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Apple AirPods 3.Simon Cohen

If The galore rumors are true, Apple will denote and commencement trading The adjacent type of its wildly celebrated AirPods in 2024. While The specifications stay thin, here’s what we cognize (and what we deliberation we know) astir The fourth-generation Apple AirPods.

AirPods 4?

Let’s commencement pinch The obvious: The name. Keep in mind, we’re talking astir The successor to The 2 AirPods models that Apple sells that do not person progressive sound cancellation—the AirPods 2 and AirPods 3, aliases AirPods second- and third-gen arsenic Apple prefers to mention to them. In other words, The non-“pro” type of The AirPods.

Apple tends to beryllium a animal of wont erstwhile it comes to merchandise names, truthful there’s each logic to deliberation that The adjacent type will travel The existing AirPods naming normal and beryllium called AirPods fourth-generation. (Apple uses numbers and really The procreation spot arsenic a measurement to differentiate, but you get The idea.)

And since tech publications are besides creatures of habit, we and galore different outlets will apt mention to them simply arsenic The AirPods 4.

More than 1 model?

AirPods 3, AirPods, and AirPods Pro sitting in their charging cases.From left: AirPods 2, AirPods 3, and AirPods Pro sitting in their charging cases. Simon Cohen

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has proven to beryllium 1 of The astir progressive tech journalists erstwhile it comes to covering Apple, and his reporting from 2023 suggested that Apple whitethorn determine to merchandise 2 caller AirPods models, not conscionable one.

The reason, it’s believed, has to do pinch pricing. Apple continues to waste The AirPods 2 (which launched in 2019) for $129, pinch The regular, Lightning-only charging case. If you want wireless charging, you person to bargain The wireless charging lawsuit separately for different $79.

Today, from a purely feature-based constituent of view, this makes The AirPods 2 1 of The astir costly sets of wireless earbuds you Can buy.

Meanwhile, The $169 AirPods 3 travel pinch a wirelessly charging case, much on-earbuds controls, IPX4 h2o protection, and is are compatible pinch Apple’s head-tracked type of spatial audio.

Apple whitethorn good determine to switch some The AirPods 2 and AirPods 3 pinch 2 versions of The AirPods 4.

Both apt will use from an updated design, and you Can expect that Apple will tout improvements to sound quality. However, The much costly type would apt instrumentality pinch The existing AirPods 3 pricing and connection features for illustration progressive sound cancellation that separator it person to what you get pinch The AirPods Pro 2. It whitethorn moreover get The AirPods Pro 2’s much powerful H2 chip.

The much affordable type could connection a akin acquisition to The existent AirPods 3, but pinch a value that yet gets a group of Apple-made wireless earbuds person to (or possibly a dollar under) The magical $100 price. Apple expert Ming Kuo said this cheaper exemplary will beryllium known arsenic The AirPods Lite.

Jeff Pu, different Apple analyst, supports The thought that Apple will waste an AirPods Lite model, saying that 2024 is apt to bring reduced request for Apple’s existing AirPods models.

Apple has had a batch of clip to find ways to bring The value of wireless earbuds features down to a much accessible level and still make its famously precocious profits, and a $100 group of AirPods would apt beryllium a triumph for The institution and reverse Pu’s predicted income downturn.

Samsung, different mobile institution that has resisted lowering its wireless earbuds pricing in The past, debuted $100 Samsung Galaxy Buds FE in 2023, and we felt they were an fantabulous value.


Apple AirPods Pro Second Gen charging lawsuit pinch USB-C and charging lawsuit pinch Lightning.Apple AirPods Pro second-generation charging lawsuit pinch USB-C (left), and charging lawsuit pinch Lightning. Caleb Denison

The slightest astonishing prediction astir The AirPods 4 is that their charging lawsuit (whether aliases not it besides supports MagSafe and wireless charging) will usage a USB-C larboard alternatively of Apple’s Lightning.

Given that Apple has already made The move to USB-C connected The AirPods Pro 2 and connected its most caller iPhone (largely owed to an E.U. regularisation that fundamentally forced The move), it seems 99% definite that USB-C will go The norm for each AirPods models — including The second-gen AirPods Max, which is besides expected to debut in 2024.

USB-C not only simplifies The assortment and number of cables you request to support connected manus — it besides enables iPhone-based charging of your AirPods if you person a USB-C-equipped iPhone for illustration The iPhone 15. (Or immoderate different modern phone, for that matter.)

At slightest 1 of The caller AirPods 4 models (probably The pricier one) is besides expected to inherit The AirPods Pro 2’s Find My feature, complete pinch The built-in speaker.

Health and more

Apple AirPods Pro 2 pinch USB-C and MagSafe reviewZeke Jones

The murkiest predictions for The AirPods 4 halfway astir imaginable caller sensors and wellness tracking. Gurman has said that somesthesia sensors added to The AirPods would springiness Apple’s different products, for illustration The Apple Watch and The Apple Health app in iOS, greater accuracy erstwhile gauging your body’s state. Small fluctuations could beryllium useful erstwhile providing early discovery of illness.

It’s besides expected that Apple will proceed to look for ways to amended hearing. A caller trial wrong iOS mightiness service arsenic an replacement to an audiologist visit, giving The AirPods 4 The expertise to enactment arsenic a proceeding aid. New regulations person changed The scenery for over-the-counter (OTC) proceeding immunodeficiency in The U.S., and Apple wouldn’t beryllium The first non-medical instrumentality institution to look astatine ways to participate this increasing market.

The aforesaid trial could besides connection benefits for casual euphony listening. Many companies now vessel wireless earbuds pinch built-in support for package that compensates for each person’s unsocial wave sensitivity. This creates a civilization EQ preset that enhances portions of The audible spectrum that whitethorn beryllium harder for immoderate to hear.

Announcement and availability

Apple iPhone SE 2022 shown connected shape pinch Tim Cook.Tim Cook announces The iPhone SE 2022. Apple

Given that it’s now April, The model of clip earlier Apple’s adjacent scheduled arena — The 2024 WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC), which is slated for June 10-14 — is closing fast. This makes it improbable that Apple will formally denote The adjacent AirPods until that event, astatine The earliest.

However, if history is immoderate guide, Apple is overmuch much apt to hold until September. New AirPods models person traditionally been announced alongside caller iPhone models, and these person ever received autumn debuts, whereas WWDC has typically been reserved for discussions of caller package features powered by iOS.

If a September announcement is so in The cards, you Can expect that The AirPods 4 will beryllium made disposable soon thereafter arsenic Apple ramps up accumulation capacity to meet The all-important 2024 vacation season.

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