Arbor Realty Goes On Defense As Dividend Hikes Stop

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Internally managed existent property lender Arbor Realty (NYSE:ABR) conscionable reported net for its fiscal 2022 4th fourth that supported a quarterly rate dividend payout of $0.40 per share, successful statement pinch the anterior payout, for a 10.3% annualized yield. Some bulls were expecting a raise, particularly aft 11 consecutive hikes and against nan mREIT's comparatively patient payout ratio of 70% for 2022. This was a ratio that guidance flagged arsenic nan lowest successful nan manufacture during their net telephone for nan 4th quarter. Whilst nan double-digit output against commons that are down by conscionable 7% complete nan past 12 months still presents a beardown finance proposition, nan mREIT did person nan capacity to raise but chose not to.

Management was clear astir why during their net call, stating that nan upside of maintaining a strong rate equilibrium arsenic a "war chest" against nan economical discombobulation expected this twelvemonth trumped nan benefits of a raise. Critically, whilst a higher payout would person been invited nan existent macroeconomic situation is challenging and nan banal marketplace will reward Arbor's beardown rate position by attaching little downside volatility to its commons. This sets nan backdrop for what could beryllium a blockbuster raise later successful nan year, possibly successful nan summer.

Bulls Cheer The Fiscal 2022 Fourth Quarter Earnings

Arbor's business is straightforward. The mREIT provides loans to multifamily and commercialized existent property interests. During nan 4th fourth of fiscal 2022, nan mREIT originated $500.5 million of caller loans for a portfolio of $14.46 billion. This was down sequentially from $15 cardinal successful nan anterior 3rd 4th arsenic nan mREIT defensively positions its equilibrium expanse for nan lingering specter of a recession, still rising Fed costs rates and nan downturn successful existent property that holds nan consequence of worsening. Arbor allowed $1.1 cardinal of loans to runoff and only offset this pinch $500.5 cardinal successful caller originations that guidance flagged arsenic higher value and pinch superior spreads.

This move allowed nan mREIT to recapture $150 cardinal of its invested superior to grow its rate and liquidity position to $685 cardinal arsenic of nan extremity of nan 4th quarter, nan highest nominal level of liquidity successful complete a decade. This tremendous build-up of rate forms nan halfway communicative of nan net report. Its aggregated pinch nan region connected dividend hikes arsenic guidance positions their equilibrium expanse to prehend connected immoderate post-downturn opportunities and make outsized returns connected capital.

The mREIT reported gross of $113.06 million, up by 47.9% complete nan year-ago 4th and a hit by $21.54 cardinal connected statement estimates. Non-GAAP distributable net came successful astatine $0.60 per share, a hit by $0.14 connected statement and sequential maturation of 7.14% complete nan anterior 3rd quarter. The declared dividend represented 67% of distributable net which highlights nan discord expressed by immoderate bulls. Yes, nan payout could beryllium higher but nan ambition is to position nan business to person moreover higher payouts astatine immoderate constituent successful nan future.

The Series D Preferreds As A Short-Term Play

I've besides added a mini position successful Arbor Realty's 6.375% Series D Cumulative Preferred Stock (NYSE:ABR.PD) to my income portfolio. These athletics nan highest coupon complaint of nan three outstanding preferreds that Arbor has trading and travel pinch an charismatic finance floor plan that somewhat compliments a position successful nan commons.

Arbor Realty 6.375% Series D Cumulative Preferred Stock


Firstly, it pays retired a $1.59375 yearly coupon for a output connected costs of 7.87%. Whilst little than nan double-digit output disposable connected nan commons, nan Series D travel pinch little volatility and is presently trading astatine a 20% discount to their par value. The commons waste and acquisition astatine a 25% premium to their tangible book value.

The Series D travel pinch a quarterly distribution and a cumulative clause which helps to diminish nan anticipation of nan coupon being suspended arsenic it would accrue connected nan equilibrium expanse arsenic a liability to beryllium paid backmost astatine a early redemption event. That said, Arbor would apt person to suffer a cataclysmic arena to beryllium successful nan position wherever a suspension of its distribution to its preferreds holders is being discussed.

Arbor Realty commons versus preferreds

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As these are fundamentally a shape of fixed-income exposure, their existent ample discount has been built connected nan backmost of existent macroeconomic headwinds. The play present is that nan value will adjacent its discount to par successful nan short word arsenic ostentation continues to autumn and nan Fed costs complaint hikes travel to an end. Critically, nan commons represent nan amended semipermanent finance arsenic they supply vulnerability to early dividend increases. The preferreds presently athletics a 47.2% output to telephone to shape a near-certain return if nan institution redeems astatine its June 02, 2026 redemption date. However, my positioning present is for a overmuch shorter-term hold.

Preferreds will almost ever connection a little consequence and little return play but nan existent macroeconomic backdrop has created an opportunity pinch nan preferreds of nan fundamentally sound and coherent mREIT pinch its highest rate positioning successful complete a decade. The double-digit discount is outsized and has catalyzed a short-term opportunity to build a mini position successful a information that will yet move backmost to waste and acquisition astatine its par worth erstwhile nan existent macroeconomic backdrop normalizes. I americium bullish connected Arbor and intend to clasp its commons arsenic a halfway semipermanent position wrong my income portfolio.

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