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The first week of The playoffs was daunting, humbling and mentally exhausting. But we purpose to study from our mistakes, study The errors and beryllium stronger this weekend.

The 3 of america in this all-in-fun Bay Area News Group precocious schoolhouse shot picks title went a mixed 21-27 past week, mostly because of The Central Coast Section’s competitive-based brackets.

I led The measurement astatine 8-8. Joseph Dycus was 7-9. Mike Lefkow went 6-10.

Nearly each our losses were in The CCS because The conception does not usage enrollment to abstracted teams into its 5 eight-team divisions.

It’s each strength-based.

As a result, we saw eighth-seeded Christopher hit top-seeded Archbishop Mitty in Division II, seventh-seeded Wilcox stun second-seeded St. Francis in Open/Division I and seventh-seeded Alisal upset No. 2 seed Capuchino in Division III.

The North Coast Section blends enrollment and competitory equity to abstracted teams, choosing its playoff divisions during The off-season. Playoff results complete The erstwhile 3 seasons find whether a squad moves up aliases down aliases stays put.

For what we do here, The NCS’s strategy makes it easier to predict.

But aren’t playoff games amended erstwhile they’re unpredictable?

“No strategy is flawless,” Lefkow said connected this week’s video show. “But I deliberation The CCS has closed The spread a small spot much than NCS. I dream that North Coast Section yet does thing akin to CCS. It makes for a amended playoff. You don’t person these 48-0 games and you person upsets.”

If’s machine is connected point, we won’t person galore blowouts among The 15 games we picked this weekend. Only 2 of The games — Serra complete Wilcox and Acalanes complete Vallejo — are projected to person astatine slightest a 30-point separator of victory.

Check retired The video for each of The picks, study and overmuch more.

We talk The rematches betwixt San Ramon Valley and De La Salle and California and Pittsburg. We reside really Wilcox mightiness attack The Serra game. We besides rehash The play from past weekend, including The epic SRV-Campolindo overtime game.

If you want conscionable The predictions, support scrolling.

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Enjoy The video.


Central Coast Section

Open/Division I

Open title game

No. 7 Wilcox (9-3) vs. No. 1 Serra (11-0) astatine San Jose City College, Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Serra

Dycus: Serra

Lefkow: Serra

Division I semifinal

No. 4 Los Gatos (9-2) astatine No. 3 St. Ignatius (7-4), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Los Gatos

Dycus: Los Gatos

Lefkow: Los Gatos

Division II


No. 8 Christopher (10-1) astatine No. 5 Menlo School (10-1), Saturday, 1 p.m.

Sabedra: Christopher

Dycus: Menlo School

Lefkow: Menlo School

Division III


No. 4 Palma (4-7) astatine No. 1 Menlo-Atherton (5-6), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Palma

Dycus: Palma

Lefkow: Palma

Division IV


No. 3 Branham (9-2) astatine No. 2 Mountain View (5-6), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Branham

Dycus: Mountain View

Lefkow: Mountain View

No. 5 Leigh (8-3) astatine No. 1 Palo Alto (6-5), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Palo Alto

Dycus: Palo Alto

Lefkow: Palo Alto

Division V


No. 7 Leland (4-7) astatine No. 3 South San Francisco (10-1), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: SSF

Dycus: SSF

Lefkow: SSF

No. 4 Santa Teresa (5-6) astatine No. 1 Woodside (7-4), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Woodside

Dycus: Santa Teresa

Lefkow: Woodside

North Coast Section

Open/Division I

Open title game

No. 2 San Ramon Valley (10-1) vs. No. 1 De La Salle (9-2) astatine Dublin HS, Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: De La Salle

Dycus: San Ramon Valley

Lefkow: De La Salle

Division I semifinal

No. 5 California (7-4) astatine No. 3 Pittsburg (11-0), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Pittsburg

Dycus: California

Lefkow: Pittsburg

Division II


No. 5 Heritage (5-6) astatine No. 1 El Cerrito (9-1), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: El Cerrito

Dycus: El Cerrito

Lefkow: El Cerrito

Division III


No. 3 Cardinal Newman (10-1) astatine No. 2 Las Lomas (10-1), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Las Lomas

Dycus: Las Lomas

Lefkow: Cardinal Newman

Division IV


No. 3 Vallejo (8-3) astatine No. 2 Acalanes (7-4), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Acalanes

Dycus: Acalanes

Lefkow: Acalanes

Division V


No. 4 Alhambra (8-3) astatine No. 1 Miramonte (7-3), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Miramonte

Dycus: Miramonte

Lefkow: Miramonte

Division VI


No. 3 Salesian (9-2) astatine No. 2 Moreau Catholic (6-5), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Moreau Catholic

Dycus: Salesian

Lefkow: Salesian



Open/Division I

No. 7 Wilcox 52,  No. 2 St. Francis 28

Sabedra: St. Francis (L)

Dycus: St. Francis (L)

Lefkow: St. Francis (L)

No. 3 St. Ignatius 21, No. 6 Valley Christian 17

Sabedra: Valley Christian (L)

Dycus: Valley Christian (L)

Lefkow: Valley Christian (L)

No. 4 Los Gatos 28, No. 5 Archbishop Riordan 14

Sabedra: Los Gatos (W)

Dycus: Los Gatos (W)

Lefkow: Los Gatos (W)

Division II

No. 5 Menlo School 30, No. 4 Live Oak 28

Sabedra: Menlo School (W)

Dycus: Live Oak (L)

Lefkow: Live Oak (L)

No. 8 Christopher 32, No. 1 Archbishop Mitty 28

Sabedra: Archbishop Mitty (L)

Dycus: Archbishop Mitty (L)

Lefkow: Archbishop Mitty (L)

Division III

No. 6 Scotts Valley 33, No. 3 Aragon 21

Sabedra: Aragon (L)

Dycus: Aragon (L)

Lefkow: Aragon (L)

No. 7 Alisal 20, No. 2 Capuchino 17

Sabedra: Capuchino (L)

Dycus: Capuchino (L)

Lefkow: Capuchino (L)

Division IV

No. 5 Leigh 21,  No. 4 North Salinas 20

Sabedra: North Salinas (L)

Dycus: Leigh (W)

Lefkow: North Salinas (L)

Division V

No. 4 Santa Teresa 37, No. 5 Los Altos 15

Sabedra: Los Altos (L)

Dycus: Santa Teresa (W)

Lefkow: Los Altos (L)


Open/Division I

No. 2 San Ramon Valley 38, No. 7 Campolindo 31, OT

Sabedra: San Ramon Valley (W)

Dycus: San Ramon Valley (W)

Lefkow: San Ramon Valley (W)

No. 5 California 31, No. 4 Clayton Valley 24

Sabedra: California (W)

Dycus: California (W)

Lefkow: Clayton Valley (L)

Division II

No. 5 Heritage 35, No. 4 Redwood 8

Sabedra: Redwood (L)

Dycus: Redwood (L)

Lefkow: Redwood (L)

No. 6 Rancho Cotate 40, No. 3 Granada 18

Sabedra: Rancho Cotate (W)

Dycus: Rancho Cotate (W)

Lefkow: Rancho Cotate (W)

Division III

No. 2 Las Lomas 17, No. 7 Ukiah 7

Sabedra: Las Lomas (W)

Dycus: Las Lomas (W)

Lefkow: Las Lomas (W)

Division V

No. 4 Alhambra 49, No. 5 Piedmont 14

Sabedra: Alhambra (W)

Dycus: Piedmont (L)

Lefkow: Alhambra (W)

Division VI

No. 3 Salesian 21, No. 6 St. Mary’s-Berkeley 13

Sabedra: Salesian (W)

Dycus: St. Mary’s-Berkeley (L)

Lefkow: Salesian (W)


Sabedra: 8-8

Dycus: 7-9

Lefkow: 6-10


Sabedra: 129-62

Lefkow: 119-72

Dycus: 110-81

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