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Capri Holdings (NYSE:CPRI) had been connected my radar for a while, but I started to do a heavy dive successful precocious 2019. After looking astatine nan humanities financials and looking astatine nan history and net calls, I bought a core position successful early 2020. I first wrote astir CPRI successful March of 2020 arsenic 1 of my apical ideas to bargain pursuing nan marketplace melt-down pursuing nan first COVID panic (Bullet-Proof Portfolio - Top 10 Ideas). I did a follow-up connected my apical 6 ideas, including CPRI, successful July of 2020 (Part II - apical 6 ideas). It still amazes maine that CPRI traded into azygous digits successful early April of 2020. This is simply a classical illustration of fearfulness being overdone. The CPRI communicative is compelling and incredibly dislocated astatine $48 per share. It is worthwhile to look astatine this institution successful nan discourse of nan past fewer years.

After a play of pandemic induced turbulence, nan banal appreciated powerfully pursuing 10 consecutive quarters of supra anticipation net results. CPRI was astir a 10-bagger disconnected of nan pandemic lows successful 2020 arsenic it ran to nan precocious $60s. The valuation aggregate applied to those earnings, however, remained stubbornly debased contempt management's occurrence successful transforming nan Company from a azygous marque offering built astir Michael Kors, into a world luxury conglomerate incorporating higher maturation brands Versace and Jimmy Choo. As nan banal approached $70/share anterior to reporting net pinch China still conscionable starting to re-open and pinch expanding investor skepticism regarding nan consumer, I wanted to hold to people connected CPRI until aft nan 4th was reported and investors had capable clip to digest nan results.

Indeed, nan bid of net thumps ended pinch nan 4th reported successful early February, pinch weakness successful nan wholesale transmission for Michael Kors driving disappointing margins contempt revenues coming in-line pinch expectations. The banal dropped 28.5% intraday, finishing nan time down 24%. Surprisingly, nan driblet successful nan banal was almost 3x nan magnitude of nan antagonistic revision to net expectations (despite nan contraction being exacerbated by proactive inventory simplification to protect Michael Kors' semipermanent marque health). It is besides worthy noting that nan Company's valuation aggregate earlier nan melodramatic selloff was already 50% little than comparable companies.

I judge nan net effect will beryllium impermanent arsenic inventories successful nan wholesale transmission normalize. A metallic lining successful this accommodation is nan apt further income operation activity distant from nan little separator wholesale transmission (down from 23% currently). While a income miss successful a user business typically drives investors to mobility nan wellness of its underlying brands, I judge this is unwarranted for CPRI.

Sales successful nan Company's direct-to-consumer transmission (where they power income support) came successful statement pinch expectations, suggesting wholesale transmission weakness was driven chiefly by falling finance successful income support astatine wholesale partners who proceed to suffer stock to nonstop income channels.

Management has continued an fierce banal buyback program, suggesting they work together pinch this assessment. Over nan past 5 quarters, nan Company spent $300 cardinal per 4th connected buybacks, a gait which equates to 20% of nan outstanding shares per year. Management expects to proceed buybacks astatine this complaint successful nan existent quarter. I deliberation that astatine this value greater imaginable exists for guidance to summation nan gait of nan buyback, fixed humble financial leverage astatine CPRI.

With aggregate inputs confirming nan spot of nan luxury market, I judge investors would do good to bargain CPRI and PVH (PVH) connected this pullback. Both person sold disconnected importantly from caller highs, but nan CPRI sell-off has been extreme. With reports from Macy's stating intelligibly that they person been seeing spot successful their luxury segment, it is clear nan upscale user is not slowing down. European companies person been indicating this spot arsenic well. This nexus regarding Saks Luxury besides indicates fantabulous spot wrong this conception (Saks Luxury - Strong).

For those investors who are looking for different smart investors to supply immoderate assurance that nan thought makes sense, famed investor David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital has CPRI listed successful its apical 10 holdings. Einhorn is coming disconnected a immense twelvemonth successful 2022, successful which they returned 36.6% nett of fees and expenses.

David Einhorn's Greenlight Capital Top 10 Holdings

David Einhorn's Greenlight Capital Top 10 Holdings (SEC Filings)

The scarcity worth of luxury brands continues to grow. Larger luxury houses' appetite for acquisitions astatine patient valuations remains unsated. Estee Lauder precocious announced an acquisition of Tom Ford. Applying akin acquisition multiples to CPRI's Versace and Jimmy Choo brands would connote a valuation of adjacent to zero for nan Michael Kors business.

I still estimate nan Michael Kors business is worthy northbound of $75 per stock (quite a spot much than zero), applying a aggregate accordant pinch its little maturation profile. Adding up these parts, I estimate Capri banal is worthy northbound of $125/share coming (versus $48/ stock today). Thus, CPRI remains my apical idea. I proceed to for illustration vulnerability to nan upscale consumer, pinch CPRI and PVH.

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Richard Prati has astir 40 years of equity study and finance acquisition and spent astir 20 years connected Wall Street successful various positions including nan co-founding of American Technology Research and yet trading nan institution successful 2008. Experience successful nationalist and backstage world equity study and investing. BS successful Economics from Vanderbilt and MBA from nan University of Rochester.

Disclosure: I/we person a beneficial agelong position successful nan shares of CPRI either done banal ownership, options, aliases different derivatives. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my ain opinions. I americium not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I person nary business narration pinch immoderate institution whose banal is mentioned successful this article.

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