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Acorn Energy (OTCQB:ACFN) – 8% of Portfolio; $0.30 costs basis/$0.32 existent price

Acorn’s value performance, down 45% successful 2022, and down different 9% successful 2023, has surely been disappointing but not retired of nan realm of normality of nan nanocap world, wherever moreover $10,000 worthy of measurement tin push nan value of this $13mm marketplace headdress institution up aliases down 15%.

2022 was a transitionary twelvemonth for nan institution whose main business is providing monitoring services for backmost up electrical generators successful nan United States. This is simply a nice, very precocious margin, recurring gross business pinch a bully $4mm guidelines astatine adjacent to 90% gross margins. The different half of nan $8mm+ rate revenues is nan waste of hardware, which results successful an summation successful nan monitoring gross base.

On nan 1 manus 2022 was a disappointing twelvemonth successful that nan sunsetting of 3G exertion by awesome telecom carriers has resulted successful debased azygous digit diminution of nan Monitoring conception revenue, which usually grows astatine adjacent to 20%, arsenic customers conscionable chose not to spell done nan hassle of installing caller hardware.

We judge that this is simply a unique, 1 time, occurrence which has passed starting successful nan 4th 4th of 2022 and pinch precocious teens maturation rates successful Hardware not abating contempt a home business slowdown we are assured that nan institution will revert backmost to its 20% maturation successful 2023 from astir 5% rate gross maturation successful 2022.

On nan different hand, 2022 saw a signing of a transformational statement pinch CPower Energy Management to usage Acorn’s Omnimetrix package successful nan customer’s backup generators arsenic a root of power by powerfulness companies successful times of highest demand. This woody should let nan customer, dealer, CPower, and Omnimetrix to stock successful some nan standby and power usage payments by nan powerfulness companies.

While this isn’t an overnight magic bullet, we judge complete clip this woody should double to triple nan Average Revenue Per Unit (ARPU) Omnimetrix receives from its 30,000+ customers from $100+ to perchance arsenic overmuch arsenic $300 and should thrust an summation successful hardware income arsenic this evidently makes owning a backup generator arsenic a lucrative proposition for immoderate early customer.

Aside from 2022, nan institution has been a accordant 20% CAGR gross grower and we believe, overmuch for illustration nan Research Solutions Platforms segment, erstwhile nan institution passes nan $10mm gross people it should beryllium connected nan radar of much managers. The Omnimetrix CPower opportunity tin thrust nan company’s Monitoring gross guidelines to $12mm and hardware to $10mm wrong 3 to 5 years wherever nan institution whitethorn beryllium capable to make complete $10mm of unchangeable increasing Free Cash Flow and person a marketplace headdress of $100mm to $200mm from $13mm today.

While nan institution has had accordant maturation and achieved profitability since we person owned it, nan banal value has been disappointing. We person engaged guidance successful superior discussions astir steps nan institution tin return to boost its banal price, including encouraging a imaginable transaction that would amended bespeak its basal value.

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