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Celsius Holdings (NASDAQ:CELH) is group to proceed its explosive growth, arsenic its distribution statement pinch PepsiCo (PEP) expands its distribution moreover more. The capacity of rival Monster Beverage (MNST) complete nan past 2 decades shows that it's worthy investing successful nan banal moreover erstwhile it mightiness not look cheap.

Company Profile

CELH produces power drinks and liquid supplements, arsenic good arsenic macromolecule bars. Its namesake merchandise comes successful some ready-to-drink varieties arsenic good arsenic successful powder form. The institution claims that its flagship power portion burns betwixt 100-140 calories per serving by expanding a consumer’s metabolism by an mean of 12%. It claims this is backed by subject from 6 self-funded studies it has published successful various journals.

Celsius branded drinks travel successful a assortment of flavors, arsenic good arsenic successful carbonated and non-carbonated versions. In besides has a statement that is sweetened pinch stevia that comes successful 6 flavors. The ready-to-drink products travel successful 12-ounce cans.

In addition, nan institution sells pre- and post-workout lines of products nether nan names Celsius Heat and Branch Chain Amino Acids, aliases BCCA+Energy.

CELH's products are sold done market stores, wellness clubs, convenience stores, wide marketplace retailers, vitamin specialty shops, supplier stores and via e-commerce sites.

Through its acquisition of Func Food successful 2019, it besides sells macromolecule bars, beverage, and supplements to stores successful Finland, Sweden, and Norway. The products are distributed nether nan FAST, FitFarm and CocoVi brands.

CELH uses third-party co-packers to nutrient its drinks. As such, it doesn’t person to put successful its ain accumulation facilities. The co-packers successful move complaint CELH a interest for each lawsuit they assemble. CELH purchases astir of nan ingredients and each of nan packaging materials nether nan agreement.

The bulk of CELH’s gross comes from North America, but it besides sells successful Europe done Func Food. The institution besides expanded into Asia done section distributors successful Hong Kong and a licence statement successful mainland China pinch Qifeng Food Technology, which will salary CELH a 2-3% volume-based royalty interest starting successful 2024.


CELH’s biggest opportunity is to proceed to maturation its distribution channel. It’s done a terrific occupation connected that beforehand already, being capable to move from chiefly nan wellness nine marketplace into nan mainstream. In its early days, nan institution chiefly sold its products successful nan fittingness channel, getting distribution deals pinch nan likes Gold’s Gym, Crunch Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Equinox, LA Fitness, Lifetime Fitness and others. The institution past began expanding into aggregate different channels, getting into big-name retailers specified arsenic Costco (COST), Target (TGT), Walmart (WMT), and Amazon (AMZN).

CELH Distribution

Company Presentation

However, nan institution made a transformative woody successful August erstwhile it signed a semipermanent strategical distribution woody pinch PepsiCo. The soda and snack elephantine besides made a $550 cardinal convertible preferred banal investment, adjacent to astir an 8.5% stake, successful CELH arsenic portion of nan deal. PEP receives a 5% yearly dividend from nan preferred shares, arsenic well.


Company Presentation

On a telephone to talk nan agreement, CELH CEO John Fieldly said:

The distribution provides further entree to caller consumers and usage occasions done divers transmission exposures and description successful foodservice, independent convenience, including PepsiCo's medallions program, description and vending, assemblage campuses, concessions and description successful nan military. The equity finance aligns communal semipermanent liking while strengthening nan equilibrium expanse for moving superior and maturation investments.

On a go-forward basis, nan distribution statement is expected to adhd important apical statement standard and accelerate maturation pinch important gross profit and operational separator accretion expected from leveraging PepsiCo's starring DSD web and accelerated standard of our business.

While Anheuser-Busch, its anterior distributor, had done a awesome job, PEP should thief CELH get much distribution into smaller convenience stores, wherever nan institution said astir 70% of power drinks are sold, arsenic good arsenic grow into nan foodservice assemblage arsenic well.

And while CELH has an world presence, it’s very mini compared to its U.S. sales. PEP has a immense world distribution web that it should besides beryllium capable to pat into successful nan future.

It's worthy noting that MNST employed a akin strategy, signing a distribution woody pinch Coca-Cola (KO) backmost successful 2014/15. KO besides took a liking successful MNST astatine nan time.

Beyond distribution, caller merchandise aliases spirit introductions, arsenic good arsenic imaginable merchandise M&A are besides opportunities. The institution has really grown its marque nan past respective years to go nan #3 power portion marque successful nan U.S. However, it still only has an nether 5% marketplace stock (per IRI 1W information ending 10/23/22). The weight-loss power niche is simply a beardown and increasing market, but location are different areas of nan energy-drink marketplace it could look to grow into arsenic well.

The move to vertical integration is different imaginable opportunity. This would amended margins, spot it’s evidently a capital-intensive business. Meanwhile, nan strategy of owning bottlers has gone successful and retired of favour successful nan beverage manufacture complete nan years.


While nan switchover to caller distribution done PEP is simply a semipermanent gamechanger, changing distributors tin create near-term hiccups. The switchover was made successful October, truthful has not yet shown up successful immoderate of CELH’s numbers. However, nan institution admitted that a batch of things tin spell incorrect successful what yet is simply a analyzable process.

The power portion market, meanwhile, has a batch of title pinch nan likes of MNST, Red Bull, and Bang to sanction a few. It’s a celebrated class that tends to tie successful a batch of challengers, and user tastes tin quickly change.

Meanwhile, CELH makes immoderate beautiful bold claims astir nan calorie-burning effects of its products. Its products are not FDA tested and it advertises these claims. Given its accrued popularity, location is nan chance that nan FTC could much intimately scrutinize CELH's claims and perchance find them misleading. The institution adhd a caller consequence facet to this respect successful its past 10-K.

CELH besides has immoderate customer concentration. Both COST and AMZN were complete 10% customers successful 2021. While CELH has been gaining distribution, immoderate nonaccomplishment of distribution from a ample customer could beryllium blow.

Inflation tin beryllium a near-term headwind, arsenic well. Not only person constituent costs gone up, but prices for aluminum cans, freight, and shipping person each moved higher. MNST saw accrued co-packing fees past quarter, truthful these fees person besides apt gone up arsenic well.


CELH trades astir 45x nan 2023 statement EBITDA of $160 cardinal and 30x nan 2024 statement of $242 million.

It trades astatine a guardant PE of 78x nan 2023 statement of $1.21. Based connected 2024 expert estimates of $1.94, it trades astatine 48x.

CELH is projected to maturation its gross complete 50% successful 2023 and astir 34% successful 2024.

Comparatively, chap power portion shaper MNST trades astatine 24x 2023 EBITDA of $2.16B and a guardant PE of 34x based connected nan 2023 statement of $3.04. It’s expected to turn gross 12% successful 2023.

It is notable, that MNST historically traded a beautiful hefty multiples complete nan years.

MNST Trailing PE

MNST Trailing PE (FinBox)


Every investor would emotion to find nan adjacent MNST, and while trying to find nan adjacent large point successful nan aforesaid class usually proves fruitless, CELH has proven to beryllium a monster successful its ain right. Its maturation has been explosive since its IPO, and nan institution tin travel nan MNST playbook of expanding distribution, world description , and adding further merchandise SKUs.

Sales Growth

Company Presentation

CELH’s caller distribution woody pinch PEP, meanwhile, paves nan measurement for it to deed connected 2 of these 3 maturation pillars. And I don’t deliberation nan institution will person excessively galore issues launching summation products.

While its valuation appears pricey, truthful did MNST’s connected its march to being 1 of nan champion performing stocks of nan past 2 decades. CELH’s banal is not for nan risk-adverse, but it could person a batch of upside successful nan years to travel arsenic it rides nan waves of nan PEP deal.

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