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There's this misconception that Amazon's (NASDAQ:AMZN) maturation communicative is coming to an extremity since nan top-line maturation complaint of nan business is gradually decreasing which for immoderate makes it difficult to warrant opening a long position successful nan institution astatine a clip erstwhile its banal trades astatine complete 60 times of its guardant earnings. However, if we intimately look astatine Amazon's latest net report, we'll spot that not only does its unreality and advertizing businesses proceed to turn astatine an fierce rate, but its halfway commerce business besides has nan expertise to outperform expectations successful nan pursuing quarters' acknowledgment to nan imaginable betterment of nan wide world economy. As a result, there's a lawsuit to beryllium made that nan marketplace is mispricing Amazon's banal owed to not seeing nan bigger image which creates a imaginable money-making opportunity for semipermanent investors at nan existent levels.

It's All About The Bigger Picture

If we spell done Amazon's latest net report which was released earlier this month, we'll spot that contempt each nan macroeconomic uncertainty nan institution nevertheless managed to summation its revenues by 8.6% Y/Y to $149.2 cardinal successful Q4 and hit nan thoroughfare estimates by $3.43 cardinal acknowledgment to nan beardown vacation season. The latest study could besides service arsenic an denotation that things are not arsenic bad arsenic they were predicted which successful nan extremity could lead to a awesome reversal and an appreciation of Amazon's banal aft it knowledgeable a ~35% depreciation successful nan past 12 months.

Amazon's Stock Performance

Amazon's Stock Performance (Seeking Alpha)

If we besides look astatine Amazon's latest stock value performance, we'll spot that it intimately correlates pinch nan authorities of nan American system that has shown a comparatively anemic capacity successful nan first half of 2022 and a overmuch amended capacity astatine nan extremity of nan twelvemonth erstwhile nan ostentation complaint began to subside acknowledgment to liking complaint hikes. This could lead to nan conclusion that Amazon's banal has each nan chances to admit further successful lawsuit we proceed to person much affirmative information astir nan authorities of nan economy.

The latest unit data shows that consumers are eager to walk astatine a clip erstwhile nan Federal Reserve talks astir nan commencement of nan disinflationary process which indicates that nan revival of nan broader maturation communicative is upon us. Considering that during nan latest convention call, Amazon's guidance noted that nan world income e vents person outperformed their expectations while third-party sellers proceed to group caller records connected nan company's platforms and it becomes evident that nan business has each nan chances to outperform nan expectations successful 2023. Add to this nan truth that nan world system could avoid a recession successful 2023 and nan bullish thesis for Amazon is becoming moreover stronger.

However, each of this besides shows that nan biggest consequence to Amazon's bullish thesis will stay nan imaginable worsening of nan macroeconomic environment. Even though it seems that things are improving, there's besides a lawsuit to beryllium made that nan Federal Reserve would beryllium required to summation liking rates supra nan predicted 5% level to guarantee that ostentation is surely not coming back.

If that's going to beryllium nan case, past nan caller betterment of unit information could beryllium only impermanent which would mean that Amazon's commerce business is apt to suffer successful nan pursuing quarters aft a decent capacity successful Q4. At nan aforesaid time, further tightening by nan Federal Reserve could lead to a beardown dollar that would besides wounded Amazon's business. The institution has already noted during nan latest net telephone that it has been negatively affected by overseas speech rates and successful Q1 it expects to person an unfavourable effect of astir 210 ground points from overseas speech rates.

However, if nan ostentation nevertheless is taken nether power and nan deflationary process continues past Amazon's banal has each nan chances to admit further from nan existent levels.

The Growth Story Is Far From Over

Even if nan ostentation complaint erstwhile again originates to accelerate and forces cardinal banks to raise rates supra nan forecasted levels, I judge that it's still excessively premature to opportunity that Amazon's maturation communicative is coming to an end. While nan company's halfway commerce business would stay volatile owed to nan imaginable worsening of nan macroeconomic business nether a bearish scenario, its different businesses nevertheless are apt to proceed to turn astatine an fierce rate.

The company's latest net report has shown that moreover though enterprises person been optimizing their unreality spending owed to nan turbulent macroeconomic environment, Amazon's AWS business nevertheless generated $21.4 cardinal successful revenues, up 20% Y/Y. Such an fierce maturation complaint shows that it's excessively premature to talk astir nan extremity of nan company's maturation story.

At nan aforesaid time, Amazon continues to disrupt nan integer advertizing business and drawback immoderate marketplace stock from companies specified arsenic Meta Platforms (META) and Google (GOOG)(GOOGL). In Q4, Amazon's advertizing revenues accrued by 19% Y/Y to $11.6 cardinal astatine a clip erstwhile its nonstop competitors are not capable to importantly amended their capacity which indicates that nan company's wide maturation communicative is acold from complete arsenic enterprises and advertisers are apt to proceed to usage various products and work wrong its ecosystem.

Advertising Revenue astatine Amazon and Meta successful 2022

Advertising Revenue astatine Amazon and Meta successful 2022 (CNBC, Amazon and Meta Earnings Reports)

Considering each of this, it makes consciousness to fig retired Amazon's adjacent worth by building a DCF exemplary based connected nan assumptions that correlate pinch nan maturation thesis that's presented above.

In nan exemplary below, nan gross forecast for nan adjacent mates of years is successful statement pinch nan thoroughfare estimates aft which it gradually returns to nan double-digit complaint arsenic was nan lawsuit successful astir of nan erstwhile years' acknowledgment to nan imaginable betterment of nan macroeconomic situation. The EBIT arsenic a percent of gross besides is expanding successful nan pursuing years successful nan exemplary arsenic nan high-margin unreality and advertizing businesses statesman to play a greater domiciled wrong Amazon. My caller models showed that nan EBIT arsenic a percent of gross ranges from ~25% for a unreality and advertizing business specified arsenic Google to ~35% for a axenic integer advertizing play specified arsenic Meta Platforms, which indicates that Amazon has room for improving its margins that could realistically lead to greater net successful nan foreseeable future.

Taxes successful nan pursuing years are raised to a modular complaint of 20%, nan D&A arsenic a percent of gross is nan mean of nan erstwhile 3 years while nan alteration successful nett moving superior is minimal truthful that it doesn't greatly impact nan wide capacity arsenic was mostly nan lawsuit successful erstwhile years. The superior expenditures are capped astatine 10% of nan company's revenues. The terminal maturation complaint successful nan exemplary is 3% while nan WACC stands astatine 9%.

Amazon's DCF Model

Amazon's DCF Model (Historical Data: Seeking Alpha, Assumptions: Author)

This DCF exemplary shows Amazon's endeavor worth to beryllium adjacent to $1 trillion while its adjacent worth is $96.64 per stock which is adjacent to its existent marketplace price.

Amazon's DCF Model

Amazon's DCF Model (Historical Data: Seeking Alpha, Assumptions: Author)

While this valuation is beneath nan thoroughfare statement of ~$136 per share, we shouldn't hide that moreover astatine nan existent levels nan institution trades astatine ~65 times its guardant net and arsenic specified it could beryllium moreover considered arsenic importantly overvalued astatine this stage. Seeking Alpha's ain Quant strategy gives Amazon a coagulated D rating for nan valuation.

However, a imaginable betterment of nan macroeconomic situation could lead to a greater maturation complaint arsenic was nan lawsuit a fewer years agone which would subsequently make nan gross assumptions successful nan exemplary look conservative. In specified a scenario, nan valuation would beryllium importantly higher and apt adjacent to nan thoroughfare consensus. This would make Amazon's banal a BUY for diligent investors pinch a mean consequence tolerance level.

Amazon's Consensus Price Target

Amazon's Consensus Price Target (Seeking Alpha)

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