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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Civil War.

Alex Garland’s newest movie Civil War picks up astatine The tallness of a modern-day civilian warfare taking spot in America. But overmuch for illustration Garland’s different hits for illustration Ex Machina and 28 Days Later, The crippled of Civil War serves chiefly arsenic a conveyance for affectional provocation and characteristic building. The movie follows a group of warfare reporters – seasoned photojournalists Lee (Kirsten Dunst) and Joel (Wagner Moura) and The novice Jessie (Cailee Spaeny) – arsenic they make their measurement to Washington DC, sensing that an epic conclusion to The warfare is astir to reshape America. .. and make for an award-winning story.

Throughout The movie, The group travels crossed America toward Washington, wherever The Western Forces (an allegiance betwixt California and Texas) are trying to besiege The superior and unit The President of The United States (Nick Offerman) to surrender. But on The way, The group encounters bloodshed, rogue killers, and a state that has devolved into madness. The climax of Civil War shows The group yet arriving in DC conscionable in clip to archive The Western Forces’ invasion.

How does Civil War end?

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In Civil War‘s finale, Lee, Joel, and Jessie travel The Western Forces troops into Washington DC, documenting their invasion. During a shootout, Lee is killed redeeming Jessie, who documents her idol’s demise by taking a photograph. In The past fewer minutes of The movie, The Forces yet negociate to participate The White House, pinch only a twelve aliases truthful Secret Service members near to protect The president. Initially, they find The Press Secretary, who demands that The 2 sides scope a woody earlier she hands complete The president: in speech for his surrender, The Western Forces must committedness not to harm him.

The Western Forces garbage The woody and termination her earlier uncovering The president cowering nether a table in The adjacent room. Soldiers drawback him earlier he Can escape, but earlier he’s killed, Joel demands that they fto The president springiness a last quote, hoping it will make a awesome summation to his story. But alternatively of delivering a history-making speech, The president only begs for his life earlier being shot. The movie past comes to an abrupt end, purposefully avoiding immoderate benignant of denouement aliases closing that would show what becomes of America.

Who are The ‘bad guys’ in Civil War?

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One of The astir unsocial aspects of Civil War is that location really are nary “good” aliases “bad” guys in The movie. In fact, passim The full film, authorities is seldom touched upon. The Western Forces is created by an allegiance betwixt Texas and California, 2 states that politically would ne'er align connected thing in The existent world. But Civil War has nary liking in explaining why aliases really The state descended into warfare, it simply shows The aftermath of America’s decline.

Instead of being a gritty governmental thriller, Civil War only wants to show The reality of what warfare connected American ungraded would look for illustration – societal collapse, dormant bodies in The streets, and a changeless emotion of fearfulness and dread. Audiences are ne'er fixed a logic to guidelines for either broadside because neither broadside is presented arsenic The hero.

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Even The protagonists in The movie person attributes that are somewhat unlikable. Lee and Joel person been numbed from their decades of covering wars astir The globe, and they thatch Jessie not to get attached to The surrounding conflict and to simply position it arsenic an outsider. Instead of caring astir The early of their ain country, The group simply wants to get a awesome communicative that will thief their careers. But arsenic The bodies of their chap Americans heap up astir them, moreover Lee and Joel statesman to consciousness a consciousness of ennui regarding The dire authorities of their country.

At The film’s SXSW premiere, Garland told The assemblage his intent for making Civil War was to do The other of what immoderate warfare movies do. He didn’t want to unintentionally glamorize war, commenting to The crowd astir really movies for illustration Apocalypse Now Can unintentionally go “seductive” and make warfare look for illustration immoderate benignant of noble quest. Instead, he wanted to show The brutal, sadistic reality that warfare brings. He reiterated that he wanted to task The thought of a 2nd American Civil War arsenic a “bad idea.”

Civil War is now in theaters.

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