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Apple's Craig Federighi introduces model tiling in macOS Sequoia astatine The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2024.Apple

AI was undoubtedly The attraction of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) yesterday, but it wasn’t each astir instrumentality learning and Apple Intelligence. That’s because Apple besides revealed sizable updates to each of its operating systems, pinch immoderate fascinating caller features that could make them The biggest upgrades in years.

Tucked distant among The announcements was a portion of news you mightiness person wholly missed: Finally, years aft Windows implemented it and acold later than it should ever person taken to arrive, macOS Sequoia will fto you resistance windows to threat them to The sides of your screen.

But this caller characteristic is very akin to what’s connected connection in a scope of beloved Mac apps, from Magnet and Moom to Rectangle and BetterTouchTool. That raises an absorbing question: Has Apple conscionable Sherlocked these apps? Or if you’re not acquainted pinch that term, has Apple copied The cardinal characteristic of a third-party app, risking to put it retired of business?

Window tiling in macOS

Three app windows arranged connected a surface utilizing model tiling in macOS Sequoia.

Before we get into that, let’s return a speedy look astatine really model tiling will activity in macOS Sequoia. Much for illustration in Windows, each you request to do is resistance a model toward 1 broadside of your screen. When you do that, you’ll spot an outline of The abstraction your model will capable — conscionable merchandise it and it will threat into place.

You’ll beryllium capable to move windows utilizing keyboard shortcuts, Apple says (although I couldn’t find them in The beta), and you Can spot The tiling options by hovering complete The greenish fastener in an app’s apical bar.

It’s overmuch quicker than The aged system. Instead of hovering complete The greenish button, waiting for options to appear, past clicking 1 and seeing really it looks, you Can simply move an app to wherever you want it to be.

I’ve recovered that things get moreover easier if you clasp The Option cardinal while moving a window. That brings up The preview pane earlier you moreover get adjacent to The broadside of your screen, and you Can driblet a model earlier reaching The separator and it’ll threat into place. That intends there’s nary request to awkwardly hunt for The constituent astatine which The preview activates, truthful you Can beryllium a batch little precise.

The dangers of Sherlocking

Three app windows arranged connected a surface utilizing model tiling in macOS Sequoia.Apple

So, astir that Sherlocking. Apple’s caller strategy is remarkably akin to what’s offered by small-scale model tiling apps. Sure, they often springiness galore much positioning options than Apple does — including moving windows to a connected show and centering them connected your surface — but now that Mac users get a adjacent approximation of these apps’ features for free, they mightiness person to commencement offering a batch much in bid to compete.

BetterTouchTool, however, is perfectly safe because it’s acold much extended and wholly changes really you interact pinch your Mac. Windows tiling is conscionable 1 facet of what it Can do.

For instance, BetterTouchTool lets you create civilization rodent shortcuts, group your ain precocious trackpad gestures, delegate actions to your Mac’s notch (like dragging a photograph complete it to convert it to a different record type), and truthful overmuch more.

Even erstwhile we talk astir model tiling, BetterTouchTool goes acold beyond macOS Sequoia. You Can threat windows to much areas, group a hold earlier windows move, specify civilization shortcuts, and more. There are moreover abstracted settings for model snapping in Stage Manager.

Presenter preview connected a MacBook Pro astatine WWDC 2024.Apple

I don’t cognize if I Can opportunity The aforesaid for apps for illustration Magnet though. The preamble of model tiling in macOS Sequoia is simply a bully illustration of The dangers of Sherlocking, and I’m judge that immoderate developers will beryllium difficult astatine activity adding much functionality to their apps because of it. But that doesn’t mean that everyone will beryllium negatively affected.

Apple’s model tiling strategy will beryllium cleanable for astir people, and in my little testing it’s been fast, efficient, and beautiful easy to use. Most Mac users will beryllium happy capable for The upgrade. But apps for illustration BetterTouchTool differentiate themselves by adding features for powerfulness users and group who want much customization options. And, fixed really overmuch other this app does, it’s besides location for group who aren’t willing in model tiling astatine each but want to usage its different powerful features.

I don’t uncertainty that early versions of macOS will pinch features from different apps and frighten their continued existence. BetterTouchTool stands retired capable to beryllium safe, but not each app Can opportunity The same.

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