CanSino Looks For Next Growth Shot In 'Life After Covid'

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As nan Covid pandemic wraps successful China, request has abruptly plummeted for vaccines that concisely lifted names for illustration Sinopharm (1099.HK; OTCPK:SHTDF; OTCPK:SHTDY) and Sinovac to world fame, bringing their stocks backmost to world arsenic well.

Another Chinese vaccine shaper that sewage a Covid boost, CanSino Biologics Inc. (OTCPK:CASBF; 6185.HK; 688185.SH), was besides emotion nan post-pandemic symptom successful a preliminary yearly results study released past week that showed it logged a 902 cardinal yuan ($130 million) nonaccomplishment past year. That marked a stunning reversal from 2021, erstwhile it recorded its first-ever profit of 1.91 cardinal yuan connected surging request for its vaccines. Its gross besides plunged past twelvemonth to astir 1 cardinal yuan, down astir three-quarters from astir 4.3 cardinal yuan during amended times for nan institution successful 2021.

CanSino specializes successful vaccines for diseases like Ebola, meningitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. Without immoderate products connected nan marketplace earlier 2021, it was a perennial money-loser until nan Covid pandemic collapsed successful 2020. The institution quickly pivoted to nan caller coronavirus, and was 1 of nan first to create a recombined Covid vaccine, Convidecia, utilizing its ain viral vector technology. Despite longer improvement histories for its different products, Convidecia became nan company’s first merchandise to make large bucks.

But things person changed radically successful nan short span of conscionable a year. Far much Covid vaccines are now connected nan market, pressuring prices moreover arsenic request falls and nan pandemic fades. As a result, CanSino’s gross started to autumn dramatically past year, tumbling 91.8% and 92.4% successful nan 2nd and 3rd quarters, respectively.

An upgraded aerosolized type of Convidecia was approved for emergency usage successful China past September, and became nan first inhaled Covid vaccine to motorboat successful nan market. The motorboat helped to boost nan company’s banal price, but not capable to reverse its accelerated gross slide.

Unsold vaccines

Plunging gross from vaccine income was conscionable 1 of nan reasons down nan company’s large return to nan red. It said nonaccomplishment to support down R&D and income costs besides played a role, arsenic good arsenic large write-downs for Covid vaccines that went unsold.

While elaborate full-year information has yet to beryllium released, CanSino’s last financial report shows nan company’s 707 cardinal yuan successful gross successful first 9 months of past twelvemonth was offset by a operation of 556 cardinal yuan successful R&D costs, and different 149 cardinal yuan successful income expenses. More notably, nan institution recorded an plus impairment proviso of 526 cardinal yuan for unsold inventory successful nan period.

Government information shows that complete 3.47 cardinal Covid vaccine doses were administered successful China arsenic of past Dec. 23, pinch nan percent of afloat vaccinated group exceeding 90%. As nan authorities scraps astir pandemic power measures and galore group who sewage infected successful December and January recover, request for vaccines has fallen sharply.

At nan aforesaid time, nan support of 13 Covid vaccines by China’s supplier regulator has created an oversupply of products, pressuring prices and expanding nan consequence that vaccines won’t beryllium sold earlier their expiry date. That intends CanSino could beryllium looking astatine moreover larger depreciation provisions ahead, fixed that it has invested 1.22 cardinal yuan successful 3 Covid vaccines and besides has an mRNA vaccine nether development.

Other vaccine manufacturers person besides suffered. The A-share listed Kangtai Biological (300601.SZ), whose inactivated vaccine was approved for waste successful China, reported a net loss of up to 150 cardinal yuan past twelvemonth owed to a awesome income diminution and important plus impairments, marking its first yearly nonaccomplishment since 2012.

CanSino mightiness beryllium capable to find alleviation from title successful its crowded location marketplace by trading its products successful different countries for illustration Indonesia, wherever it received an emergency use licence earlier this period for its aerosolized Convidecia. But moreover those advances are improbable to springiness its gross overmuch of a lift. As its Covid precocious quickly fades, investors are looking intimately astatine CanSino’s different products that mightiness beryllium capable to prime up immoderate of nan slack and fortify its semipermanent prospects.

Internationally recognized

Apart from its Covid treatments, CanSino’s only different approved products are 2 meningitis vaccines, MCV2 and MCV4, which sewage regulatory nods successful 2021. The institution has said MCV2 will soon beryllium included successful a nationalist inaugural to amended immunity of nan Chinese population. But moreover if it is, nan product’s comparatively precocious presence to nan statement compared pinch different akin vaccines puts it astatine a comparative disadvantage.

Meantime, MCV4 is nan first Chinese 4-valent MCV vaccine that tin beryllium utilized for babies little than six months old, and frankincense is considered rather promising. It had been approved successful 24 Chinese provinces aliases cities by nan extremity of past October. But its early shape of commercialization and comparatively constricted marketplace size make it unclear if MCV4 tin supply a much-needed boost to nan company’s revenue.

CanSino’s banal fell by a cumulative 2% successful nan 4 trading days aft its profit warning’s release. At its latest adjacent of HK$56.50, nan banal is simply a mini fraction of its highest of HK$450 successful 2021. The Capital Group Cos., JPMorgan and different organization investors person each fixed nan company’s banal “underweight” ratings for nan past twelvemonth aliases more, showing nary 1 expects large things from CanSino anytime soon.

In valuation terms, CanSino’s latest price-to-sales (P/S) ratio was astir 7.8 times, successful nan mediate of nan battalion among peers that see Kangtai Biological astatine 11.2 times, and Chongqing Zhifei Biological (300122.SZ) astatine 3.9 times. Kangtai Biological’s premium owes to beardown capacity for its hepatitis-B and streptococcus pneumonia vaccines, whose gross grew 86% past year.

But world nickname for immoderate of its products shows we shouldn’t constitute disconnected CanSino conscionable yet. Convidecia, for example, is 1 of nan 3 Chinese-made Covid vaccines approver by World Health Organization (WHO) for emergency use. And nan institution has accumulated valuable overseas acquisition while trading its Covid vaccines to overseas countries.

To boost its floor plan overseas, CanSino suggested successful January that it mightiness see issuing Global depository receipts (GDRs) successful Switzerland, pursuing a caller inclination by globally-minded Chinese companies. That could service nan institution good if it tin backmost up specified moves by building a full-fledged world income squad to peddle its products successful different processing markets for illustration Southeast Asia.

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