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The pursuing conception was excerpted from this money letter. 6/26 $2.25 Warrants (NYSE:POL)

On nan 1 hand, this finance has been a disaster, of nan benignant we effort to avoid. In 2022 nan institution hasn’t been capable to publish its financial statements owed to what tin only beryllium called shenanigans by its laminitis and now erstwhile CEO, Albert Fouerti, wherever he charged nan institution complete $800,000 successful individual expenses. In his dismissal and astatine nan conclusion of nan investigation he agreed to reimburse nan institution $3.7mm for nan expenses and nan costs of nan investigation.

Sadly, while this doesn’t look great, these are emblematic inexperienced behaviors of microcap guidance teams that frankly do not cognize really to modulation from backstage to nationalist institution executives. This is not dissimilar nan business pinch our erstwhile holding USA Technologies (USAT), now Cantaloupe (CTLP), wherever its CEO ran nan institution for illustration a individual fiefdom pinch a pliant CFO and board, which resulted successful his firing, financial connection restatements and an eventual activistic conflict resulting successful a caller guidance squad and board.

A bully business ran by inexperienced management. As a nosy reminder, nan USAT CEO Stephen Herbert, anterior to his firing, erstwhile chased your portfolio head down nan hallway of a convention to shriek astir embarrassing him connected a nationalist webcast erstwhile we asked astir an unnecessary and dilutive secondary offering.

To adhd reproach to wounded while nan institution has communicated nan investigation findings, hiring of nan caller auditor, and moreover wide strokes of its subdued financial guidance, it has refused to supply its nett rate position, resulting successful accordant worries by nan marketplace astir its indebtedness levels. For what its worth, we estimate that nan institution apt has $40mm successful rate and a $100mm word loan, aliases astir $60mm successful nett indebtedness today. Of people this number tin beryllium disconnected by $10mm to $20mm. And truthful successful 2022 nan banal dropped from astir $1.50 trading levels to a debased of $0.50, and nan warrants dropped to astir $0.10 costing america 600 to 700 ground points successful performance.

This each seems bad. And yet contempt nan disappointment, we are really a spot excited. In precocious January 2023, nan institution seems to person gotten nan connection from its (very) angry shareholders: waste nan company.

While nan shareholders approved a caller board, they refused to o.k. an summation successful issuable shares from 200mm to 250mm, wherever location are presently 105mm outstanding and 92mm warrants, which count against nan cap. The volition of nan ballot was to let nan committee to rumor much options to pull caller management, while nan shareholders sent a connection that it is clip for to extremity its short-lived tally arsenic a publically traded company. So nan institution announced that aft receiving “multiple expressions of interest” it has hired nan Jeffreys finance slope to thief negociate nan process. Positive news successful a oversea of disappointment and distrust.

Of course, everything is not arsenic easy aliases arsenic simply predictable arsenic a waste of a institution pinch unpublished financials amid an economical slowdown pinch a strained consumer. What is POL worthy today? What are our warrants worth? This is an e-commerce institution that tin make $500mm to $600mm successful gross and $30mm to $50mm successful profitability, providing its moving superior levels are nary longer underfunded. This tin consequence successful offers of $200mm to $600mm, wherever perchance up to $100mm would spell toward paying backmost nan word loan. What happens pinch nan warrants that person 3.5 years near and a $2.25 onslaught value if nan connection is beneath nan onslaught price?

These are each questions we’ve spent nan past fewer weeks trying to answer. We’ve travel distant affirmative pinch astatine slightest 1 information of nan situation: our warrant holder rights. Much for illustration our US Ecology warrants which were bought retired by Republic Management successful 2022, nan POL warrants successful immoderate basal transaction are required to beryllium converted into nan warrants for nan equity of nan caller owner. This is awesome and easy if nan acquirer is simply a nationalist institution and this is simply a strategical acquisition for personification fetching a higher price, but it is apt to beryllium a backstage equity company. In fact, we wouldn’t beryllium amazed if nan erstwhile CEO comes backmost pinch a backstage equity backing to bargain nan institution back.

This would evidently beryllium a concern. However, since nan warrants are improbable to beryllium converted into caller equity, they will person to beryllium bought out, moreover if nan last waste value is beneath workout price. The adjacent interest that comes: astatine what value? While nan company’s filings connected nan warrant supplier statement thin to beryllium poorly written astatine best, it seems apt that they would beryllium bought retired astatine “fair value” which thin to person varying ranges owed to nan volatility input into nan Black Sholes formula.

We person a beardown interest that that is nan portion wherever location whitethorn large differences betwixt nan warrant holders appraisal of adjacent worth and nan company’s acquirer. So successful nan extremity we judge that these warrants possibly worthy arsenic small arsenic $0.40, astir our caller costs mean arsenic we’ve added immoderate much recently, but up from $0.10 today, to good complete $2.00 if nan business is successful bully shape. The existent downside is of people that they enactment astatine nan $0.10 level for a agelong clip if nary woody is consummated, and we suffer a small connected liquidation, different realistic risk.

For what it is worth, we person communicated our concerns and reminded guidance of warrant holder authorities successful a backstage letter. We are mostly excited that nan extremity of this saga is adjacent and look guardant to updating you soon.

Legal Disclosure

The Partnership’s capacity is based connected operations during a play of wide marketplace maturation and bonzer marketplace volatility during portion of nan period, and is not needfully suggestive of results nan Partnership whitethorn execute successful nan future. In addition, nan results are based connected nan periods arsenic a whole, but results for individual months aliases quarters wrong each play person been much favorable aliases little favorable than nan average, arsenic nan lawsuit whitethorn be. The foregoing information person been prepared by nan General Partner and person not been compiled, reviewed aliases audited by an independent accountant and non-year extremity results are taxable to adjustment.

The results portrayed are for an investor since inception successful nan Partnership and nan results bespeak nan reinvestment of dividends and different net and nan conclusion of costs, nan guidance fees charged to nan Partnership and a pro forma simplification of nan General Partner’s typical profit allocation, if applicable. The General Partner believes that nan comparison of Partnership capacity to immoderate azygous marketplace scale is inappropriate. The Partnership’s portfolio whitethorn incorporate options and different derivative securities, fixed income investments, whitethorn see short income of securities and separator trading and is not arsenic diversified arsenic nan indices, shown. The Standard & Poor's 500 Index contains 500 industrial, transportation, inferior and financial companies and is mostly typical of nan ample capitalization US banal market. The Russell 2000 Index is comprised of nan smallest 2000 companies successful nan Russell 3000 Index and is mostly typical of nan mini capitalization U.S. banal market. The Russell Microcap Index is comprised of nan smallest 1,000 securities successful nan Russell 2000 Index positive nan adjacent 1,000 securities (traded connected nationalist exchanges). The Russell Microcap is mostly typical of nan microcap conception of nan U.S. banal market. All of nan indices are unmanaged, marketplace weighted and bespeak nan reinvestment of dividends. Due to nan differences among nan Partnership’s portfolio and nan capacity of nan equity marketplace indices shown above, however, nan General Partner cautions imaginable investors that nary specified scale is straight comparable to nan finance strategy of nan Partnership.

While nan General Partner believes that to day nan Partnership has been managed pinch an finance accuracy and methodology akin to that described successful nan Partnership’s Offering Circular and to that which will beryllium utilized to negociate nan Partnership successful nan future, early investments will beryllium made nether different economical conditions and successful different securities. Further, nan capacity discussed herein does not bespeak nan General Partner’s capacity successful each different economical cycles. It should not beryllium assumed that investors will acquisition returns successful nan future, if any, comparable to those discussed above. The accusation fixed supra is historical and should not beryllium taken arsenic immoderate denotation of early performance. It should not beryllium assumed that recommendations made successful nan early will beryllium profitable, aliases will equal, nan capacity of nan securities discussed successful this material. Upon request, nan General Partner will supply to you a database of each nan recommendations made by it wrong nan past year.

This archive is not intended arsenic and does not represent an connection to waste immoderate securities to immoderate personification aliases a inducement of immoderate personification of immoderate connection to acquisition immoderate securities. Such an connection aliases inducement tin only beryllium made by nan confidential Offering Circular of nan Partnership. This accusation omits astir of nan accusation worldly to a determination whether to put successful nan Partnership. No personification should trust connected immoderate accusation successful this document, but should trust exclusively connected nan Offering Circular successful considering whether to put successful nan Partnership.

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