Aris Water Solutions: Good Potential, Worth Buying At A Lower Price

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Aris Water Solutions (NYSE:ARIS) is simply a h2o services institution pinch decent imaginable for worth arsenic it helps nan lipid manufacture go much environmentally sustainable. However, it has questionable metrics and a near-term bump successful the statement that would merit waiting for a bully dip to bargain nan institution in.

Company Profile

Aris Water Solutions provides water-related services for lipid companies. More specifically, they supply nan pipelines and accommodation that allows for nan processing of extracted h2o from lipid wells and nan recycling of h2o utilized successful lipid drilling. They are located specifically successful nan Permian basin, which is successful nan southeastern area of New Mexico and portion of Texas.

The company, according to their 10-K filing, came retired of what seems to beryllium a institution divided arsenic portion of their full firm restructuring. Here's a sketch they show successful their filing:

A sketch showing nan firm building they made affective

Aris Legacy Owners Corporate Structure Change (Aris Water Solutions)

It's a small blurry owed to nan debased solution successful nan filings, but nan bequest owners, which are nan owners anterior to nan divided and IPO, had their holdings divided up betwixt 2 caller firm entities, 1 a nationalist holding institution that holds nan different company, Solaris Midstream Holdings.

There is besides a sister institution called Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure (SOI) that went nationalist independently overmuch earlier successful 2017. It seems that historically Solaris itself divided its ain abstracted businesses and now what tin beryllium assumed arsenic their h2o curen conception (as successful basal words it's what it tin beryllium called) is trading arsenic a nationalist institution since 2021.

My first thoughts present are much of surprise. October 2021 was anterior to nan last rally of nan bull marketplace earlier 2022 poured acold crystal connected nan rally large time, and nan truth that arsenic of penning Aris had sustained its value really good shows that it has performed decently since its IPO.

ChartData by YCharts

This is simply a double-edged beard for investors considering that we each tin put successful Aris adjacent nan IPO value and person decent worth for it, but it's besides somewhat bad excessively because location was a deficiency of sustained value appreciation, pinch ARIS topping astatine a 60% appreciation comparative to their IPO price.

Investment Thesis

I somewhat for illustration this company. The business exemplary is alternatively absorbing and I haven't seen it overmuch connected nan market. It takes portion of nan lipid manufacture but Aris is simply a institution that helps different companies further their Environmental, Social and Governance ('ESG') goals.

I besides for illustration that their business has 2 sources of revenue, which are demonstrated successful nan sketch nan institution shares pinch investors successful their 10-K filing.

Aris's sketch of their h2o guidance cycle

Aris's Water Management Cycle (Aris Water Solutions)

The champion portion of this is that it looks to beryllium a complete rhythm that repeats itself, arsenic nan recycled h2o tin beryllium utilized for fracking (or drilling), which mightiness arsenic good besides consequence successful needing that h2o to beryllium recollected and recycled complete again for it to beryllium usable for nan aforesaid purposes.

It theoretically should let for Aris to person a sustainable gross watercourse wherever they run acknowledgment to nan expanding request for replacement sources of h2o and outsourcing that h2o guidance to much specialized corporations for illustration Aris. It was brought up successful their 10-K filing, arsenic quoted:

We judge they will progressively outsource h2o guidance to integrated produced h2o infrastructure and recycling companies for illustration america to negociate their water-related needs successful a costs and superior effective manner, creating caller business improvement and acquisition opportunities for us

I would, however, be aware against investing for nan dividend, though, arsenic will beryllium discussed below. In short, however, their GAAP net are not conducive of a sustainable dividend.

However, I judge that this could beryllium a worthwhile bargain erstwhile this institution dips. It isn't excessively risky to put astatine this price, but later connected I'll explicate why this institution whitethorn beryllium amended bought astatine less.

However, because nan business exemplary is sustainable and relies connected further ESG optimization, I tin spot this institution increasing further into nan future.


Ever heard of a Tax Receivable Agreement ('TRA')? I haven't. It's nan first clip I perceive of it and person to wonderment if it affects nan institution immoderate way.

To begin, utilizing some nan 10-K filing and this brochure I recovered while googling for much accusation connected these agreements, I deliberation I tin understand what these agreements are and really they could impact nan company.

TRAs usually hap erstwhile a institution goes public. They are a system for pre-IPO owners to extract worth from nan institution without needfully affecting nan company's value. The system allows for those original owners to person (usually) 85% of nan taxation savings accrued by nan institution successful a fixed year. The position whitethorn alteration depending connected nan taxation deductions targeted. Since Aris hardly makes a nonaccomplishment and is very plus heavy, it is adjacent to presume that nan target deductions are going to beryllium from amortization and depreciation.

Looking intimately astatine nan position disclosed successful nan 10-K, it besides seems that these TRAs accrue arsenic nan original owners person their Solaris LLC units into people A shares of Aris Water Solutions. Currently, location is simply a full TRA liability of $80 million.

The conditions of these TRA would only airs a threat to nan institution should nan institution willingly terminate nan statement aliases break their terms. If nan institution were to do so, they would beryllium forced to salary astir $200 cardinal successful lump-sum based connected nan 10-K and adjusted somewhat successful nan absence of a newer 10-K updating this information.

Currently, Aris Water Solutions is very dense connected works assets, which are somewhat difficult to liquidate.

Aris Water Solutions's plus expanse arsenic displayed successful their 10-K, partial

Aris Water Solutions

Aris would beryllium amended keeping nan liability and nan statement arsenic they are not prepared to grip a ample lump-sum costs specified arsenic this without liquidating assets aliases incurring successful debt.

I'm not nan astir informed and I don't expect to instantly understand nan mechanics of this, but this is what I tin understand astir this. The TRAs look much for illustration a distant threat than what I primitively thought (which was an statement to salary a definite magnitude that they disclosed each year, specified arsenic nan $76 cardinal I thought they would salary successful nan first cardinal and later on).

This would, though, make my stance little bullish arsenic getting free of nan TRA, if it really weighed importantly connected earnings, would person helped a batch pinch them, but I cannot really put immoderate weighting connected valuations aliases early connected this liability.

Dividend and Earnings

I person mixed feelings looking astatine nan equilibrium expanse and income statement. One nan 1 hand, nan business is bringing successful money because a batch of their deficiency of GAAP net tin beryllium attributed to liking disbursal and depreciation, amortization and accretion. These are mostly factors that mightiness aliases mightiness not impact nan company's rate travel depending connected really it's executed.

Interest is accrued complete clip and paid for successful definite periods. It's imaginable to relationship for liking successful each play arsenic portion of nan indebtedness they're paying off, but nan gentle summation of their semipermanent indebtedness precocious says otherwise.

ChartData by YCharts

This is further reinforced erstwhile comparing nan numbers provided successful their 10-K consolidated financial statements.

First, nan liabilities sheet:

Aris's Liabilities expanse pinch accent connected their semipermanent debt

Aris Water Solutions

To emphasize, successful 2020, they had precisely $297 cardinal logged successful debt. If we look astatine their rate travel statement, we tin spot that this indebtedness was from their in installments facility.

Aris's Cash travel from financing pinch accent connected their debt

Aris Water Solutions

We tin besides spot that they paid their indebtedness pinch longer-term elder notes, which accrue liking complete time. This is simply a "kicking nan tin down nan road" move done by a institution overwhelmed by expenses.

As it's important to see, their in installments installation did not accrue arsenic overmuch liking successful 2019 arsenic their indebtedness could beryllium estimated to beryllium worthy $45 cardinal based connected these numbers (calculated by nan known repayment of in installments installation successful 2019 worthy $25 cardinal and nan excess of nan repaid in installments installation that was not listed successful their equilibrium sheet, which is $20 million). However, it seems that their in installments installation did not springiness them capable runway to make it into GAAP profitability, aliases astatine slightest bringing capable money to repay that indebtedness adjacent and square, which whitethorn warrant moving that indebtedness onto elder notes.

What's very clear is that these elder notes accrued liking astatine a importantly higher complaint arsenic seen successful their 231% summation twelvemonth complete twelvemonth successful liking expenses.

Aris's different expenses arsenic displayed successful their equilibrium sheet, liking expenses highest successful there

Aris Water Solutions

Another hint that tin springiness america nan quality of nan statement and liking disbursal is successful newer 10-Qs (Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 2022). When looking astatine their financing activities listed successful their rate travel statements, it seems they've been comparatively quiet there. The only point that is listed are dividend payments.

Now, I will beryllium honest, I for illustration myself a bully dividend. But I consciousness that nan dividend is proving to beryllium a sizeable weight if we look astatine really nan nett costs has been increasing complete time.

Q1 2022 Q2 2022 Q3 2022
$8.86M $13.86M $19.16M

Have rate flows managed to clasp up against this dividend? Let's see. Before proceeding, I will statement nan equation for rate flows:

Operating income - taxes accrued - rate utilized successful investing activities

This operating income will disregard depreciation and amortization.

Q1 2022 Q2 2022 Q3 2022


$70.97M $76.39M $90.78M

Cost of Revenue

$43.25M $46.98M $60.83M

Less: Depreciation,

Amortization and Depletion

$16.58M $16.2M $16.94M

Operating Expenses

$27.39M $17.58M $20.94M

Operating Income

$16.91M $28.03M $25.95M

Less: Tax Expense

-$840k $472k $287k

Cash Used successful Investing Activities

$9.81M $38.51M $44.58M

Free Cash Flow

$7.94M -$10.95M -$18.92M

If we were to opportunity conscionable nan operating income counts successful this equation, location wouldn't beryllium immoderate problems, but erstwhile looking astatine free rate flow, it seems that our dividends are being paid retired of bladed air. Sure, they tin conscionable not walk connected nan property, works and instrumentality they request to operate, but if nan thought is to grow, investing successful nan institution is surely nan measurement to go.

The measurement nan institution is paying their dividends is nan balanced of playing pinch fireworks. It looks beautiful up adjacent but erstwhile nan clip is up, nan explosions will simply lead to a 3rd grade burn.

What do different analysts spot successful nan future? For this, I'll look astatine nan graphs laid retired successful Seeking Alpha arsenic it's 1 measurement I tin spot nan projections analysts person and usage that arsenic what nan banal is pricing successful to thief understand if this dividend is sustainable, on pinch nan business itself.

Revenue Estimates for Aris Water Solutions

Seeking Alpha

That gross metric judge looks enticing, if Aris were to turn each nan measurement to $400M successful revenue, this banal would beryllium reasonably priced pinch nan imaginable this has.

EPS Estimates for Aris Water Solutions

Seeking Alpha

Then, looking astatine their non-GAAP EPS estimates, 1 tin consciousness successful bully comfortableness that things will spell smoothly, right? Well, that is until Aris provided a warning for their results.

The only item they provided was that their EBITDA (earnings earlier interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) would beryllium astir $36 cardinal this quarter, and $149 cardinal for nan year. This is little than nan midpoint of $40 cardinal EBITDA they forecasted past quarter, which was already a decreased forecast compared to nan 4th prior, arsenic said successful their Q3 net call.

The main logic for this tin beryllium attributed to wintertime seasonality. Winter successful December was peculiarly chilly successful nan Permian basin and caused changes successful their customer's accustomed operations. This was a domino effect that tin item 1 of nan risks to their operations.

The header besides sounds inflation, but they do person contracts that set for inflation, arsenic Amanda Brock stated successful their Q3 net call:

"We will besides spot nan use of our CPI-linked gross escalation clauses successful our contracts arsenic they deed yearly reset dates successful nan first half of adjacent year."

Inflation was not moreover mentioned successful nan news article, truthful it really can't beryllium taken arsenic a driver of their decline. Strangely enough, nan banal was bought backmost somewhat nan aforesaid time nan news came out.

//' _fcksavedurl='' title='Aris Water Solutions, Inc.'>ARIS</a>) charted connected yahoo! finance

1-Day Chart - Recent Moves (Yahoo! Finance)

The banal is not backmost from wherever it was earlier nan announcement, but I deliberation a existent 11% diminution was merited here.


With each this successful mind, really should nan banal beryllium valued? If we usage EBITDA valuation for what's expected for nan afloat twelvemonth ($149 million), nan banal is trading astatine 2.5x EBITDA valuation arsenic of nan adjacent of February 16th. If we look astatine their operating income (calculated astatine $29.57 million), it is trading astir 3.7x their trailing 12 months (ttm) operating income (calculated to beryllium astir $100.46 million). If we look astatine their ttm free rate flow, location really is nary measurement to cipher arsenic Q4 2021's free rate travel was calculated astatine $15.24 million, which isn't capable to cipher for nan antagonistic free rate flow.

If we were to usage their trailing 12 period non-GAAP EPS, we spot Aris floating pinch an EPS of $0.78.

EPS Estimates for Aris Water Solution, non-GAAP Quarterly

Seeking Alpha

If we usage my accustomed 20x valuation cap, Aris would person their valuation capped astatine astir $15.60. This isn't overmuch of a profit chance. I presently americium not alert of immoderate applicable competitors successful nan h2o processing abstraction dedicated to lipid companies, truthful I don't person immoderate comparative metrics to cognize what a adjacent EBITDA is. Their existent equity attributable to stockholders arsenic of Q3 2022 is $276.3 cardinal and their ttm revenues are $304 million.

With a marketplace headdress of $380 cardinal approximately, Aris Water Solutions boasts a alternatively humble valuation pinch immoderate flimsy upside potential. Their implied shares outstanding arsenic of Q3 2022 is astir 30.81 million, multiplied pinch nan valuation headdress of $15.60 would supply an estimated $480 cardinal successful marketplace cap.

To beryllium modest, I would spot a value target of $15.50, which is somewhat beneath nan valuation headdress and provides immoderate much wiggle room. It is partially backed by Aris's revenues and equity position and would connote a 7.1% premium to February 16th's closing price.

Not overmuch inducement present to buy, if I'm honest. I do foresee valuations expanding complete time, but for nan nearer term, I can't precisely warrant buying supra this point. The materializing near-term risks to nan expected revenues of astir $400 cardinal and 2023 non-GAAP EPS of $1.38 make it a small difficult to spot pricing successful valuations that expect that.


Aris Water Solutions is simply a decent institution pinch potential. Currently, nan equilibrium expanse is not spectacular, their rate flows are questionable astatine best, their GAAP nett income is borderline non-existent, but their maturation is presently awesome pinch a velocity bump successful nan adjacent term.

If immoderate awesome dip happens, this institution is worthy buying arsenic it helps nan lipid manufacture go much sustainable. However, later on, it's worthy researching really nan move to renewables and electrical would impact this institution successful nan agelong term.

For now, I complaint Aris Water Solutions a Hold pinch a value target of $15.50.

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