I would adhd is we do person a believe of holding nan immense mostly of costs connected our level successful acold storage. And truthful we do person mechanisms successful spot to support a very mini magnitude of assets successful basking wallet aliases taxable to cyber risk, which is 1 of nan requirements. I besides deliberation that Coinbase has operated a TrustCo for a number of years now. And truthful there's decidedly parts of our business that we could thin connected if we chose to build successful that market.

Our wide world strategy, arsenic we outlined successful erstwhile years, we person a spell wide and spell deep. At this constituent successful time, we don't person immoderate announcements connected adding further countries to our portfolio. We're focused connected building successful nan countries that we're presently in. But conditions for illustration you provided, having clear regulatory structure, our markets go charismatic to us. So astatine nan clip that we were adding caller countries to our list, we would look astatine that arsenic a affirmative parameter of a state that we tin spell into and measure our expertise to comply pinch those standards.

Owen Lau

Got it. Thank you very much.


Your adjacent mobility comes from nan statement of Devin Ryan of JMP Securities.

Michael Falco

Hi, this is Michael Falco, really opinionated successful for Devin. I wanted to inquire a speedy question. You highlighted your extremity for 2023 is to amended afloat twelvemonth adjusted EBITDA successful absolute dollar position versus 2022. And past that you're mounting your sights connected positioning nan institution to make adjusted EBITDA successful each marketplace conditions. So it seems for illustration aft nan existent 25%-plus disbursal reduction, you judge this is simply a reasonable goal. Just funny connected nan gross broadside of nan equation, what are nan gross scenarios benignant of underpinning that? And what's nan gross period that would make that extremity achievable?

Alesia Haas

Great question. So arsenic we shared successful our outlook, we're really focusing our near-term outlook connected things that we control. So our subscription and services revenue, we judge converts $300 cardinal to $325 cardinal successful Q1 and which has patient maturation disconnected of nan reported results of Q4. We've besides seen a batch of volatility successful our transaction revenues, and we proceed to spot volatility arsenic we saw that crypto marketplace headdress was up 40% quarter-to-date successful Q1 [technical difficulty] transaction gross to beryllium volatile. It could beryllium up, it could beryllium down. It could beryllium fixed complete nan year. We are preparing for that range, and we are prepared to turn subscription and services against this much mean disbursal base.

There are scenarios that we could beryllium EBITDA affirmative this year. But nan goal, because we're preparing for nan worst and hoping for best, is to guarantee that we amended EBITDA year-over-year. And that is what we're mounting astatine this constituent successful time. We will proceed to update you arsenic we get much information points arsenic we spell done nan year.

Michael Falco

Great, convey you.


Your adjacent mobility comes from nan statement of Kenneth Worthington of JPMorgan Securities.

Kenneth Worthington

Hi, bully afternoon. Thanks for taking nan question. Maybe for Brian, Coinbase has historically been a ample investor successful crypto businesses and technology. And based connected nan number of developers, invention continues astatine a robust gait successful nan crypto ecosystem. The manufacture has had large leap guardant pinch nan improvement of DeFi and nan fame and usage cases for NFTs, for example.

As you look to 2023 and 2024, are location usage cases aliases developments connected nan level of DeFi aliases NFTs that peculiarly excite you? And possibly broadly, what do you spot arsenic nan adjacent large limb guardant for usage cases successful crypto?

Brian Armstrong

Yeah. Well, okay. So I conscionable person to beryllium a small observant erstwhile you're trying to foretell nan future, particularly if it influences thing connected nan M&A front. So fto maine support my comments conscionable beautiful wide here. But you're correct. We person been investors successful nan space. I deliberation we admit that this is nan opening of a large inclination and large industry. And we're going to build our ain products. We're going to besides bargain different companies, but we're besides going to invest. And truthful we do each three, build, bargain and invest.

You mentioned immoderate of these areas that sewage celebrated successful anterior down cycles. We had DeFi and things for illustration that, which were exciting, and NFTs. A mates of areas that we're excited about, conscionable benignant of looking forward, I deliberation decentralized personality is exciting. It allows crypto to move beyond conscionable a caller shape of money aliases caller types of financial services, but besides it allows nan beginnings of a caller type of app platform, right?

And if you person a decentralized personality wherever group tin benignant of person entree to their ain information, and it's not owned by 1 of nan large tech companies, past you tin commencement to do absorbing things for illustration create societal chart betwixt those identities and person decentralized societal networks.

You tin moreover person estimation associated pinch those decentralized identities, benignant of for illustration a FICO score, if you will, aliases thing akin to Google PageRank algorithm, which rank different pages connected nan Internet, but you could benignant of person nan estimation for each of these decentralized identities. So that's 1 area, conscionable among galore that I'm willing in.

And we mostly effort to look astatine nan scenery of start-ups that are coming out. There are a batch of developers, arsenic you mentioned, operating successful this abstraction now. That has really continued to turn moreover successful nan marketplace coming down. And I deliberation if you look astatine wherever nan brightest young engineers are focusing their clip connected weekend, what they're hacking connected successful their free time, I deliberation that's a really bully predictor of nan future. And truthful by that measure, crypto is doing rather well.

Kenneth Worthington

Okay. Thank you. If I tin sneak successful different 1 conscionable quickly for Paul, nan SEC -- aliases SEC Chair Gensler continues to opportunity that he wants crypto firms and crypto products to registry pinch nan SEC. What is nan consequence to Coinbase aliases nan downside of registering either patient aliases products pinch nan SEC?

Paul Grewal

Well, Coinbase is surely acquainted pinch registration pinch nan SEC. And then, of course, arsenic a publically listed company, we were required to complete an S-1 backmost successful April 2021. We're besides rather acquainted pinch nan Chair's comments regarding registration of individual products and services. To nan grade that registration is due because, first and foremost, products and services qualified securities nether nan national securities laws. Coinbase is rather unfastened and eager to activity a way to registration wherever 1 is being available.

I deliberation it's adjacent to opportunity that astatine this constituent successful time, nan way to registration for products and services that whitethorn suffice arsenic securities has not been unfastened aliases astatine slightest readily aliases easy opened. So that's proven to beryllium challenging. But we're ever eager to prosecute a registration wherever it makes sense, and we will proceed to prosecute successful conversations and speech wherever we person an opportunity to do truthful pinch nan SEC aliases anybody else.

Kenneth Worthington

Great, convey you.


Your adjacent mobility comes from Lisa Ellis of SVB MoffettNathanson.

Lisa Ellis

Hi, terrific. Thanks for taking my question. A follow-up location connected nan regulatory front, I cognize -- and argumentation front, I guess, much broadly, you person highlighted now respective times that you expect 2023 to beryllium a important twelvemonth for crypto policy. There's a batch of moving pieces present for us. So successful your view, overall, what are nan apical for illustration 3 aliases 4 things that would represent a triumph connected nan argumentation aliases regulatory beforehand complete nan adjacent year?

Brian Armstrong

Yeah. Well, I want to temper expectations a small bit. I deliberation immoderate clip caller authorities gets passed, it's benignant of -- a batch of stars person to align for that to happen, and for bully reason, astatine slightest successful nan United States government. So we're going to support pushing connected that. I don't -- we don't cognize precisely what nan chances are of that happening specifically this year, but I deliberation complete time, nan chances are rather good.

There's a number of different areas that group are looking at. I mean 1 of them is simply connected stablecoin front. And I deliberation there's mostly a beautiful wide statement amongst Congress, nan folks that I've spoken with, that we do want to bring that into nan regulatory perimeter and to caller authorities that conscionable had immoderate bully champion practices astir making judge that costs were audited, things were backmost to 1 to one. That would beryllium a awesome win, and we could spot immoderate advancement there.

I deliberation nan different 1 is really astir really to carve up nan territory betwixt CFTC and SEC, what's nan crypto commodity, what's nan crypto security, what is thing other wholly for illustration a stablecoin aliases artwork likes NFTs. And I deliberation we could usage benignant of an updated meaning of nan Howie test, which was created earlier computers moreover existed, backmost successful nan 1930s, and really benignant of explain really does this use to integer assets. I deliberation that would beryllium different halfway piece.

And there's a number of different rules location that I deliberation just, again, use nan champion practices from accepted financial services astir let's person a awesome anti-money laundering programme and get free of immoderate benignant of lavation trading and reasonable benignant of KYC procedures and things for illustration that. So those are a mates of nan things that I deliberation would help. And past if we get each that worldly working, past we could astir apt deliberation astir really DeFi d could fresh successful nan regulatory perimeter aliases not.

And truthful these are each different areas that could beryllium looked at. But astir apt stablecoins and immoderate of nan early things would beryllium nan first ones to get looked at.

Paul aliases anybody other want to adhd anything?

Paul Grewal

The only point I would add, Brian, is that backmost successful July of past year, arsenic mentioned earlier, we did record a petition for rule-making pinch nan SEC that outlined dozens and dozens, immoderate things for illustration much than 50 questions that we judge request to beryllium answered successful bid to bring regulatory clarity to nan integer plus space. We deliberation an fantabulous commencement would beryllium to initiate rule-making arsenic we requested, truthful that not conscionable Coinbase but everyone successful nan industry, and frankly, anyone pinch an liking successful integer assets, tin past person an opportunity to supply input to nan committee and thief nan committee execute nan correct equilibrium betwixt protecting consumers and investors, connected nan 1 hand, and promoting nnovateon connected nan other.


Your adjacent mobility comes from nan statement of Pete Christiansen of Citi. Pete, your statement is open.

Pete Christiansen

I'm sorry, tin you perceive me?

Brian Armstrong

Yeah, we tin perceive you.

Pete Christiansen

Okay. All right. Just punctual america really overmuch you deliberation astir really humble -- is that chiefly from Citi? Then I conscionable person a speedy follow-up.

Emilie Choi

I'm truthful sorry, Pete, you trim successful and out. We heard a mobility connected monetization, but we couldn't place which product.

Pete Christiansen

Sorry. If you could conscionable return america done nan integration pinch Aladdin and really we should deliberation astir monetization progressing there? Is that going to beryllium chiefly from Citi?

Emilie Choi

I'm sorry. Thank you for clarifying your question. So we don't person a worldly update astir nan integrated Aladdin. As we announced, we are now successful and connected nan backmost end, but nan monetization is going to beryllium that customers who person Aladdin tin besides service successful nan Coinbase. So we're hopeful that what this does is put crypto broadside by broadside pinch different stocks, bonds aliases tradable assets of hedge costs and plus managers.

And it enables them to consequence negociate to person operational power commensurate successful crypto that they could successful different plus classes. And truthful those customers were besides onboard onto Coinbase guidelines and waste and acquisition connected our products and services and monetize connected our platform. And past there's going to be, obviously, immoderate benignant of commercialized statement betwixt america and BlackRock. We haven't provided nationalist accusation connected astatine this time.

Pete Christiansen

That's helpful. And past finally, Brian, I would emotion to perceive your return connected benignant of for illustration nan beat correct now astatine nan company. Now connected your 2nd restructuring, obviously, there's conscionable been a batch of volatility each around. Just wondering if you could remark fundamentally connected nan beat of your group there, possibly nan consciousness of really worker engagement is faring nether these conditions?

Brian Armstrong

Yeah, I tin touch connected that conscionable briefly. I deliberation actually, wide engagement is beautiful good. We person a batch of group who are really conscionable passionate astir nan mission. And they want to spot this hap successful nan world. And truthful immoderate of them person been done crypto cycles before. I mean this is nan 4th 1 I've been through, but galore of nan group astatine nan institution person gone done crypto cycles before.

They're comparatively unfazed by it. It's only group who possibly it was their first clip going done thing for illustration this, it's a small scary. But they've seen erstwhile group were irrational exuberance and erstwhile group had to stock astir Coin nan past and they've kept building.

And I deliberation what group ended up realizing was that really successful nan down cycle, it's sometimes better, you travel to admit nan down cycles. Because there's little noise, each nan group who are successful it for nan incorrect logic to benignant of lavation retired and nan group who are existent builders successful nan abstraction benignant of person immoderate clip to get immoderate existent activity done. So a batch of nan champion invention really happens successful down markets.

Pete Christiansen

That's helpful. Thank you.

Anil Gupta

Okay. Well, we're retired of clip for today's call. So convey you for joining us, and we look guardant to speaking to you again connected our adjacent call.


Thank you. This concludes today's call. You whitethorn now disconnect.

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