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A caller inaugural has launched in Glasgow which will thief group move their trash into cash.

A monthly prize of £100 is up for grabs nether The LitterLotto scheme, which will thief support The city's streets cleanable by encouraging much group to bin their litter.

Those aged 18 and complete Can return portion by downloading The LitterLotto app to their telephone and upload photos of themselves binning rubbish in a assembly thoroughfare bin.

LitterLotto is simply a nationalist run that intends to support streets cleanable by rewarding users for collecting litter by offering prizes.

Working pinch businesses and councils crossed The UK, it says it has led to The binning of much than 10 cardinal pieces of litter since it was established in 2020.

Participants Can participate arsenic galore times arsenic they like, arsenic agelong arsenic it's different litter each time.

As good arsenic The £100 Glasgow rate prize, entrants will besides beryllium in pinch a chance to triumph £200 from Keep Scotland Beautiful's nationalist monthly tie and £1,000 from LitterLotto's play UK-wide prize.

Glasgow City Council is trialling The strategy for a twelvemonth - in business pinch Keep Scotland Beautiful - and is hopeful it will promote much group to create bully habits.

Councillor Ruairi Kelly, Glasgow convener for neighbourhood services, is encouraging group to get involved.

He said: "The assembly spends astir £20m each twelvemonth cleaning up litter dropped connected The metropolis streets, truthful thing we Can do to extremity group dropping it in The first spot is worthy trialling.

"We already person astir 500 neighbourhood betterment volunteers who regularly do their spot to thief tackle litter and a web of complete 80 litter-picking hubs crossed The metropolis to alteration group to get instrumentality to transportation retired litter picks in their area.

"LitterLotto is an inducement for much group to dispose of their litter responsibly, helping to support The metropolis cleanable and enabling them to beryllium in pinch a chance of winning prizes."

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The strategy is aiming to support The Scottish government's National Litter and Flytipping Strategy.

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LitterLotto is utilized by a number of section authorities in England and in South Ayrshire northbound of The border.

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