Apple TV+ unveils ‘Tetris’ movie trailer

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Apple TV+ released nan first trailer for its–shall we say, block-busting–movie “Tetris,” based connected nan root communicative of nan celebrated puzzle video game. The movie will first premiere astatine South by Southwest (SXSW) movie show successful March. Apple will past merchandise it worldwide connected nan streaming work connected March 31.

Starring “Black Bird” character Taron Egerton, who plays American video crippled salesman Henk Rogers, “Tetris,” tells nan communicative of Rogers and his ngo to unafraid nan distribution authorities of nan game.

Rogers travels to nan Soviet Union during nan extremity of nan Cold War to meet nan inventor, Alexey Pajitnov (Nikita Efremov), a Soviet package engineer. However, according to Communist law, nan crippled belonged to nan group of nan Soviet Union, truthful Rogers must discuss straight pinch nan Soviet authorities to get nan rights.

“When he sets retired to bring nan crippled to nan world, he enters a vulnerable web of lies and corruption down nan Iron Curtain,” Apple wrote successful nan movie description.

Tetris was created successful 1984 and since past has sold complete 520 cardinal copies, per The Tetris Company.

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