Altria Vs. Japan Tobacco: Which Company Is The Best Investment For 2023?

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Altria Group, Inc. (NYSE:MO) and Japan Tobacco Inc. (OTCPK:JAPAY) person precocious agreed to join forces successful a strategical partnership to marketplace JAPAY's HTS (Heated Tobacco Stick) merchandise Ploom X successful the US. This happened aft MO turned complete its authorities to IQOS to Philip Morris (PM) for $2.7 billion.

Both companies are successful nan apical 5 successful marketplace worth for baccy companies.


Now that MO and JAPAY are partners successful a caller product, really will this impact nan early finance capacity of nan 2 stocks? Traditionally, baccy stocks are bought for their dependable precocious dividends not needfully for immense superior gains.

In this article, we will analyse some companies' history and nan imaginable advantages to each institution of nan caller business going forward.

Financial metrics.

A awesome portion of nan decision-making process successful selecting stocks and dividend stocks successful peculiar is nan company's early viability. How apt are they to person nan financial expertise to astatine slightest support nan existent dividend intact and amended yet summation it each twelvemonth going forward?

When we look astatine nan financial metrics comparing nan 2 companies connected a TTM (Trailing Twelve Month) basis, respective metrics should beryllium noted. The first 1 is nan Price/Sales ratio (Line 3) which shows MO pinch a ratio much than doubly JAPAY's ratio 4.2x to 1.8x. This could connote that JAPAY is simply a amended worth than JAPAY.

The Gross Margin % (Line 5) for some companies is ample pinch Altria winning astatine 69% to 59%. Large margins specified arsenic these bespeak some companies person nan imaginable to make immense rate flows and subsequently dividends. But based connected GM to Market Value Percentage (Line 8), JAPAY's separator is overmuch higher than MO's 32% to 17%. Again, this whitethorn bespeak that JAPAY is simply a amended worth based connected marketplace value.

When it comes to Debt/EBITDA (Line 14), JAPAY looks overmuch amended pinch a antagonistic ratio of -.7 versus MO's fantabulous 1.7x, indicating that JAPAY really has much rate than debt.

I besides find it absorbing that Revenue (Line 2) is virtually identical for some astatine astir $20 billion.


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Price to free rate travel (Line 16) is comparatively nan aforesaid pinch MO astatine 10.8 versus JAPAY's 11.9.

And finally, nan dividend complaint (line 18) shows MO pinch a immense 8.2% dividend versus JAPAY's zero, none, nada. This is simply a immense advantage to MO.

When looking astatine nan Financial Metrics successful total, some companies are coagulated rate travel generators but MO's immense and increasing dividend is simply a chopped finance advantage.

Based connected financial metrics, Altria is nan winner.

Wall Street expert ratings show MO is amended liked, but nan quant organization seems to thin towards Japan Tobacco.

Wall Street analysts look to person comparatively beardown feelings for MO, pinch Wall Street positive Seeking Alpha analysts mixed showing 15 Buys and only 4 Sells. JAPAY does not person that galore ratings and nan 4 Buy recommendations versus 2 Sells does not complaint arsenic precocious arsenic Altria's ratings.


Seeking Alpha and author

Quant ratings complete nan past twelvemonth are different, showing thing but Hold ratings for MO while JAPAY has turned into a Quant Buy complete nan past fewer months.


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Seeking Alpha

So quants look to beryllium neutral connected MO but look intrigued by JAPAY.

Keep successful mind that quant ratings person small to do pinch whether a institution is simply a bully dividend stock, particularly complete nan agelong term.

Dividends and stock buybacks.

MO has raised its dividend for 53 years successful a statement and is presently nan highest-yielding Dividend King. Looking astatine nan 5-year dividend floor plan beneath we tin spot that MO has raised its dividend from $.70 to $.94 per 4th an summation of complete 30%.


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On nan different hand, JAPAY terminated its dividend successful 2022 and has not yet reinstated it.


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So, if you're looking for a steady, consistently expanding dividend, Altria is nan Dividend King and is nan evident pick.

Share repurchases adhd to nan stableness of nan dividend because less shares mean much dividends per stock moreover if you salary retired nan aforesaid gross dollar amount.

When it comes to stock repurchases, some companies person purchased shares backmost successful nan past 5 years, Altria astir 6% and JAPAY astir 1%.


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The dividend and stock repurchase advantage goes very powerfully to Altria.


The consequence pinch each baccy companies is nan accrued consequence of authorities regulations comparative to nan waste of baccy products.

In addition, worldwide depletion of cigarettes has been falling for decades and continues to do truthful arsenic tin beryllium seen successful nan pursuing chart. A valid mobility mightiness beryllium really agelong tin cigaret companies support raising prices successful nan look of falling demand?


Our World successful Data

In a volatile marketplace situation for illustration we're facing now, rate is besides a viable alternative. CD rates are now successful excess of 4% a number we haven't seen virtually successful years.

In addition, location could beryllium a recession coming aliases moreover a slump according to respective economists. That whitethorn make profits elusive astatine champion and supply losses astatine worst.

So please, do your ain owed diligence connected each finance option.


When making decisions astir dividend stocks 1 of nan main considerations has to beryllium really agelong you scheme connected holding nan stock. Obviously, we cognize from nan dividend paragraph supra that MO has accrued its dividend for 53 years successful a statement and that JAPAY presently has nary dividends though they person paid 1 successful nan past.

Comparing MO and JAPAY complete nan past 5 years connected nan ground of Total Return (including dividends) shows a quality successful returns, pinch MO up 6% and JAPAY down 26%. That quality successful capacity is almost wholly owed to Altria's dividend.


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Based upon each of nan supra I complaint Altria banal a Buy and Japan Tobacco banal a Hold.

Editor's Note: This article discusses 1 aliases much securities that do not waste and acquisition connected a awesome U.S. exchange. Please beryllium alert of nan risks associated pinch these stocks.

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