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Apple’s WWDC 2024 keynote has travel and gone. As we anticipated, it was a big one. From tons of UI changes in iOS 18 to Apple’s large stake connected AI pinch Apple Intelligence, it’s safe to opportunity that this year’s convention was 1 of The astir memorable.

Of The 1 hr and 47 infinitesimal keynote, Apple spent 15 minutes talking astir iOS 18. That doesn’t sound for illustration a batch of time, but The institution was going done caller features quickly and covered a batch of ground. iOS 18 includes immoderate beautiful awesome changes for The iPhone and 1 of The biggest — RCS — was hardly mentioned.

Apple’s weird RCS announcement

WWDC 2024 — June 10 | Apple

Yes, it’s official. After announcing plans past November to adhd RCS to The iPhone, Apple confirmed coming that RCS is coming to your iPhone arsenic portion of iOS 18. And it’s a large deal! RCS will bring galore iMessage-like features to your conversations pinch group who person Android phones. That intends higher-quality image/video sharing, amended group chats, typing indicators, publication receipts, and more. It’s not an understatement to opportunity it’s 1 of The biggest caller iPhone features in years — contempt really agelong overdue it is.

But I wouldn’t blasted you if you missed this portion of news. Why? Because Apple hardly said thing astir it.

Apple didn’t mention RCS until The very extremity of The iOS 18 segment, pinch Craig Federighi quickly mentioning “RCS messaging support” astatine The very extremity of it. And that was each Apple had to opportunity — conscionable those 3 words. Nothing more. It’s a akin matter in the iOS 18 property release. Apple writes, “When messaging contacts who do not person an Apple device, The Messages app now supports RCS for richer media and much reliable group messaging compared to SMS and MMS.” That’s much helpful, but there’s nary further mentation astir what RCS features are supported, what RCS messaging will look like, etc.

We cognize it’s coming, but that’s rather virtually it.

We request amended messaging than this

Close-up photograph of The Messages app connected an iPhone.Joe Maring

On The 1 hand, I get it. Apple is only adding RCS to The iPhone because The European Union forced its manus to. If it were up to Apple, this astir apt ne'er would person happened. But it is, and it’s an important caller characteristic Apple needs to show its users astir in a due manner.

Did RCS request a huge, long-winded conception during this keynote? No, but we perfectly should person gotten much than conscionable 3 words. We should person seen what it looks for illustration and been fixed a due mentation astir really it useful and what this intends for people’s matter conversations pinch non-iPhone users.

I understand Apple not wanting to radiance a elephantine spotlight connected a characteristic it was apt pressured into adding. However, The reasoning for RCS being added to iOS 18 doesn’t matter. All that matters is that this is simply a awesome caller characteristic for iPhone users everywhere, and they should beryllium told astir it in a clear, nonstop mode — not in a measurement that makes it look for illustration Apple is trying to expanse The news nether The rug.

When iOS 18 arrives connected iPhones later this fall, RCS is going to beryllium a large deal, whether Apple likes it aliases not. You and I whitethorn understand really important this is and already person an thought of really it will work, but group not obsessed pinch matter messaging protocols whitethorn not person a hint astir what RCS is, what it does, aliases why they should attraction astir it. It’s up to Apple to make judge those group cognize really to usage RCS and are alert of each The features it will adhd to their iPhone.

Google Messages app connected a Pixel 8 Pro, showing an RCS Chat connection thread.Joe Maring

If WWDC 2024 wasn’t The clip Apple wanted to supply that messaging, fine. But I surely dream it does yet supply a due mentation and preamble to The world of RCS connected The iPhone. Maybe it will beryllium later this summertime erstwhile The iOS 18 nationalist betas go available. Maybe we’ll get 1 alongside The iPhone 16 announcement later this year. Maybe we won’t get 1 astatine all! I surely dream that’s not The case, but considering really Apple skirted astir RCS during its WWDC 2024 keynote, I wouldn’t beryllium shocked if that happened.

Personally, I can’t hold to get RCS connected my iPhone. For my parents and different family members who person Android phones, it’s going to make matter conversations pinch them infinitely amended than they are today. I conscionable dream Apple embraces this alteration and accepts really large of a woody it is alternatively than brushing it disconnected for illustration it’s thing astatine all.

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