Alexa, I’m in the dark. Why has my Amazon account disappeared?

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In December I came location and, arsenic usual, shouted to Alexa to move connected The lights but was amazed erstwhile she responded that location was “no Amazon relationship associated pinch this device”. Frustrated and in The dark, I tried to log in, only for The app to corroborate location was nary relationship associated pinch my email.

I person a disablement that intends I cannot make telephone calls, truthful my hubby utilized his relationship to activity help. Eventually, personification called america back but confirmed location was nary relationship and told maine to group up a caller one.

But I person had my relationship since 2007 and don’t want to suffer my downloads and bid history. I had 30-40 Kindle ebooks, arsenic good arsenic euphony and films, positive astir £30 credit.

I tried to interaction Amazon via The Resolver website but support receiving The consequence that I request to “log into my account”, which is impossible. Surely a insubstantial way of maine exists somewhere?

SM, Dunblane

It was a daze to suffer entree to your Amazon relationship and media bought complete much than a decade.

The retailer was much adjuvant erstwhile I sewage in touch, and it turns retired The problem stemmed from The truth you closed your relationship connected in October erstwhile you were notified of a information breach.

However, erstwhile you closed your relationship connected this marketplace, which had a different login, shutting an relationship connected 1 marketplace closes The aforesaid relationship globally.

There had been a clip lag betwixt The 2 events, truthful you had been capable to proceed placing orders connected The site.

Unfortunately, Amazon was incapable to reconstruct your relationship and The information associated pinch it. But to get you up and moving again, it has sent you a £100 gift paper positive an other £25 to switch The in installments connected your aged account.

You person learned The difficult measurement astir what it intends to “own” book and euphony downloads, and will usage The rate to bargain The existent thing.

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