Chico's FAS: A Struggling Fashion Brand That's Turning Around

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One of nan risks of being a worth investor is that you tin autumn for what is called a 'value trap'. This is simply a institution that looks inexpensive and that you judge will yet admit and value, only for it to beryllium cheap. This is often because of immoderate basal issue, but tin besides beryllium owed to different causes. Trying to separate betwixt a institution that deserves upside and a 'value trap' tin beryllium incredibly difficult. One specified campaigner that deserves our attraction correct now is simply a patient called Chico's FAS (NYSE:CHS). In caller years, nan financial capacity of nan institution has suffered. But astir recently, we person seen a noticeable betterment successful its apical and bottommost lines. Absent this improvement, I judge that nan institution deserves to beryllium trading connected nan cheap. But truthful agelong arsenic caller trends persist, it could very good subordinate nan meaning of a 'value trap'.

A achy fewer years

According to nan guidance squad astatine Chico's FAS, nan institution is simply a Florida-based manner patient centered around 3 cardinal brands. The first of these is its hallmark Chico's brand, which focuses connected nan waste of exclusively designed, backstage branded clothing for women pinch mean to precocious family income levels. The circumstantial offerings nether this marque see respective different size categories for clothing, apparel, accessories, and moreover jewelry. The 2nd marque is referred to arsenic White House Black Market, aliases WHBM. Through this, nan institution has positioned itself arsenic a supplier of stylish and versatile clothing and accessories, arsenic good arsenic of mundane basics and premium denim, polished casual apparel, relaxed workwear, and more. Like nan Chico's marque name, WHBM besides focuses connected women pinch mean to precocious family income levels. And finally, location is nan Soma brand. This mostly focuses connected backstage branded lingerie, sleepwear, and loungewear products for women.


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Fundamentally, nan image for Chico's FAS has been alternatively rocky. From 2017 done 2019, income of nan institution inched down twelvemonth aft year, dropping from $2.28 cardinal to $2.04 billion. Then, successful 2020, because of nan COVID-19 pandemic, income plunged to $1.32 cardinal earlier rebounding immoderate to $1.81 cardinal successful 2021. The pandemic intelligibly analyzable immoderate benignant of study of nan firm, arsenic has been nan lawsuit pinch galore different businesses crossed galore different industries. However, it's clear that nan firm's troubles began anterior to that point. In consequence to this, successful 2020, guidance decided to attraction connected transforming nan endeavor into a digital-first company. They did this by fast-tracking galore invention and integer exertion investments passim not only that twelvemonth but besides 2021. The institution besides stepped-up trading efforts to thrust postulation and caller customers to its brands during this time.

Needless to say, this was a ample and bold move by nan company. After all, arsenic of nan extremity of its 2021 fiscal year, it operated 1,266 stores crossed 46 states, Puerto Rico, and nan U.S. Virgin Islands. All of this is successful summation to nan 59 world franchise locations that it sold merchandise done successful Mexico and 2 home airdrome locations. As a note, nan symptom associated pinch income came mostly arsenic a consequence of a diminution successful shop count. For context, astatine nan extremity of 2017, nan institution had 1,460 stores successful operation. With nan diminution successful gross and shop count besides came a worsening of its profitability. Net income went from $101 cardinal successful 2017 to a antagonistic $12.8 cardinal successful 2019. In 2020, nan institution posted a nonaccomplishment of $360.1 million. Fortunately, profits rebounded successful 2021, pinch nan institution earning a nett income of $46.2 million. Volatility tin besides beryllium seen erstwhile looking astatine different profitability metrics. Operating rate travel followed a very akin path. If we set for changes successful moving superior and non-cash lease expense, nan image looks similar. Between 2017 and 2019, adjusted operating rate travel went from $203.3 cardinal to a antagonistic $73.3 million. Then, successful 2021, it came successful affirmative to nan tune of $111.7 million. Meanwhile, EBITDA went from $241.5 cardinal to antagonistic $189.2 million, earlier recovering immoderate to $117.9 million, each complete this aforesaid play of time.


Author - SEC EDGAR Data

Based solely connected nan information from 2021, I would not consciousness comfortable investing successful nan company. However, we person seen continued improvements since then. For nan first 9 months of 2022, income came successful beardown astatine $1.62 billion. That's 23.2% higher than nan $1.31 cardinal reported only 1 twelvemonth earlier. The institution benefited from spot crossed 2 of its 3 brands. Under nan Chico's marque name, income spiked 33.2%. The WHBM Brand reported a 33.2% summation successful gross arsenic well. The only weakness came from Soma, pinch revenues dropping 4.9%. Management attributed nan income summation to a 24.7% emergence successful comparable sales, immoderate of which were offset by 18 imperishable nett shop closures. Management has said that integer income person been incredibly valuable and person been a instrumentality for maturation recently. But they person not revealed immoderate important specifications astir nan publication to wide gross and gross maturation from this corner.

The emergence successful gross for nan institution besides brought pinch it importantly amended profits. Net income skyrocketed from $35.5 cardinal to $101.5 million. It is existent that operating rate travel fell twelvemonth complete year, dropping from $88.3 cardinal to $83.6 million. But if we set for changes successful moving capital, nan metric would person risen from $86 cardinal to $145.6 million. Meanwhile, EBITDA for nan business besides improved, shooting up from $89.7 cardinal to $168.6 million. For 2022 successful its entirety, guidance did opportunity that gross should beryllium betwixt $2.15 cardinal and $2.17 billion. Earnings per share, meanwhile, should beryllium betwixt $0.89 and $0.92. At nan midpoint, that would construe to astir $113 million. However, I don't judge that net are needfully nan champion measurement to worth nan firm. Instead, if we annualize results we knowledgeable for nan first 9 months of nan year, we would get an adjusted operating rate travel of $189.1 cardinal and EBITDA of $221.6 million.

Trading Multiples

Author - SEC EDGAR Data

Based connected these figures, Chico's FAS is trading astatine a value to adjusted operating rate travel aggregate of 3.4 and astatine an EV to EBITDA aggregate of 2.6. The institution is aided connected nan EV to EBITDA broadside of things by nan truth that it has rate successful excess of indebtedness totaling $71.7 million. By comparison, if we were to usage nan information from nan 2021 fiscal year, these multiples would beryllium a spot higher astatine 5.7 and 4.8, respectively. As portion of my analysis, I besides compared nan institution to 5 akin firms. On a value to operating rate travel basis, these companies ranged from a debased of 7.7 to a precocious of 19. And erstwhile it comes to nan EV to EBITDA approach, nan scope was from 3.5 to 4.6. In some of these cases, Chico's FAS was nan cheapest of nan group.

Company Price/Operating Cash Flow EV/EBITDA
Chico's FAS 3.4 2.6
Designer Brands (DBI) 16.3 3.5
Genesco (GCO) 7.7 3.7
Shoe Carnival (SCVL) 16.3 4.1
The Children's Place (PLCE) 11.9 4.6
Zumiez (ZUMZ) 19.0 3.9


The past respective years person been somewhat achy for Chico's FAS. The diminution successful shop count has resulted successful falling gross and struggling profits and rate flows. Fortunately, we are seeing a alternatively meaningful recovery, pinch sales, profits, and rate flows each rising nicely. So agelong arsenic this inclination continues, shares do look inexpensive capable to possibly warrant immoderate upside. I decidedly wouldn't make nan lawsuit that investors would beryllium wise to clasp nan banal until it's weighted astatine precisely nan aforesaid levels arsenic its peers. After all, its way grounds does warrant immoderate discount connected this front. But this doesn't mean that nan institution can't outperform nan broader marketplace for nan foreseeable future. Because of this, I've decided to complaint nan business a soft 'buy'.

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