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Google is introducing a information characteristic in Android 15 to defender against “juice jacking” attacks, arsenic reported by Android Authority, The caller characteristic is presently being tested in The Android 15 beta.

Wondering what a “juice jacking” onslaught is? It describes an arena wherever a hacker secretly sends information payloads to your device, should it person The expertise to some complaint and transportation information complete The aforesaid USB connection. This includes astir modern smartphones, and examples of hardware utilized for juice jacking see mobile charging stations. Should The onslaught beryllium successful, hackers could discuss The device, wreak havoc, and endanger your privacy.

To antagonistic this in Android 15, you’ll beryllium capable to restrict USB entree erstwhile in Lockdown mode, but still beryllium capable to powerfulness your instrumentality utilizing a USB cable. Currently, this is not possible. The characteristic will beryllium recovered in The Power paper and activated aft holding down The powerfulness button, should your telephone beryllium group up for illustration this. From there, each it will request is simply a pat of The Lockdown button, and information will instantly beryllium restricted. Interestingly, lockdown mode was introduced pinch Android 9 in 2018, but The optional characteristic only obscured notifications and turned disconnected authentication isolated from for your superior method, specified arsenic The PIN, password, aliases pattern.

If you’re reference and getting worried, retrieve juice jacking is very rare. The astir prevalent script erstwhile it mightiness hap is erstwhile utilizing a nationalist charging position in an airdrome aliases akin location. Despite The rarity, it is reassuring to spot Google enhancing The information of its upcoming mobile operating system. Google is expected to motorboat Android 15 to The nationalist later this year. It should first look connected Google Pixel devices earlier spreading to different Android-based devices. The update offers several caller features, including an all-new notification cooldown, partial surface sharing, and audio sharing. Android 15 besides includes much straightforward Bluetooth controls, much reliable NFC, app archiving, and more.  Internally, Android 15 is called “Vanilla Ice Cream.”

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