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Semiconductor Maker Advanced Micro Systems Reports Quarterly Earnings

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AMD’s (NASDAQ:AMD) successful capacity successful Q4 shows that nan company’s maturation communicative is acold from over. Despite nan turbulent macroeconomic situation nan business has managed to drawback an further marketplace stock successful nan information halfway marketplace and coupled pinch a awesome capacity of its embedded conception managed to minimize nan downside from nan anemic capacity of nan PC Client segment. Add to this nan truth that it appears that nan Chinese-related risks are apt to subside successful 2023 and there’s a lawsuit to beryllium made that AMD would proceed to found a stronger position successful nan semiconductor manufacture successful portion astatine Intel’s (INTC) expense.

The Growth Is Far From Over

Before nan merchandise of Q4 net results astatine nan extremity of January, I published a bullish article connected AMD successful which I based on that its business has each nan chances to execute amended than expected acknowledgment to nan imaginable beardown capacity successful nan information centers and embedded segments. That’s precisely what has happened arsenic nan latest earnings report showed that AMD’s gross of $5.6 cardinal successful Q4 was supra nan thoroughfare estimates by $80 cardinal while its profits were supra nan forecast arsenic well.

At nan aforesaid time, nan caller study besides proved that AMD has each nan chances to proceed to drawback further marketplace stock successful nan PC and information halfway markets astatine Intel’s disbursal owed to nan inability of nan second to quickly execute a turnaround which already resulted successful awesome losses for its business. The truth that AMD now has a greater marketplace capitalization than Intel; trades astatine ~30 times its guardant net against Intel’s guardant P/E ratio of ~52x; and is capable to innovate astatine a fraction of Intel’s full superior expenditures indicates that it has each nan chances to outperform expectations and create further shareholder worth on nan way.

At this stage, it’s safe to presume that AMD would proceed to summation further marketplace stock successful nan information halfway marketplace which has been responsible for a important information of nan business’s explosive maturation successful caller years. The beardown merchandise of nan 4th procreation of EPYC server processors successful November already helped nan institution to summation revenues of its information centers business by 42% Y/Y to $1.7 cardinal successful Q4. The latest data indicates that AMD has already exceeded immoderate of nan expectations and managed to already seizure 31% of nan x86 CPU information halfway marketplace astatine nan extremity of December, up from 25.6% a twelvemonth agone and up from 21.7% 2 years ago. If we negociate to debar a world recession this year, past there’s a anticipation that nan information halfway revenues could offset nan expected declines of revenues of AMD’s Client PC segment.

At nan aforesaid time, location are reasons to judge that AMD’s embedded conception would besides beryllium capable to outperform expectations arsenic well. The conception already managed to make 1.4 cardinal successful revenues successful Q4, importantly up Y/Y, while its operating income of $699 cardinal was astir half of nan sales. One of nan biggest customers of AMD’s embedded business are companies from nan defense, aerospace, and connection sectors. As defense spending crossed nan globe is expected to scope caller grounds levels this twelvemonth while governments statesman to money nan description of nan broadband infrastructure it makes consciousness to judge that AMD’s embedded conception would proceed to thrive successful nan pursuing quarters.

As a result, each of these developments and forecasts bespeak that AMD’s maturation communicative is acold from complete and nan institution has everything going for it to show a decent capacity successful FY23 and beyond moreover successful nan existent turbulent macroeconomic environment.

Given each of this, it makes consciousness to update my DCF exemplary which was first published earlier nan merchandise of AMD’s latest net results and showed nan company’s adjacent worth to beryllium $90.89 per share. Two awesome things that person been changed successful nan caller exemplary beneath are nan flimsy alteration of a top-line maturation complaint and little net which are mostly successful statement pinch nan street’s caller expectations and are caused by nan macroeconomic headwinds that could nevertheless impact AMD’s capacity contempt each nan maturation catalysts. All nan different metrics successful nan exemplary are mostly nan aforesaid arsenic earlier while nan terminal maturation complaint and WACC guidelines astatine 3% and 9%, respectively.

AMD's DCF Model

AMD's DCF Model (Historical Data: Seeking Alpha, Assumptions: Author)

This caller exemplary shows that AMD’s endeavor worth is $133 cardinal while its adjacent worth is $87.28 per share, somewhat beneath nan erstwhile valuation of $90.89 per stock but nevertheless supra nan existent marketplace value which indicates that nan institution continues to waste and acquisition astatine a discount moreover aft a comparatively successful capacity successful Q4.

AMD's DCF Model

AMD's DCF Model (Historical Data: Seeking Alpha, Assumptions: Author)

Risks To Consider

Despite each of this, location are 2 awesome risks to nan bullish thesis that are worthy considering. First of all, contempt outperforming nan wide expectations successful Q4, AMD itself hinted that nan PC Client revenues could diminution Y/Y successful Q1 owed to nan wide weakness of nan PC marketplace and only aft that statesman to grow. At nan aforesaid time, some WSTS and Gartner expect nan semiconductor manufacture to acquisition a flimsy diminution successful 2023 which could besides negatively impact AMD’s capacity successful nan pursuing quarters.

On apical of that, AMD’s vulnerability to nan Chinese user marketplace from which it generates important revenues is besides 1 of nan company’s awesome weaknesses owed to nan changing geopolitical landscape. I’ve already noted successful my initial article connected AMD backmost successful October that immoderate imaginable Sino-American confrontation successful nan early could easy disrupt nan company’s business exemplary and destruct its maturation story. While truthful acold it seems that AMD managed to minimize nan downside from nan caller spot export restrictions that were implemented by nan White House a fewer months ago, there’s nary guarantee that it would beryllium capable to debar a monetary effect that would undermine a bullish thesis successful lawsuit of nan implementation of further restrictions.

The Bottom Line

Intel’s inability to quickly execute a turnaround makes it imaginable for AMD to proceed to drawback further marketplace stock successful nan information halfway manufacture and beryllium capable to proceed to outperform expectations moreover successful a turbulent macroeconomic environment. If we negociate to debar recession and nan Sino-American relations won’t deteriorate further, past there’s a lawsuit to beryllium made that AMD’s banal would beryllium capable to support its momentum and further admit successful nan pursuing months particularly since it’s not overvalued and trades beneath its adjacent value.

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