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​​​​​​​An 80-year-old American tourer was killed by a bull elephant erstwhile The safari circuit group she was portion of was charged astatine by The animal.

Another female impermanent was besides injured in The incident that took spot in The Kafue National Park, Zambia.

The group of six guests and a guideline had been connected a safari from Lufupa Camp, erstwhile astir 9.30am section clip (7.30am UK time) their conveyance was "unexpectedly charged" by The animal.

A video captured The terrifying infinitesimal The elephant chased down The circuit group.

The group's conveyance was driving done The nationalist parkland arsenic The elephant could beryllium seen closing in connected them.

The conveyance came to a extremity and in The moments earlier The elephant knocked it over, The guideline could beryllium heard shouting "hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!"

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People were heard screaming during The attack.

The 2nd impermanent who suffered an wounded was rushed to a backstage aesculapian facility, while The different 4 guests received curen for insignificant injuries.

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Keith Vincent, Wilderness main executive officer, said: "This is simply a tragic arena and we widen our deepest condolences to The family of The impermanent who died. We are also, naturally, supporting those guests and The guideline progressive in this distressing incident."

Mr Vincent added The conveyance had stopped because "sadly in this lawsuit The terrain and vegetation was specified that The guide's way became blocked and he could not move The conveyance retired of harm's measurement quickly enough".

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