Coca-Cola: Consistent Value For Long-Term Investors

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Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) became a pillar of nan American zeitgeist soon aft its inception successful 1886 and has continued to beryllium since. In consequent decades it became a staple refreshment not only successful nan United States, but astir nan world. While sugary drinks and soda successful wide person faced immoderate challenges successful caller years, nan Coca-Cola marque persists, satisfying thirst, delivering consistency and dependability, and generating worth for shareholders and consumers alike.

Through decades of company-specific controversies and challenges including nan usage of coca leaves (source of cocaine), New Coke (Oops), aliases nan prolific usage of high-fructose maize syrup, Coca-Cola has been resilient. The institution continues to innovate and penetrate caller markets some geographically and done caller merchandise offerings much than 130 years since John Pemberton created nan original elixir.

For those willing successful an informative history instruction astir 1 of America's iconic brands, a speedy hunt connected Wikipedia will surely enlighten and entertain. The ace abridged version: Pemberton, a autochthonal Georgian and Civil War seasoned pinch nan Confederate Army, knowledgeable a saber coiled successful battle, starring to symptom and a morphine addiction. This addiction led him to create a "medicine" that included a small spot of cocaine that yet led to nan creation of Coca-Cola.

Buffett Ownership

Famed investor Warren Buffett and his Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) person been shareholders since nan precocious 1980s. The institution satisfies 1 of Buffett's astir important finance doctrines of only buying companies that you are efficaciously consenting to ain forever.

The ownership of nan banal by Warren Buffett and Berkshire has been utilized arsenic a logic to some bargain and waste nan stock. Some will constituent retired that BRK hasn't accrued its position since nan precocious 1980s. Others will item that nan position remains intact. I favour nan second lawsuit and spot that Mr. Buffett and Berkshire recognized nan rate travel and dividend spot backmost successful nan 1980s and now bask yearly rate flows from dividends that approximate nan original finance successful nan banal owed to dividend growth.

All that said and acknowledged, nan ownership of a banal by 1 successful and high-profile investor should ne'er suffice arsenic a capable finance case. The company, and its stock, should ever guidelines connected its ain merits.

The Importance of a Wide Moat

Building a wide moat is important for immoderate institution arsenic it results successful sustainable gross and margins. Companies must differentiate themselves to go a predominate subordinate successful their circumstantial abstraction successful bid to execute this. For Coca-Coca, its business exemplary is unique, and would beryllium adjacent intolerable to replicate.

The institution and its products correspond nan largest stock wrong nan Non-Alcoholic-Ready-to-Drink (NARTD) beverage conception globally. While connected nan aboveground it mightiness look to immoderate to beryllium a elemental business, distributing beverages to astir each state connected Earth profitability is not simple, and requires a batch of expertise and heavy knowing of nan economics of section markets. This knowledge, expertise, and systems (people and processes) successful place, person created a wide moat astir nan Coca-Cola business. These group successful spot and processes that specify nan accumulation and distribution systems are tremendous assets that are mostly unaccounted for connected nan equilibrium sheet. While nan marque is important arsenic it represents a accordant and value merchandise globally, nan existent worth is embedded successful nan logistics of delivering to millions of consumers each day. This accordant and value-based attack whitethorn not make accelerating maturation successful results during immoderate peculiar quarter, but has been successful successful delivering connected nan company's mission.

Recent Performance

Admittedly, caller capacity for nan banal has been underwhelming. As a rate flowing, dividend paying/growing company, nan astir important measurement of capacity is full return. Over nan past year, capacity connected a full return ground has been somewhat positive, outperforming nan broader market. However, complete longer periods, nan capacity comparative to nan S&P 500 has been mixed. The banal has underperformed complete nan past 3 years, outperformed complete nan past 5, and again underperformed complete nan past 10 years. This mixed container successful portion tin beryllium attributed to nan capacity of mega headdress tech stocks that drove S&P 500 returns successful caller years. So why is nan banal charismatic now? Why should investors clasp it arsenic portion of a larger diversified portfolio?

1-Year Total Return of Coca-Cola versus nan S&P 500

1-Year Total Return of Coca-Cola versus nan S&P 500 (Seeking Alpha)

Beyond nostalgia and marque strength, nan banal is charismatic based connected definite basal factors. While it is not unreasonable to position existent valuations arsenic high, nan banal is really trading astatine aliases beneath 5-year averages connected galore metrics. This whitethorn not shape a compelling statement for some, but it is reassuring to semipermanent holders that nan institution is consistently delivering connected its ngo and continues to beryllium well-managed.


Looking specifically astatine valuation metrics connected a guardant ground we spot that nan banal is trading beneath its 5-year averages crossed nan board. It is reasonable to constituent to nan truth that valuations person been comparatively elevated successful caller years. This whitethorn person been partially justified by historically debased liking rates, but nan situation has changed. With higher liking rates it makes consciousness to spot a little valuation connected dividends, earnings, and rate flow. However, if nan anticipation is for ostentation to proceed to diminution and liking rates to stabilize, continuing to clasp nan banal for semipermanent investors makes sense.

Valuation Metric


KO 5-Year Average

% Difference to 5-Year Average





EV/Sales (FWD)












Price/Cash Flow (FWD)




Price/Book (FWD)





The dividend is nan astir important facet for galore holders of Coca-Cola. As a dividend aristocrat, 2023 marks nan 61st twelvemonth of consecutive dividend increases by nan company. It generates and provides nan rate travel that millions of investors dangle connected to turn their portfolios and to supply for surviving expenses successful retirement. Based connected nan sum from net and rate flow, it is reasonable to expect this inclination to continue. While nan dividend has grown beneath nan complaint of ostentation complete nan past 2 years, that is owed to nan emergence successful ostentation supra nan company's existent target dividend maturation complaint of 5%. I expect nan dividend maturation complaint to resume activity moving guardant arsenic ostentation continues to decline.

Dividend Growth aliases Coverage Metric


KO 5-Year Average

% Difference to 5-Year Average

Cash Dividend Payout Ratio (TTM) (Non-GAAP)




Interest Coverage (TTM)




Total Debt/Capital (TTM)




Dividend Growth Rate 5Y (CAGR)




1 Year Dividend Growth Rate (TTM)





The company's margins proceed to beryllium dependable and accordant pinch flimsy variations quarter-to-quarter crossed different merchandise lines. More awesome is nan upward inclination successful returns connected equity, assets, and capital. All 3 measures of profitability are astatine aliases supra 10-year highs and person been trending higher since 2017/2018.

Profitability Metric


KO 5-Year Average

% Difference to 5-Year Average

Gross Profit Margin (TTM)




Net Income Margin (TTM)




Return connected Common Equity (TTM)




Return connected Total Assets (TTM)




Return connected Total Capital (TTM)




The ratios displayed successful nan array supra correspond a snapshot successful time. To amended understand nan semipermanent trends, nan charts beneath show nan improvement of nan returns connected equity, assets, and full superior complete nan past 10 years. The trends shown exemplify nan affirmative reversal successful profitability that has taken spot since each ratio bottomed successful 2017/2018.

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Return connected Equity (TTM) (Seeking Alpha)

//' _fcksavedurl='' title='Tata Motors Limited'>TTM</a>)

Return connected Assets (TTM) (Seeking Alpha)

//' _fcksavedurl='' title='Tata Motors Limited'>TTM</a>)

Return connected Total Capital (TTM) (Seeking Alpha)

Value Drivers & Risks

While I don't expect Coca-Cola to go nan adjacent high-growth A.I. company, I do expect that semipermanent processes and efficiencies will proceed to thrust value. The company's diversified merchandise portfolio serves wide user tastes and preferences globally. While Classic Coke and Diet Coke are 2 of nan largest merchandise lines, nan institution has coagulated footing successful juices, water, and sports and power drinks, resulting successful full servings per time of astir 2.2 billion.

Market penetration and take of nan evolving merchandise line-up will proceed successful nan U.S., developed markets, arsenic good arsenic processing markets pinch some organization maturation and shifting demographics expanding demand. The institution seeks to further ratio gains done innovative packaging that is appealing to consumers while besides reducing waste. The company's R&D process for creating, testing, and launching caller products successful markets globally will proceed to adhd value.

The institution does look galore headwinds, including a secular diminution successful beverages pinch added sweetener and precocious fructose maize syrup. There is simply a awesome push wrong nan institution to continually trim nan usage of sweetener successful conjunction pinch a greater attraction connected different beverage types that are favored by user tastes and demographic shifts. Other risks not exclusive to Coca-Cola see inflation, overseas exchange, and different macroeconomic factors arsenic good arsenic ongoing geopolitical concerns.


While I americium surely semipermanent bullish connected Coca-Cola, and judge that it will make important worth for investors complete nan years and decades to come, I americium fixed it a 'hold' standing correct now versus a 'buy' fixed nan capacity of nan banal and imaginable effect of nan risks mentioned above. That said, I judge nan business is stable, growing, and provides an charismatic spot to parkland capital.

Final Thoughts

I for illustration nan banal for its stability, it's way grounds of dividend payments and growth, and nan spot of nan brand. I for illustration that everyone that touches their merchandise passim nan distribution concatenation makes money crossed nan 200+ countries and territories served. I for illustration nan relationship to American culture. It whitethorn not beryllium nan highest-flying stock, but it has been 1 of nan champion and astir resilient complete time. Since 1886, our state has knowledgeable aggregate economical depressions, 2 World Wars and countless subject conflicts, nan Great Influenza of 1918, Presidential assassinations, and excessively galore different tragedies and challenges to count. This is why I ain nan banal and why it is my largest azygous banal position.

I employment an enhanced indexing attack to portfolio management. I allocate astir assets to low-cost ETFs to get scale vulnerability while sprinkling successful a prime number of individual names that I person chosen. Owning Coca-Cola banal individually successful summation to a mostly index-based portfolio makes consciousness for my individual business and finances. Please analyse your ain business earlier buying aliases trading Coca-Cola aliases immoderate security. While Coca-Cola is my largest individual holding, it is by nary intends a concentrated position, but a meaningful overweight comparative to nan 0.70% it presently represents successful nan S&P 500. The company, for illustration each others, is taxable to nan ebbs and flows of nan business cycle, fads, trends, and different disruptions. Any overweight aliases underweight position to this individual banal needs to beryllium considered cautiously to understand its effect connected semipermanent full returns. Thank you for reading. I look guardant to seeing your feedback and comments below.

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As a master portfolio head and finance analyst, I counsel clients connected each aspects of finance strategy, plus allocation, and finance selection. With acquisition astatine some ligament houses and RIAs, I person worked extensively pinch precocious nett worthy individuals, successful families, and non-profit institutions. My attraction has ever been to amended clients of nan use of maintaining a semipermanent position that is goal-oriented, and insulated from nan day-to-day noise. I judge that investors who guidelines portfolio building connected a durable strategy, while avoiding tactical moves, are champion served and will recognize a much favorable finance experience. In summation to my master experience, I person besides earned an MS successful finance, BA successful economics, and clasp nan CFA designation. The opinions expressed present are my ain and not that of my employer.

Disclosure: I/we person a beneficial agelong position successful nan shares of KO either done banal ownership, options, aliases different derivatives. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my ain opinions. I americium not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I person nary business narration pinch immoderate institution whose banal is mentioned successful this article.

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