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Workers astatine America’s largest concatenation of bookstores are gearing up for a nationwide national thrust aft six Barnes & Noble outlets voted to shape complete The past year.

“Many more” stores will unionize, according to booksellers demanding amended salary and conditions.

At locations that already have, labor impeach The chain’s guidance of dragging their heels during statement negotiations. James Daunt, The CEO, is said to person embarked upon a months-long run to dissuade labor from voting in favor.

“He would travel in and fundamentally effort to talk america retired of unionizing,” said Jessica Sepple, a bookseller for much than 2 years astatine Barnes & Noble’s flagship New York City shop in Union Square. “The large statement against america unionizing was it would make his life harder, which he would repetition respective times. It wasn’t very successful.”

The shop voted 76-2 in favour of unionizing past summer, becoming 1 of 3 in New York City to subordinate The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union. Another followed in Bloomington, Illinois, while 2 others – in San Jose, California, and Hadley, Massachusetts – joined different unions.

In a statement, Daunt disputed claims of delays astatine The negotiating table. He claimed he was in statement pinch workers connected “the fundamentals” of their demands – but warned of “potential upsides and downsides” to a union.

Barnes & Noble has immoderate 600 stores crossed The US, and Daunt – who became CEO in 2019 – has worked to move astir The business, which had spent years in decline. It is owned by The finance elephantine Elliott Management, which besides owns Britain’s Waterstones, which is besides tally by Daunt.

“Our intent for unionizing is to get immoderate nickname for The dignity of workers,” said Sepple. “And having sat astatine The array and presently in negotiations pinch Barnes & Noble, it is disappointing that Barnes & Noble has not treated this arsenic if that dignity is deserved.”

Workers astatine The Union Square tract person knowledgeable respective issues for years, she claimed, including lagging wages, information concerns pinch ladders and book storage, fierce customers, and being fixed much duties than a occupation initially entailed.

“If you’re bully astatine your job, you’re conscionable going to get much work,” added Sepple. “It takes a batch of knowledge, investigation and a emotion of reference and books to make it happen, and oftentimes I’ve recovered The institution tends to seashore connected that.”

At different New York store, in Brooklyn’s Park Slope, workers won a national predetermination in July 2023.

An older achromatic man wearing a suit and necktie leans 1 elbow connected a bookshelf, holding a book coiled to his thorax pinch The different hand.
James Daunt. Photograph: José A Alvarado Jr/The Guardian

Sydul Akhanji, a bookseller of 2 years astatine The store, wants to activity astatine Barnes & Noble for The agelong term, but says that debased salary serves arsenic a deterrent. If The institution wants to build itself astir knowledgeable booksellers, its workers request to beryllium capable to spend rent and food, he said.

Daunt tried to deter workers in Park Slope from unionizing, according to Akhanji, who claimed The chain’s CEO “just went connected and connected astir really it’d beryllium difficult and make each his plans complicated, if we unionized, and really he has a imagination for us, truthful please, conscionable don’t unionize correct now”.

Workers opportunity statement negotiations person been slowed by Barnes & Noble insisting that demands and asks beryllium referred to institution lawyers, who person not been astatine The table. They person besides been disappointment by guidance negotiating separately pinch individual New York stores.

On Manhattan’s Upper West Side, workers astatine Barnes & Noble backed unionizing earlier this month. “We unrecorded in The astir costly metropolis in The country,” Esther Rosenfield, a barista astatine The store, said. “And our starting costs until very precocious was minimum wage, and it’s conscionable not sustainable.”

Shortly aft her shop revenge for a national election, Rosenfield said, labor location and astatine different locations received a $2-an-hour marketplace complaint adjustment: “We were told fundamentally that this had thing to do pinch The union. But I deliberation group Can tie their ain conclusions based connected conscionable The proximity to erstwhile it happened.”

It comes amid tentative signs of a nationwide movement. Workers in Bloomington, Illinois, heard astir The national votes in New York past summer, and held their ain – and unanimously voted to unionize – in November.

“James Daunt did a convention telephone to The shop himself saying a ballot for The national is simply a ballot against him,” claimed a elder bookseller, Zane Crockett. “The issues we’re facing are companywide. We’re each facing The aforesaid issues. If 1 mini shop in The midwest Can unionize, past anyone can..”

Barnes & Noble workers in Bloomington had complained astir issues including “skeleton crews”, only to brushwood “pretty overmuch crickets”, according to Crockett. When they declared their intent to unionize, he said, executives started visiting The shop and asking what they could do amended conditions. “The infinitesimal we voted,” he said, “that wholly stopped.”

Contacted for comment, Daunt claimed he had only pointed retired imaginable downsides of unionizing to workers in municipality halls, and disputed criticisms from workers astir delays in statement negotiations – characterizing specified disapproval arsenic grounds of downsides to unions.

“My statement to The booksellers has been very simple: we person nary disagreement pinch The fundamentals of what is being asked for, and so person pivoted The institution precisely to execute them,” he wrote. “Only a successful business, aft all, Can present The investments basal to amended salary and The beingness information of our stores.

“In this endeavor, I spot some imaginable upsides and downsides to The summation of a union. The astir evident imaginable upside is to person a clearer articulation of bookseller aspirations. Equally, location are imaginable downsides, notably if it causes unnecessary confrontation betwixt ‘management’ and ‘workers’ and The truth that low-paid booksellers will person to salary important dues to The union, each different things being adjacent reducing their pay.”

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