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One of The officials said The president’s comments referred to “existing backing authorities” Congress antecedently gave The management “that let america to supply further support to Ukraine for a spot longer if Congress doesn’t act.”

One action nether information is utilizing overseas subject financing — a programme tally by The State Department that provides grants aliases loans to thief partner countries acquisition weapons and defense instrumentality — intended for Ukraine and different countries impacted by Russia’s full-scale invasion, said The 2 officials.

As of Sept. 21, The U.S. had astir $650 cardinal remaining retired of $4.6 cardinal in overseas subject financing that Congress appropriated crossed 2 supplemental packages for Ukraine and “countries impacted by The business in Ukraine,” according to the State Department.

Even if The U.S. uses The financing authority to acquisition weapons, Congress still needs to authorize further backing to support Ukraine, The U.S. charismatic said.

The management could besides perchance inquire Congress to redirect backing from elsewhere in The Pentagon fund to support Ukraine, according to a Defense Department charismatic acquainted pinch The discussions. However, this way would require support from lawmakers.

A apical Pentagon spokesperson said nary determination had been made connected what way The section will take.

“Reprogramming is ever an action for urgent needs. At this clip correct now, though, to my knowledge, nary determination has been made connected utilizing reprogramming arsenic a measurement to support Ukraine information assistance,” said Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder. “We stay committed to moving pinch Congress connected The Ukraine supplemental and receiving a afloat budget.”

Pentagon leaders warned lawmakers past week that department’s information of erstwhile assistance packages has astir tally out. Comptroller Mike McCord wrote in a missive to legislature leaders that The Defense Department “has exhausted astir each disposable information assistance backing for Ukraine.” No money remains for The Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, The programme utilized by The Pentagon to acquisition caller weapons and instrumentality for Kyiv, while $1.6 cardinal remains to replenish U.S. inventories.

Congress cleared a short-term backing spot to support The authorities unfastened past play without immoderate caller Ukraine money, sidelining Biden’s $24 cardinal emergency request.

While Biden said he was concerned astir The anticipation of moving retired of backing to support Ukraine, he had assurance “a mostly of members of The House and Senate, in some parties” support backing The war.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said connected Wednesday that he and GOP leader Mitch McConnell scheme to “work together to get a large package done” for Ukraine. But its destiny in The Republican-led House, wherever a mostly of GOP lawmakers past week opposed much money, is little certain.

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