Artko Capital - Shyft Group: Disappointing But Still One Of Our Most Impressive Fundamental Stories

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The pursuing conception was excerpted from this money letter.

Shyft Group (NASDAQ:SHYF)

Shyft Group was down 50% successful 2022, up 30% successful 2023, and down 30% since year-end 2021. Our finance successful Shyft Group (formerly Spartan Motors) while disappointing connected nan banal performance successful 2022, is still 1 of our astir awesome basal stories that we’ve invested in.

Despite nan gloom and punishment of nan ne'er arriving recession, nan institution grew its revenues by 14% to complete $1 cardinal for nan trailing 12 months that ended September 30th, 2022 arsenic good arsenic its past reported backlog to ~$1.1b, a 23% maturation rate. These are awesome numbers for sure, however, for 2022 nan institution announced a $30mm Research and Development finance into nan improvement of an electrical conveyance commercialized truck, BlueArc.

This one-time finance brought down reported EBITDA numbers from $95mm successful 2021 to a apt $75mm number successful 2022 (of people connected an apples-to-apples ground it is simply a $105mm number, if those costs were to beryllium capitalized) and nan short word results-oriented marketplace was not a fan.

We are not complaining arsenic nan BlueArc motortruck is incredible. Unlike galore of its electrical conveyance start-up competitors that person small to nary acquisition successful manufacturing and conscionable person beautiful renderings to hype up their stock, Shyft Group has extended acquisition successful building and scaling prototypes having built dozens of caller models complete nan years and successful September 2022 announced a important 2,000 motortruck bid which they expect will beryllium adjacent to 3,000 by 2025.

The company’s Fleet Vehicle and Services conception whose mean motortruck assemblage bid is astir $30,000 to $40,000 per, expects that each Blue Arc motortruck will bring successful complete 4x those amounts astatine complete $150,000. In different words, they expect this to beryllium a $500mm gross contributor astatine 12% margins wrong a fewer years. While astir companies pinch specified bluster tin and should beryllium taken pinch a atom of salt, our agelong acquisition pinch Shyft Group and its guidance squad has shown them to beryllium thing but boastful and they thin to err connected nan blimpish broadside of their estimates.

We proceed to look past nan short term, particularly pinch this company, which has proven to beryllium a accordant grower done short-term economical challenges. We expect its income growth, excluding nan BlueArc segment, to inclination successful nan 15-20% scope connected nan backmost of continued request for last-mile transportation vehicles driven by maturation successful e-commerce. Including nan Blue Arc conception and further tuck-in acquisitions should lead nan Shyft Group to make complete $2 cardinal successful revenues and adjacent to $250mm successful EBITDA by 2025-2026.

We do not expect this institution to enactment nationalist everlastingly and astatine those levels is wherever we expect nan company’s awesome CEO Daryl Adams to waste nan institution astatine its humanities trading averages of 10x EBITDA aliases astir $75 per share.

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