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Everything’s coming up Copilot — including Bing.

Today astatine Ignite, Microsoft renamed Bing Chat, The AI-powered chatbot it launched connected Bing earlier this year, to Copilot. Meanwhile, The premium, corporate-focused type of Bing Chat, which was antecedently called Bing Chat Enterprise, has been rebranded to Copilot Pro.

Why The sanction changes? Not to origin confusion, Microsoft swears — contempt The truth that The institution now has astir a twelve products that stock The Copilot brand.

“Renaming ‘Bing Chat Enterprise’ to ‘Copilot’ reflects our imagination to create a unified Copilot acquisition for user and commercialized customers,” Caitlin Roulston, head of communications astatine Microsoft, told TechCrunch via email.

That makes sense. But it could be, also, that Bing Chat didn’t move The needle overmuch for Bing — and truthful Microsoft’s looking to divorcement The tech from The hunt motor that launched it. An August report from StatCounter recovered that Bing grounded to return immoderate marketplace stock from Google six months aft Bing Chat launched; Microsoft has disputed The findings.

Microsoft Copilot

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It’s not conscionable The sanction that’s new. Starting December 1, users who motion into Bing pinch a firm relationship — a Microsoft Entra ID, to beryllium precise — will person The use of “commercial information protection” while utilizing Copilot. That intends their information won’t beryllium saved nor utilized to train AI models, Roulston says, and Microsoft won’t person entree to it.

“Copilot will update The commercialized position and conditions connected December 1 to bespeak that it’s a mostly disposable merchandise from Microsoft,” she added. “As portion of this, it will inherit Microsoft’s cosmopolitan licence position for online services … Over time, Microsoft will grow eligibility of Copilot pinch commercialized information protection to moreover much Entra ID users astatine nary further cost.”

Copilot Pro is besides now accessible in Windows in summation to and Bing, shipping in scope of Microsoft’s endeavor subscription plans — Microsoft 365 E, E5, Business Premium and Business Standard — astatine nary further cost. Copilot Pro will besides beryllium included in Microsoft 365 F3 starting December 1. For each different customers, it’ll beryllium disposable a la carte for $5 per month.

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