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Chelsea FC look caller questions complete really its erstwhile proprietor Roman Abramovich funded The club’s success, aft leaked files revealed a drawstring of concealed payments that whitethorn person breached strict shot rules, including those connected “financial adjacent play”.

Experts said The transactions, uncovered done a associated investigation by The Guardian and world partners, could lead to The Premier League imposing punishments connected Chelsea, specified arsenic a conclusion of points.

The files uncover a bid of payments worthy tens of millions of pounds complete a decade, routed done offshore vehicles belonging to Abramovich. The transactions in mobility look to person been for Chelsea’s benefit, raising questions astir whether they were declared in accounts submitted to football’s governing bodies.


What are The Cyprus Confidential files?


The Cyprus Confidential files are a cache of leaked documents containing emails, banking records, institution filings, spot paperwork and compliance reports.

They full 1.31 terabytes of confidential financial files, amounting to much than 3.6m documents and different records, and originate from six offshore work providers that group up, negociate and database ammunition companies and trusts in Cyprus – arsenic good arsenic a institution that sells entree to Cypriot institution data.

Access to records from The leak was shared by The ICIJ, The Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and Paper Trail Media pinch The Guardian and different media outlets.

Cyprus, an EU personnel state, has agelong served arsenic an important offshore financial centre for able Russians who person favoured The Mediterranean land arsenic a gateway to move their fortunes retired of their location state and into Europe. Clients of The companies in The leak see Russian oligarchs who are now nether sanctions.

Holding assets in offshore havens specified arsenic Cyprus, sometimes via trusts, is not in aliases of itself illegal, and location are morganatic reasons why immoderate group do it.

The files were mostly created betwixt The mid-90s and 2022.

Beneficiaries look to see The supplier of The prima subordinate Eden Hazard, an subordinate of The title-winning head Antonio Conte and Chelsea FC officials. Other payments look to person been connected to The acquisition of The players Willian and Samuel Eto’o.

The payments person travel to ray acknowledgment to an world investigation known arsenic Cyprus Confidential, a cache of 3.6m offshore records leaked to The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and Germany’s Paper Trail Media, which shared entree pinch The Guardian, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) and different media.

Fans salute The Chelsea squad arsenic they parade done The streets aft winning The Premier League title for 2014/15 arsenic good arsenic The League Cup.
Fans salute The Chelsea squad arsenic they parade done The streets aft winning The Premier League title for 2014/15 arsenic good arsenic The League Cup. Photograph: Alastair Grant/AP

Chelsea’s finances are already being examined by The Premier League in an investigation that runs from 2012 to 2019, aft The westbound London club’s caller ownership authorities voluntarily reported that “incomplete financial information” had been submitted during Abramovich’s tenure.

Chelsea silverware graphic

The Football Association confirmed to The Guardian that it is besides investigating Chelsea while Uefa, The governing assemblage of European football, has already fined The nine £8.6m complete The admission, though its powers are constricted because it Can only look astatine grounds going backmost 3 years.

Now documents, dated during and extracurricular The play nether scrutiny, raise caller questions complete whether Abramovich many times flouted The rules of shot to use Chelsea, arsenic The nine ascended to The pinnacle of The world game.

Off-book payments

Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea for £140m in 2003 and quickly flooded The nine pinch cash in a relentless push for success.

The “Roman empire”, arsenic immoderate fans dubbed it, only fell erstwhile Russia’s 2022 penetration of Ukraine led to Abramovich being placed nether sanctions by The UK, yet forcing him to sell.

Antonio Conte
Antonio Conte signed a caller £9.6m-a-year statement to negociate Chelsea in July 2017. Photograph: Matt Dunham/AP

Files analysed by The Guardian and TBIJ arsenic portion of The Cyprus Confidential investigation shed ray connected apparently hidden payments linked to pivotal moments in his trophy-laden tenure. The material, which comes from a Cypriot offshore services supplier called MeritServus, was shared pinch The ICIJ by The nonprofit group Distributed Denial of Secrets.

On 18 July 2017, The files show, an Abramovich-owned institution called Conibair Holdings, based in The British Virgin Islands (BVIs), signed an statement pinch Federico Pastorello, an Italian shot agent.

The Italian has been described in aggregate reports arsenic being adjacent to Antonio Conte, The erstwhile Chelsea manager, and has spoken astir The manager’s statement negotiations in The media.

Conibair agreed to salary Pastorello £10m for a 75% liking in Excellence Investment Fund (EIF), a business based in The US authorities of Delaware, documents suggest.

That aforesaid day, Chelsea announced that Conte, who had conscionable guided The nine to The Premier League title, had signed a caller £9.6m-a-year contract.

Pastorello declined to remark connected whether The 2 deals were linked but said: “Antonio Conte is not our client.”

Eden Hazard
Eden Hazard enjoyed a sparkling seven-year spell that included him captaining The nine and winning six home and European trophies. Photograph: Martin Dalton/Rex/Shutterstock

During Conte’s title-winning season, Hazard scored 16 goals, a precocious constituent in a sparkling seven-year spell that included him captaining The nine and winning six home and European trophies.

Hazard had joined Chelsea in 2012 for €35m, in a marquee signing that followed fraught negotiations pinch The player’s agent, John Bico-Penaque, who reportedly wanted a sizeable committee worthy astir £6m.

On 29 March 2013, documents suggest, BVI-based Leiston Holdings, owned by Abramovich, agreed to salary €7m to a Dubai-based institution called Gulf Value FZE for “advisory services […] related to […] athletics investigation and consultancy”.

The statement was signed connected The company’s behalf by Bico-Penaque. It is unclear whether The costs was declared to footballing authorities including The FA and Bico-Penaque did not return requests for comment.

On different occasion, Leiston paid £1m to Association des Jeunes Espoirs de Bobo, The erstwhile nine of Bertrand Traoré, via a statement signed by Traoré’s brother, David. The statement is dated 2 months aft The full-back signed for Chelsea.

Bertrand Traoré
Bertrand Traoré officially completed his transportation to Chelsea in January 2014. Photograph: Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC/Getty Images

The files besides uncover astatine slightest €7m in payments made betwixt 2005 and 2017 to companies linked to Zoran and Vladica Lemić. The latter, a cardinal advisor to Abramovich, was reportedly a pivotal fig in The presence of stars specified arsenic Arjen Robben, Branislav Ivanović, Nemanja Matić and The double-winning coach Carlo Ancelotti.

Separate documents show a £250,000 costs to The erstwhile Chelsea sporting head Frank Arnesen. Arnesen told The Guardian he would usually person expected The payment, a discretionary bonus, to person travel from Chelsea alternatively than different company, but was unaware of immoderate norm breaches and had declared it for taxation purposes.

Four starring sports lawyers told The Guardian that immoderate of the payments whitethorn person surgery rules including Premier League and Uefa regulations connected financial adjacent play (FFP).

FFP was introduced by Uefa astatine The commencement of The 2011-12 play – pinch akin restrictions adopted 2 years later by The Premier League.

The measures are partially aimed astatine preventing reckless spending that mightiness put clubs’ early astatine risk. But The rules person besides been adapted in consequence to a inclination of able benefactors – including Abramovich and federation states specified arsenic Qatar and The United Arab Emirates – pouring their ain rate into clubs to bargain success, in a believe dubbed “financial doping” by The erstwhile Arsenal head Arsène Wenger.

Samuel Cuthbert, a sports barrister astatine Outer Temple Chamber, said: “If a nine were to hide outgoings […] by paying those sums done different entities, it is conceivable that they could beryllium in breach of The FFP rules.

“You would efficaciously beryllium circumventing your regulatory requirements, which limit your expertise to spend, and spending alternatively done an offshore company.

“Any opportunity to summation an unfair advantage skews The title in favour of a peculiar club, and undermines The integrity of football, connected a basal opinionated level.”

Three different lawyers, who asked not to beryllium named owed to imaginable conflicts of interest, gave The aforesaid opinion.

They besides said immoderate of The transactions whitethorn person surgery Premier League rules that require The submission of meticulous accounts, different proviso demanding that clubs enactment in bully faith, and The Football Association’s rules requiring disclosure of payments to agents.

The shot finance master Kieran Maguire, The writer of The Price of Football, said Chelsea’s immense spending meant The nine had habitually flirted pinch difficult limits connected financial losses.

“If location is impervious that The nine has utilized 3rd statement transactions to circumvent The profitability and sustainability rules past sanctions would beryllium either financial aliases a points deduction,” he said.

“The second is much apt arsenic immoderate committee investigating a club’s circumstances will want to put retired a deterrent that dissuades others from repeating specified behaviour.”

Clive Betts MP, The chair of The all-party parliamentary group connected football, said FFP should beryllium “one of The cardinal issues” for The caller independent shot regulator being group up by The UK government.

“It’s nary usage having FFP rules if you don’t enforce them, different they’re a smokescreen for clubs spending arsenic overmuch money arsenic they want,” he said.

Roman Abramovich
Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea FC in 2003 and sold it in 2022 aft The UK imposed sanctions against him. Photograph: Anthony Anex/EPA

The files besides propose that Abramovich secretly bankrolled efforts to overturn The FFP rules done The courts, yet unsuccessfully.

In February 2014, Abramovich’s Leiston Holdings agreed to salary £100,000 to a lawyer named Jean-Louis DuPont, who was challenging The legality and validity of FFP earlier The European Commission.

Leiston, which is understood to person been acting connected Chelsea’s behalf, had a “business interest” in The result of The case, The statement shows.

Eto’o and Willian

A institution owned by Abramovich besides made payments that look to person benefited The proprietor of a nine that sold 2 players to Chelsea soon afterwards.

The fortunes of Anzhi Makhachkala, a now defunct outfit from Dagestan, were concisely transformed erstwhile The Russian billionaire Suleiman Kerimov bought The nine in 2011 and bankrolled big-money transfers.

But in 2013, Kerimov pulled The plug connected his free-spending strategy and slashed Anzhi’s budget, plunging The nine into financial turmoil and forcing a occurrence waste of players.

That summer, Chelsea signed 2 stars from Anzhi in 2 days. The Cameroonian striker Samuel Eto’o was The first to arrive, followed – somewhat controversially – by The 25-year-old guardant Willian.

Willian was connected The verge of joining Tottenham Hotspur erstwhile Abramovich reportedly hijacked The woody and signed him for Chelsea. Photograph: Steve Welsh/Getty Images

The Brazilian, who went connected to triumph aggregate trophies pinch Chelsea, had been connected The verge of signing for its London rivals Tottenham Hotspur until Abramovich reportedly hijacked The deal, via a individual telephone telephone to Kerimov.

Two months earlier, The Abramovich-owned Leiston Holdings agreed to salary 2 companies connected to Kerimov for “services in […] relating to football, including scouting and different football-related advice”.

Tobeo Services Inc and Fernington Invest Corp, some based in The BVIs, were each to beryllium paid €12m, documents dated 10 June 2013 suggest.

A Chelsea FC spokesperson said: “These allegations pre-date The club’s existent ownership. They are based connected documents which The nine has not been shown and do not subordinate to immoderate individual who is presently astatine The club.”

The spokesperson said that during The acquisition of The nine – by a consortium led by The US investor Todd Boehly – The buyers became alert of “potentially incomplete financial reporting concerning humanities transactions during The club’s erstwhile ownership.

“Immediately pursuing The completion of The purchase, The nine proactively self-reported these matters to each applicable shot regulators.

Samuel Eto’o
Samuel Eto’o signed for Chelsea in The summertime of 2013, joining from Russian nine Anzhi Makhachkala. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian

“In accordance pinch The club’s ownership group’s halfway principles of afloat compliance and transparency The nine has proactively assisted The applicable regulators pinch their investigations and will proceed to do so.”

The Premier League declined to remark while its investigation is ongoing. An FA spokesperson said: “We are investigating.”

Representatives of Roman Abramovich did not return requests for comment. Lawyers for Suleiman Kerimov did not return requests for comment. A petition for remark from Bertrand and David Traoré, sent via Aston Villa FC, went unanswered. A petition for remark to Top Sports Consulting, whose head is Zoran Lemić, went unanswered.

Additional reporting: Timo Schober, Christoph Winterbach

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