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NASA’s Boeing Starliner Crew Flight Test astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams giving an question and reply connected committee The International Space Station connected Wednesday July 10.NASA’s Boeing Starliner Crew Flight Test astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams givie an question and reply connected committee The International Space Station connected Wednesday, July 10. NASA TV

Two NASA astronauts will stay connected The International Space Station (ISS) for astatine slightest respective much weeks, arsenic testing continues connected The troubled Boeing Starliner that carried them to The position connected its first crewed trial flight. Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams are safe connected The position and, NASA insists, not stranded, but they will not yet beryllium returning location owed to thruster issues pinch their spacecraft.

In a press convention today from The station, Wilmore was peculiarly enthusiastic astir The handling of The spacecraft pursuing launch. “The spacecraft performed unbelievably well,” he said.

As portion of The astronauts’ information of The spacecraft, they springiness a people from 1 to 10 connected a standard called The Cooper–Harper standing scale, pinch 1 being The champion possible. “I’ve ne'er fixed a 1 in each my formation trial years connected a Cooper-Harper standing standard for handling qualities, but I was tempted,” he said.

After The first day, though, location were problems pinch The Starliner’s thrusters, which caused handling issues. Even pinch these issues, though, Wilmore said that The docking of The spacecraft pinch The ISS was still highly precise.

Williams gave specifications astir what The brace person been up to during their clip connected The ISS, including checking complete The Starliner and testing that it would clasp 4 group comfortably. They person besides been moving pinch different members of The existent ISS unit connected attraction tasks connected The station, for illustration replacing pumps and moving connected subject research.

Regarding The issues pinch Starliner, Williams was relaxed, saying, “This is simply a trial flight, truthful we were expecting to find immoderate things, and truthful we are uncovering worldly and we are correcting it.”

In a later property update, NASA and Boeing representatives discussed The issues further. “We’re taking our clip connected The crushed to spell done each The information that we person earlier we determine connected The return opportunity. We’re taking clip to build assurance in The spacecraft, to understand The thruster performance,” said Steve Stich, head of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, who elaborate immoderate of The testing being done regarding The thruster issues. “What we’re doing is not different for a caller spacecraft.” He besides emphasized that in an emergency, William and Wilmore could usage The Starliner to return to Earth.

NASA still has not fixed a day for The planned return of The Starliner to Earth, though The departure of The existent ISS Crew-8 and The presence of Crew-9, some scheduled for mid-August, will beryllium a scheduling concern. There is simply a anticipation that The Starliner whitethorn return to Earth astatine The extremity of July, but this isn’t yet known for sure.

The astir pressing rumor for The Starliner in position of clip spent in orbit is its batteries, which were primitively expected to beryllium utilized for 45 days only. Currently The Starliner is astatine 35 days in space, but Stich said that The batteries are patient and not showing immoderate capacity issues, truthful that clip could perchance beryllium extended.

In The meantime, The astronauts will stay connected The position and are sanguine astir The situation. “This is The world of test,” Wilmore said. “There person been aggregate issues pinch each spacecraft that has ever been designed, and that’s The quality of what we do.”

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