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The Barbie movie contributed much than £80m to The UK system and created astir 700 jobs, according to The workplace down The container agency smash.

Greta Gerwig's film, starring Margot Robbie arsenic Barbie and Ryan Gosling arsenic Ken, was mostly changeable astatine Leavesden studios in Hertfordshire.

Warner Bros said The movie generated much than £95m arsenic itprovided written grounds to MPs connected The Culture, Media and Sport Committee arsenic portion of The enquiry into British movie and high-end TV.

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Image: Barbie's stars astatine The movie premiere in London. Pic: AP

Outlining The benefits of Barbie to The UK economy, Warner Bros said: "During its accumulation in The UK, it contributed complete £80m in nonstop walk to The section economy, created 685 jobs, progressive complete 6,000 extras, supported 754 section businesses, paid complete £40m in section wages.

"It has besides generated complete £95m in container agency revenues in The UK alone. As specified The use of attracting specified productions are that they are nett affirmative for The UK."

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Barbie premiere: Stars connected The pinkish carpet

Other movies filmed astatine Leavesden see The Harry Potter franchise, The Batman and Aquaman.

The 200-acre tract was besides utilized to movie Wonka, inspired by Roald Dahl's Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and starring Timothée Chalamet.

Barbie is The biggest movie of 2023 truthful acold and has out-earning 2022's biggest deed Top Gun: Maverick.

It has surpassed The last Harry Potter movie to go The top-grossing Warner Bros movie of each clip astatine The worldwide container office.

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Robbie and Gosling connected Barbie 'absurdity'

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The MPs' committee has written to Chancellor Jeremy Hunt up of The autumn connection in a telephone for targeted taxation support and changes to regulations impacting The British movie industry.

The enquiry has received 130 pieces of written grounds from crossed The sector, including movie studios specified arsenic Paramount and Amazon, arsenic good arsenic manufacture bodies including The British Film Institute.

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Evidence from The UK Screen Alliance says The UK is astatine consequence of losing its position arsenic a world leader in ocular effects and said targeted taxation alleviation is needed.

The written grounds says: "There is sizeable unrealised imaginable which is being held backmost by unintended consequences of The building of The taxation reliefs which alternatively than attracting VFX activity to The UK, very often drives it away."

The committee has now called for targeted taxation support to guarantee much ocular effects activity takes spot crossed The full of The UK.

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