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Time really does alert erstwhile you’re having fun.

In 1985, I walked into The Mercury News for The first clip and couldn’t judge my bully luck to beryllium moving astatine a newspaper in 1 of The astir beautiful and intriguing regions in The world. Except for a five-year stint from 1997-2002 arsenic a stay-at-home dada and editor for Forbes ASAP magazine, I’ve been present ever since.

But connected Friday, aft penning astir 2,000 editorials and columns and editing much than 25,000 letters to The editor, I retired arsenic The Mercury News editorial page editor and a personnel of The East Bay Times editorial board.

As a lifelong newspaper junkie, I cognize I’m going to miss The occupation — a lot. For The past 2 decades of my career, a newspaper paid maine to person an opinion. How cool is that? I, in turn, did my champion to fulfill our opinion-page ngo of advancing statement connected cardinal issues facing our readers.

Who other gets to place The starring taxable of The time and past telephone The champion experts to talk it? I’ve ever thought The Bay Area was filled pinch The astir intelligent group I person ever encountered. Nothing has changed complete The years to make maine deliberation immoderate different.

And past location are The elections that are truthful captious to our future. Who other gets to really question and reply hundreds of candidates and make recommendations to voters?

But it’s time. I precocious turned 68, and my wife, Barbara, and I decided a fewer months agone to discontinue connected The aforesaid day. We dream to walk much clip pinch our 3 children and 2 grandchildren, each of whom unrecorded nearby. We dream to travel, unpaid and hike arsenic overmuch arsenic our wellness allows. But what I won’t do — what I perfectly can’t do — is extremity caring astir The issues that still face our community.

My parting wish is that you will support caring, too.

Ever since I was a young boy I person believed in The rule of accumulation. It posits that each awesome accomplishment is an accumulation of hundreds of mini efforts that fewer ever recognize contributed to The outcome.

The conception appeals to maine connected aggregate levels. In my younger days it motivated maine to deed The tennis tribunal connected a regular basis, helping maine toggle shape from a earthy beginner to a assemblage subordinate whose team qualified for nationals during my sophomore year. As an editorial writer, it spurred maine to prosecute Bay Area issues pinch each The passion I could muster. For if we are to lick The challenging issues earlier us, it will require each of america to do our part.

As an editorial writer for The Mercury News for 20 years and editorial page editor for The past five, I’m good alert of The seriousness of those issues.

Housing. Homelessness. Climate change. Water. Wildfires. Privacy. Artificial intelligence. Transportation. Gun control. Abortion. Gay rights. And that’s conscionable for starters. Never earlier in my life was our very populist astatine stake.

It Can beryllium overwhelming, causing group to suffer hope. But we must clasp our belief that we Can lick these issues. Through it each I callback what my coach taught maine in my 4th grade  Sharpstein School schoolroom in Walla Walla, Wash. “The awesome point astir America, Eddy,” Mrs. Bafus said, “is we ever get things correct in The end. It conscionable takes longer than it should.”

Don’t springiness up connected The Bay Area. Don’t springiness up connected California. Don’t springiness up connected America. The region is afloat of bully group moving regular to execute awesome things. I impulse you to do what you can, large aliases small, each day, to thief america flooded The challenges earlier us.

Ed Clendaniel retired Friday arsenic editorial page editor of The Mercury News.

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