Better High-Yield Midstream Buy: Enbridge Or ONEOK?

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Both Enbridge (NYSE:ENB) and ONEOK (NYSE:OKE) are high-yield finance people midstream businesses.

OKE has importantly outperformed ENB complete nan clip play that some person been publically traded:

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That said, ENB has grown its dividend for 28 consecutive years, while OKE has precocious paused its dividend maturation arsenic it has needed to prioritize maturation investments and deleveraging its equilibrium sheet.

In this article, we will comparison them broadside by broadside and connection our return connected which 1 is simply a amended bargain correct now.

Enbridge Vs. ONEOK: Business Model

ENB boasts a ample and diversified plus portfolio that provides nan institution pinch respective advantages, including economies of scale, protection against individual asset, commodity, aliases geographic attraction risk, a scope of maturation finance opportunities, and a captious domiciled successful North America's power worth chain.

The company's assets springiness ENB ownership of nan second-longest earthy state transmission pipeline web successful nan U.S. arsenic good arsenic North America's largest earthy state distribution business and longest crude lipid pipeline network. Additionally, ENB is expanding its renewable powerfulness business successful bid to accommodate to nan Canadian government's biology mandates, providing it pinch different avenue for semipermanent growth.

ENB has an exceptionally unchangeable rate travel profile, pinch 98% of its rate travel linked to contracts that are not affected by commodity value fluctuations, and 95% of its rate travel supported by investment-grade counterparties.

Meanwhile, OKE's attraction is connected earthy state and NGL assets, from which it generates 100% of its EBITDA.

Given its accent connected cleaner hydrocarbon power commodities, OKE is well-positioned to use from nan existent roar successful request for these power commodities arsenic nan world system transitions towards cleaner power sources.

Furthermore, OKE's rate travel floor plan is highly unchangeable pinch nary unhedged commodity value exposure, resulting successful rate travel procreation that is comparable to that of a utility. The institution has consistently seen maturation successful its distributable rate travel per share, pinch nan objection of a 10.1% diminution during nan COVID-19 power marketplace clang successful 2020. This is owed to nan truth that astir 90% of its rate flows originate from fixed-fee take-or-pay contracts that are resistant to commodity value and/or measurement fluctuations, pinch 85% of its counterparties holding investment-grade ratings.

Enbridge Vs. ONEOK: Balance Sheet

ENB has a very beardown equilibrium expanse arsenic evidenced by its BBB+ in installments rating. The truth that 90% of its indebtedness has fixed liking rates and does not mature until nan 2030s, 2040s, 2050s, 2060s, and moreover 2080s illustrates conscionable really beardown ENB's financial position is. ENB besides has a leverage ratio of 4.7x, which falls successful nan little half of its target debt/EBITDA scope (4.5x - 5.0x). When mixed pinch its very unchangeable rate travel image and important plus diversification, ENB has small to nary consequence of financial distress for nan foreseeable future.

OKE's in installments standing is almost arsenic beardown arsenic ENB's astatine BBB pinch plentifulness of liquidity. Meanwhile, its beardown maturation alongside guidance efforts to deleverage are bringing down its leverage ratio rather rapidly. As of nan extremity of Q3 2022, leverage stood astatine 3.8x and it is connected way to autumn to 3.2x by nan extremity of 2023 and 3.0x successful 2024. When mixed pinch its high-quality plus portfolio and coagulated maturation profile, OKE's financial positioning looks rather stable.

Enbridge Vs. ONEOK: Dividend Outlook

Both businesses are expected to turn their dividends astatine debased to mid-single digit rates moving guardant and bask very beardown sum ratios connected a DCF basis. Furthermore, their finance people equilibrium sheets and beardown plus portfolios and rate travel maturation profiles bespeak that their dividends should beryllium safe for galore years to come. Analysts task that OKE will turn its dividend astatine a 2.1% CAGR done 2026 while its DCF per stock is expected to turn astatine a 6.3% CAGR complete nan aforesaid period. ENB is forecasted to turn its dividend astatine a 2.0% CAGR done 2026 while its DCF per stock is expected to turn astatine a 2.2% CAGR complete nan aforesaid period.

While OKE has a stronger maturation profile, we judge that ENB will apt outperform expert projections complete this period. Management itself expects to turn its DCF per stock astatine a ~5% mean annualized complaint successful nan near-term.

Enbridge Vs. ONEOK: Catalysts And Risks

Both companies person a low-risk floor plan successful dealing pinch imaginable challenges facing nan power industry, and we do not expect immoderate important risks successful nan adjacent to mean term.

If nan power assemblage experiences important maturation complete nan agelong term, some companies will apt use from higher statement fees and an summation successful integrated maturation opportunities. Additionally, some companies whitethorn prosecute maturation done strategical acquisitions.

Alternatively, if nan power modulation occurs much quickly than expected (which we doubt), some companies whitethorn look reduced statement fees and excess capacity successful their networks, pinch constricted opportunities for maturation investment.

Enbridge Vs. ONEOK: Valuation

Based connected nan information below, we spot that OKE is cheaper comparative to ENB connected some a comparative and humanities ground based disconnected of EV/EBITDA. That said, ENB is intelligibly cheaper than OKE connected a P/DCF and dividend output basis.

Metric ENB OKE
EV/EBITDA 12.14x 10.91x
EV/EBITDA (5-Yr Avg) 12.56x 12.21x
P/2023E DCF 9.50x 10.07x
Dividend Yield 6.7% 5.5%

Investor Takeaway

Both companies person low-risk profiles and awesome plus portfolios, and their charismatic income yields are expected to stay unafraid for nan foreseeable future. While ENB is successful a comparatively stronger financial position, OKE has a little valuation. We see their plus portfolios to beryllium of akin spot pinch unchangeable rate travel profiles.

ENB has nan stronger way grounds successful position of its dividend growth, while OKE's full return way grounds is superior, and it besides has a somewhat amended guardant maturation outlook. As a result, investors tin take betwixt somewhat higher wide value successful ENB aliases somewhat little valuation successful OKE...or they tin take both.

An important last information is that ENB is based successful Canada (so is taxable to taxation withholding connected dividends), whereas OKE is based successful nan United States. Investors should support nan taxation and rate speech implications successful mind erstwhile deciding which finance makes nan astir consciousness for them.

Based connected our midstream portfolio astatine High Yield Investor, we do not see either of them to beryllium nan champion finance options for america currently. However, we still complaint ENB and OKE arsenic Buys astatine nan infinitesimal and deliberation it makes consciousness to clasp some successful a well-diversified low-risk dividend focused portfolio.

Editor's Note: This article discusses 1 aliases much securities that do not waste and acquisition connected a awesome U.S. exchange. Please beryllium alert of nan risks associated pinch these stocks.

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