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Astro Bot wears a canine backpack.Sony Interactive Entertainment

PlayStation’s upcoming exclusive Astro Bot will not person PlayStation VR2 support, Nicolas Doucet, Team Asobi workplace head, confirms to . Doucet says that The squad is “100% TV” and notes that The summation of a VR mode down The statement is unlikely.

The Astro Bot bid first made a sanction for itself acknowledgment to PlayStation VR. Team Asobi’s Astro Bot: Rescue Mission was hailed arsenic 1 of The VR platform’s champion games erstwhile it launched in 2018, leaving fans funny to spot if The workplace would create a crippled for Sony’s newest headset, The PlayStation VR2. In an question and reply pinch astatine Summer Game Fest, Doucet confirmed that VR isn’t in The cards for its caller crippled for logistical reasons.

“We’re focusing 100% connected PS5,” Doucet tells . “Rescue Mission was awesome nosy to make. Every mean has its beardown points. In The lawsuit of a third-person game, whether you activity connected TV aliases VR is radically different. This thought that we could adhd a VR mode is not applicable to this benignant of game. It’s applicable to immoderate first-person games for illustration racing, but not for this benignant of game. So our prime was to spell 100% for TV to really person arsenic galore group arsenic imaginable playing this game.”

That confirmation is different nonaccomplishment for PSVR2, which has struggled to present first-party games since its launch. Aside from motorboat crippled Horizon: Call of The Mountain and a VR mode for Gran Turismo 7, support from first-party Sony studios has been each but nonexistent connected The platform. A caller Astro Bot crippled felt for illustration The platform’s champion dream for a slayer app, but that won’t beryllium The case.

Astro Bot launches connected September 6 for PS5.

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Hey PlayStation, I’ll return much games for illustration Astro Bot, please

A robot flies connected a controller in Astro Bot.

Sony kicked disconnected a marathon of gaming reveals this week pinch an breathtaking State of Play stream. The 30-minute broadcast shed immoderate ray connected what's coming to The PlayStation 5 in The backmost half of 2024 and beyond. We saw an extended look astatine Concord, sewage a merchandise day for Bloober Team's Silent Hill 2 remake, and learned much astir Supermassive's Until Dawn remake. But The astir breathtaking announcement of The show wasn't a live-service shooter aliases a crippled pushing photorealistic visuals. It was a tiny small robot who stole The show.

Astro Bot sewage The last slot during The State of Play watercourse -- and for bully reason. Sony revealed a delightful trailer for its upcoming platformer that had societal media buzzing. Even this morning, you'll find "GOTY" (game of The year) trending connected X (formerly Twitter) and posts preemptively crowning Astro Bot as 2024's champion game.

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Astro Bot is already looking for illustration a PS5 classical in delightful first trailer

Astro Bot and its PlayStation characteristic cameos, which see Aloy and Nathan Drake connected The right.

During Sony's May 2024 State of Play presentation, Sony revealed a caller Astro Bot crippled -- simply titled Astro Bot. It's The 3rd crippled in The platformer series, and it's owed retired for PlayStation 5 connected September 6.

The game's uncover trailer shows our leader Astro waking up in a godforsaken by a fox-shaped robot. He past flies disconnected connected a vessel shaped for illustration a DualSense controller. The trailer shows Astro visiting respective divers biomes, including arctic areas, beaches, and moreover precocious up in The clouds. Several PlayStation cameos are in The trailer arsenic well, including Parappa The Rappa, Kratos from God of War Ragnarok, and Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West.

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Silent Hill 2’s long-awaited remake will get conscionable in clip for Halloween

The Silent Hill station agency shrouded in fog.

The Silent Hill 2 remake from Bloober Team sewage 2 caller gameplay trailers and a merchandise day announcement astatine PlayStation's State of Play position and a Silent Hill Transmission watercourse straight after. Fans will beryllium capable to return to The municipality of Silent Hill connected October 8 connected some PS5 and PC.

The first caller trailer highlighted a operation of gameplay and cinematics from The game, chiefly focusing connected James and Angela. This was The first existent look astatine The caller actors and cinematic guidance for The game, while gameplay sections were still highly edited. The trailer did show disconnected galore of The game's iconic monsters, including nurses and armless figures, arsenic good arsenic a fewer of The notable locations, specified arsenic The infirmary and prison.

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