Businesses can now hire project managers through Fiverr

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Fiverr, nan online gig marketplace for conscionable astir anything, coming launched a achromatic mitt work for big-budget buyers. Called Project Partner, nan work pairs customers pinch a task leader who manages their task end-to-end. (I struggled mightily, beloved readers, to find a synonym for “project” here, but couldn’t. Please forgive me.)

Shai-Lee Spigelman, nan wide head of Fiverr Business, Fiverr’s premium offering that caters to medium- and larger-sized businesses, said that Fiverr wanted to create an action for nan increasing number of hiring managers coming to Fiverr Business. It’s an outgrowth of Fiverr’s Stoke Talent acquisition successful 2021, which added freelance guidance devices for labor to Fiverr’s platform.

“Our Project Partners are experts successful their fields, pinch years of acquisition successful task management,” Spigelman said. “With a tight labour marketplace and still immoderate recessionary predictions successful nan air, galore customers are turning much and much to freelancers to capable skills gaps, aliases adhd capacity to their teams. Options for illustration Project Partner tin thief streamline this process.”

Project managers so often look an uphill battle. According to a 2020 study from nan Project Management Institute, only 46% of organizations make task guidance a apical taste priority. Across each organizations, 11.4% of each resources are wasted owed to inferior task guidance processes, nan aforesaid study found.

“Medium-to-large businesses that are outsourcing projects whitethorn besides want to outsource guidance of those projects,” Spigelman said. “Our task partners are present to thief correct from nan commencement to [help] complete those projects.”

Project Partner is disposable to immoderate Fiverr Business customer pinch a fund of astatine slightest $3,000, though Fiverr says that minimum whitethorn summation successful nan future. During a free consultation, nan task partner learns nan needs of nan project, helps successful scoping it and determines which Fiverr freelancers would champion beryllium suited to complete it. The task partner past manages those freelancers to guarantee nan task is completed connected clip and connected budget.

Each Project Partner interest is one-time only and project-based: 12% of nan full task scope. For example, if a finalized task fund is $5,000, nan task partner’s work interest would beryllium 12% of that fund — $600. In different words, nan task head would person $4,400 from their fund to usage for nan task and would person nan remaining $600 for their work fee.

How’s that comparison successful position of nan manufacture mean salary for task managers? On Upwork, task head services scope from $19 per hr to $45 per hour. Assuming an eight-hour workday, it’d only return astir 4 days to rustle past Fiverr’s work interest — not factoring successful Upwork’s cut, of course.

But Spigelman believes nan interest to beryllium competitory — and points to an early occurrence communicative arsenic supporting evidence. Similarweb utilized Fiverr’s freelancers to create video assets to complement their blog posts and — ideally — to thrust much traffic. In a statement, Similarweb elder imaginative head Robin Morley said: “Having a task partner coordinate and negociate nan full process made nan commissioning and accumulation process highly straightforward.”

Take that pinch a atom of brackish — it’s conscionable 1 perspective. Still, it’s praise from a sanction brand, and I suppose that counts for something.

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