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“Does everybody cognize what clip it is? Tool Time!” That was oftentimes The opening statement to The sitcom Home Improvement starring stand-up comic Tim Allen. For 8 seasons opening in 1991, The bid was not only a instrumentality favorite, but it besides launched Tim Allen’s and different formed of Home Improvement stars’ acting careers. 

The bid centers astir accident-prone Tim Taylor and loving woman Jill (Patricia Richardson), on pinch their 2 older sons, Brad (Zachery Ty Bryan) and Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), who return awesome joyousness in tormenting younger relative Mark (Taran Noah Smith).

They each unrecorded in suburban Detroit, adjacent doorway to The only partially seen Wilson (Earl Hindman), who offers desperately needed sage proposal to Tim. On apical of that, Tim hosts The Binford Tools-sponsored Tool Time series alongside co-host and friend Al Borland and The Tool Time Girl. So fundamentally Home Improvement was a show wrong a show, and each of it made millions of viewers laughter retired large connected a play basis.

Richard Karn, Tim Allen and Pamela Anderson in Home Improvement, 1992Richard Karn, Tim Allen and Pamela Anderson in Home Improvement, 1992Wind Dancer Productions/Touchstone Television/ABC/MoviestillsDB

If you’ve ever watched PBS’ This Old House, you cognize location weren’t galore laughs, but Home Improvement was conceived arsenic a parody of The PBS show, moreover having Tim parallel Bob Vila pinch Al arsenic carpenter Norm Abram. So celebrated was The sitcom that Vila really appeared arsenic a impermanent connected respective episodes while Tim and Tool Time woman Pamela Anderson some appeared connected Vila’s show, Home Again. 

See The formed of Home Improvement past and now

So wherever did The formed of Home Improvement extremity up? Let’s return a look.

Tim Allen arsenic Tim Taylor

 2022Tim Allen Left: 1998; Right: 2022Hulton Archive/Handout/Getty; Elyse Jankowski/Getty

Timothy Allen Dick was calved in Denver, Colorado, but moved pinch his family to Birmingham, Michigan aft his mother remarried.  Not surprisingly, Tim excelled in shop people in precocious schoolhouse and aft graduation, he attended Western Michigan University, graduating in 1975 pinch a grade in Television Production.

Three years later, he was arrested connected supplier charges and spent 2 years in jail, but incarceration gave him a caller outlook connected life and, connected a situation from a friend, he participated in a drama nighttime astatine The Comedy Castle in Detroit. Loving The recognition, he began appearing in section tv commercials and cablegram drama shows.

Hearing The laughs and applause, Tim went connected to do respective cablegram specials, including comedies Dirtiest Dozen (1988) and Tim Allen: Men Are Pigs (1990), while his characteristic movie debut was arsenic a baggage handler in Tropical Snow (1988). Having recovered his existent calling, he packed his bags and moved to Los Angeles wherever he became a regular performer astatine The famed Sunset Strip Comedy Store and doing his stand-up drama connected late-night talk shows, including Johnny Carson’s The Tonight Show. 

Tim Allen arsenic Tim Taylor in Home Improvement, 1990sTim Allen arsenic Tim Taylor, 1990sWind Dancer Productions/Touchstone Television/ABC/MoviestillsDB

Then came Home Improvement, a sitcom based connected his stand-up routines. “It’s true, I person a accomplishment and it’s not related to acting. It’s not related to auditions. It’s not related to studios aliases nationalist whim. It’s whether I’m funny aliases not and whether I Can entertain people.” 

Parlaying his mini surface fame into characteristic films, Allen starred in a drawstring of blockbuster movies, among them The Santa Clause (1994), Toy Story (1995), Toy Story 2 and Galaxy Quest (both 1999), Joe Somebody (2001) and Big Trouble (2002).  From 2011 to 2017 he starred arsenic Michael Martin connected The sitcom Last Man Standing.

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Away from The agleam lights, and utilizing his “Tool Time” fame, he developed and launched his ain signature statement of powerfulness devices in 1996. Always a car enthusiast, he competed in endurance racing and besides owns an extended car postulation that includes a ’56 Ford F-100, civilization made by McLaren; a 1965 Shelby Corbra and a 1966 Ferrari 330 GTC that immoderate declare is weighted astatine complete $3,000,000. Putting his personage to bully use, Allen is besides progressive in philanthropic efforts to thief trim homelessness. 

Patricia Richardson arsenic Jill Taylor

 2023Patricia Richardson Left: 1996; Right: 2023Derek Storm/FilmMagic/Getty; Araya Doheny/Getty

Known for her whiskey sound and domiciled amongst The formed of Home Improvement arsenic Jill Taylor, Patricia Richardson was nominated for 2 Golden Globes and 4 Emmy Awards. Prior to her domiciled arsenic loving and blase mom and wife, Richardson besides starred in 2 different comedies: Eisenhower & Lutz alongside Scott Bakula (1988) and FM (1989), some only lasting 13 episodes each. “I ever hated cleanable TV moms, because I ever thought that was unrealistic and Jill was not perfect. She is not exempt from dumb moves herself.” 

Born in Bethesda, Maryland, Patricia Castle Richardson attended aggregate schools and graduated in 1972 from Southern Methodist University. “I admit I had been a existent problem child,” she says. “But erstwhile I sewage into acting, my parents ne'er had immoderate much problem pinch maine because each of that power was directed in a affirmative way.”

Patricia Richardson, 1997Patricia Richardson, 1997Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty

Richardson began her profession arsenic The understudy for The domiciled of Gypsy Rose Lee in Angela Lansbury’s Broadway accumulation of Gypsy in 1974. She besides played respective mini chorus parts. For The adjacent 10 years, she worked in location theater, commercials and different Broadway and off-Broadway plays. Episodic TV programs specified arsenic The Equalizer, Spenser: For Hire and Kate & Allie came and went. 

In 1991, 3 months aft giving commencement to twins, Patricia became a last-minute replacement for Frances Fisher, who was deemed excessively superior to play Jill Taylor. “People spot maine arsenic being this Super Mom connected TV who besides Can much than grip a difficult husband, and they presume I’m going to beryllium conscionable afloat of contented arsenic a mother and woman myself.” 

Patricia Richardson and Tim Allen in Home Improvement, 1998Patricia Richardson and Tim Allen, 1998Hulton Archive/Handout/Getty

While moving connected her breakout role, she hosted The Emmys, starred in The miniseries Undue Influence, Sophie and The Moonhanger; and earned an Independent Spirit information for her first awesome movie domiciled in Ulee’s Gold (1997). 

After 3 seasons connected Lifetime’s aesculapian play Strong Medicine, she was formed in a recurring domiciled arsenic Sheila Brooks in The last 2 seasons of The governmental play The West Wing. Made for TV movies, tv appearances and mini indie films rounded retired her mini and large surface projects. But Richardson ne'er mislaid her emotion for theater, returning to The shape in Steel Magnolias (2016) astatine The Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, Pennsylvania, which became The highest grossing show in The history of The Playhouse. 

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Earl Hindman arsenic Wilson W. Wilson, Jr.

 2000sEarl Hindman Left: 1991; Right: 2000sWind Dancer Productions/Touchstone Television/ABC/MoviestillsDB; DoYouRemember?/YouTube

Best known for his domiciled connected Home Improvement playing The helpful, kindly unseen neighbour of The Taylors, Earl Hindman played villains in 2 1974 thrillers – The Taking of Pelham One Two Three and The Parallax View. 

Born in Bisbee, Arizona in 1942, which astatine The clip was a mining city, Hindman studied acting astatine The University of Arizona. Prior to his celebrated partially seen look connected Home Improvement, Hindman made his movie debut in The exploitation movie Teenage Mother (1967) and past recovered a regular TV role, playing constabulary lieutenant Bob Reid connected daytime’s Ryan’s Hope from 1975 to 1984, later returning for its last episodes in 1988 to 1989. 

Earl Hindman hides his look arsenic Wilson W. Wilson, Jr. in Home Improvement, 1991Earl Hindman hides his look arsenic Wilson W. Wilson, Jr., 1991Wind Dancer Productions/Touchstone Television/ABC/MoviestillsDB

Hindman’s look was yet shown in afloat view astatine The extremity of The last section of Home Improvement arsenic he and The remainder of The formed took a front for The cheering audience.  

Following Home Improvement’s cancellation, Hindman appeared in impermanent starring tv roles specified arsenic Law & Order and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. A long-time concatenation smoker, he was diagnosed pinch lung crab and passed distant owed to The illness in December 2003 astatine The property of 61. 

Richard Karn arsenic Al Borland in The formed of Home Improvement

 2023Richard Karn Left: 1991; Right: 2023Wind Dancer Productions/Touchstone Television/ABC/MoviestillsDB; Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Richard Karn landed his breakout domiciled in The formed of Home Improvement aft getting a postulation summons and going to postulation school. Making lemonade retired of lemons, Karn unwittingly sat beside an supplier who told him astir casting for The sitcom. 

It each began pinch his first acting gig in The 5th people in Seattle, Washington which led to his being very progressive in play in precocious school. After graduation from The University of Washington Professional Actor Training Program, he gained play acquisition in Scotland astatine The Edinburgh Festival. Moving to New York, in little than a week he was hired to do a commercialized for Michelob brew that had a plum placement during Super Bowl XIV. Then it was connected to Los Angeles in 1989 astatine The urging of his wife. There he recovered a spot for them to unrecorded by managing an flat analyzable and catering events astatine a Jewish synagogue connected The side. 

Richard Karn and Tim Allen in Home Improvement, 1991Richard Karn and Tim Allen in Home Improvement, 1991Wind Dancer Productions/Touchstone Television/ABC/MoviestillsDB

Born Richard Karn Wilson, he shortened his sanction aft uncovering retired location was already a Richard Wilson in SAG. His filmography boasts 11 characteristic films, and respective made for TV movies and series. In 2002 Karn made an quality in The Strokes’ euphony video for “Someday,” while besides replacing Louie Anderson arsenic big of Family Feud. Although he near The show in 2006, 2 years later he replaced Patrick Duffy connected Game Show Network’s Bingo America. But nary matter what, he’ll ever beryllium Al Borland to fans. 

Pamela Anderson arsenic Tool Time Girl, Lisa

 2023Pamela Anderson Left: 1993; Right: 2023Tim Roney/Getty; Taylor Hill/WireImage/Getty

In The first 2 years of The show, Pamela Anderson played The portion of Tim’s Tool Girl, Lisa, but near The show to attraction connected her domiciled in a reddish bathing suit, arsenic lifeguard C. J. Parker connected Baywatch, which cemented her world nickname arsenic a activity symbol.  

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Prior to Home Improvement and Baywatch, Anderson came into view, pun intended, arsenic The February 1990 Playboy Playmate of The month, which followed her first quality connected The screen of The mag’s October 1989 issue. In all, Anderson appeared 14 times in The magazine. Ironically, erstwhile Playboy first rang her up astatine home, she said no, that she was excessively shy, but during a conflict pinch an ex-fiance she decided to spontaneously judge The connection — for only a cover.

“I dislike erstwhile group opportunity bad things astir Hugh Hefner,” she said in 2018. “I judge he empowered women and I judge he did truthful galore awesome things for civilian rights. I opportunity Playboy was my university. I learned astir activism, art, artists, and location were ever really colorful group there.” 

Pamela Anderson arsenic Tool Time Girl in Home Improvement, 1991Pamela Anderson arsenic Tool Time Girl, 1991Wind Dancer Productions/Touchstone Television/ABC/MoviestillsDB

With occurrence from Playboy, Anderson moved from Canada to Los Angeles in 1990.  She became known to a wider, much blimpish assemblage erstwhile she joined The formed of Home Improvement. In Hollywood fashion, Anderson bought a Malibu home, but later rented it retired for $50,000 per period truthful that she could unrecorded connected The French Riviera. Ultimately Canada was location and she moved backmost to reside connected Vancouver Island, making it her imperishable location in 2021. At that constituent she sold her Malibu place.    

Born in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada, Pamela Denise Anderson was an acrobat and gymnast from 7 years of property to 12, but remained an accomplished jock passim her precocious schoolhouse years.  Starting astatine property 16, Anderson spent 3 years waitressing and was first “discovered” astatine a British Columba Lions shot crippled in Vancouver, wherever she was featured connected The jumbotron while wearing a Labatt’s Beer T-shirt.

Fans went chaotic and shouted her image, truthful she was brought down to The shot field. The brewing institution hired Anderson arsenic a spokes exemplary inspired by The event. More advertizing assignments quickly followed and her now legendary relation pinch Playboy was next. 

Pamela Anderson, 1994Pamela Anderson, 1994Mitchell Gerber/Corbis/VCG/Getty

Anderson’s large surface debut was in Raw Justice (1994). That aforesaid year, she met Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and joined him 2 months later, stunning fans and media alike. 

Rocky marriages, activity tape, motherhood, activism, immoderate lesser commercialized hits and covers of manner magazines (Elle, Marie Claire, W) person rounded retired Anderson’s divers resume. 

She besides released The book Star in 2004, astir a teen trying to go famous. That aforesaid year, she launched her vegan clothing statement and in 2005 starred in a caller Fox comedy, Stacked, arsenic statement woman Skyler Dayton. 

Scene from Stacked, 2005Scene from Stacked, 2005Steven Levitan Productions/20th Century Fox Television/MoviestillsDB

Departing The U.S. for India in 2010, Anderson appeared connected play 4 of Bigg Boss, The Indian type of The Big Brother franchise. For her 72 hr enactment in The house, she received $550,000. On to The U.K. wherever she took portion in The 12th play of Big Brother in 2011, followed by being a Special Houseguest connected VIP  Brother, in Bulgaria. 

Branching out, Anderson made her Broadway debut playing Roxie Hart in Chicago in 2022; it was her first clip performing since 2019 and she received some captious and assemblage acclaim.           

Curtain telephone for Chicago connected Broadway, 2022Curtain telephone for Chicago connected Broadway, 2022Bruce Glikas/Getty

Zachary Ty Bryan arsenic Brad Taylor in The formed of Home Improvement

Zachery Ty Bryan

As The eldest relative in The formed of Home Improvement, Zachary Ty Bryan has knowledgeable The highs and lows of life. After The bid ended in 1999, he appeared in aggregate shows, including ER (2001), Buffy The Vampire Slayer (2002) and Smallville (2003).

After galore years in beforehand of The camera, Bryan transitioned to The accumulation broadside of things, producing a number of films, including The Kindergarten Teacher (2018) starring Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Zachary Ty Bryan and Patricia RichardsonZachary Ty Bryan and Patricia Richardson be The 7th Annual TV Land Awards held astatine Gibson Amphitheatre connected April 19, 2009 in Unversal City, California. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

In 2007, Bryan joined precocious schoolhouse sweetheart Carly Matros and they had 4 children — twins Taylor and Gemma, girl Jordana and boy Pierce. Unfortunately, The mates announced they were getting a divorcement in 2020. Nearly a twelvemonth later, in November of 2021, Bryan announced that he was engaged to Johnnie Faye Cartwright, pinch whom he has 3 children — girl Kennedy and twins Parker and Sequoia.

But things started to spell severely for Bryan and Faye correct from The get-go, arsenic he was arrested for allegedly strangling her in 2020 erstwhile they were only dating. In 2023, Bryan was arrested again for a akin incident pinch different woman, involving assault, robbery and harassment. In October of 2023, he was sentenced to 7 days in jailhouse positive probation.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas arsenic Randy Taylor

Jonathan Taylor Thomas1990/2003 Jeff Kravitz / Contributor / Getty // Jean-Paul Aussenard / Contributor / Getty

The mediate kid of The Taylor family has done rather good for himself, Jonathan Taylor Thomas playing immoderate notable roles, including voicing Young Simba in Disney’s The Lion King (1994).

Thomas remained pinch his Home Improvement family until The 8th and last season, which he near early on. His characteristic was said to person gone to Costa Rica, but in existent life Thomas wanted to attraction connected his education.

Thomas has appeared in bid for illustration Veronica Mars (2004) and Smallville (2001), and in 2013 made an quality connected Home Improvement co-star Tim Allen’s series, Last Man Standing (2011) arsenic John Baker.

He came backmost for a full of 4 episodes complete The people of respective seasons. Last Man Standing was his past acting gig and he hasn’t been in The nationalist oculus overmuch since then. After a puerility in The spotlight, Thomas decided to return a measurement back.

Taran Noah Smith arsenic Mark Taylor in The formed of Home Improvement

Taran Noah Smith1995/2009 Jeff Kravitz / Contributor / Getty // Jeff Kravitz / Contributor / Getty

The youngest related of The Taylor family has had a astonishing life since The extremity of Home Improvement. Although during The show’s tally he made an quality connected 7th Heaven, aft Home Improvement ended, he near acting behind.

In 2001, Smith did different astonishing point by marrying Heidi Van Pelt erstwhile he was 17-years-old and Van Pelt was 32. The 2 had a kid together arsenic well, but underwent a messy divorcement in 2007.

Today, Smith is simply a method head for Community Submersibles.

More formed of Home Improvement nosy facts

Early on, Tim Allen would deliberately misquote lines in immoderate scenes to thief kid actors truthful that they would consciousness little unit astir getting their ain lines wrong.

The Tool Time assemblage was The existent unrecorded workplace audience

In The section “The Eve of Construction,” erstwhile President Jimmy Carter appears in a videotaped conception regarding Tim and Jill’s information in a Habitat for Humanity building project.

Ashley Judd auditioned for and won The domiciled of The Tool Time girl, but her supplier urged her to prosecute movies alternatively of TV, truthful she pulled retired a fewer days earlier The original pilot, resulting in The casting of Pamela Anderson. 

Patricia Richardson brought her twins to her first question and reply and The producers built a nursery in The workplace for them.

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