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After a Vallejo judge’s disqualification, The double-murder lawsuit against a 52-year-old Martinez man has been returned to Department 11 in Fairfield for a proceedings mounting and reassignment in The coming weeks.

Richard Raymond Klein, 52, of Martinez, appeared in Department 11 of Solano County Superior Court during a January proceeding in The Justice Center in Fairfield.(Reporter record photo/Joel Rosenbaum)Richard Raymond Klein, 52, of Martinez, appeared in Department 11 of Solano County Superior Court during a January proceeding in The Justice Center in Fairfield.(Reporter record photo/Joel Rosenbaum) 

Richard Raymond Klein, indicted in June by a Solano County expansive assemblage connected 2 counts of murder, appeared in Department 15, Judge Robert Bowers’ courtroom in The Justice Building, connected Nov. 6, Solano County Superior Court records show.

During The hearing, Bowers apparently considered a Code of Civil Procedure motion, specifically Code conception 170.6, The California rule that says a judge Can beryllium disqualified from presiding complete a criminal proceedings aliases civilian suit if The judge seems to beryllium prejudiced against 1 of The attorneys, The suspect aliases plaintiff.

Orders were past made to transportation The lawsuit to Department 11, wherever a caller proceedings mounting and reassignment has been scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Dec. 5 in The Justice Center in Fairfield.

Court records besides indicated that The lawsuit is nary longer a superior case; however, typical circumstances stay alleged.

Vallejo criminal defense lawyer Dustin M. Gordon represents Klein. Martinez-based lawyer Jon Christopher Weir besides was astatine The defense table. Deputy District Attorney Bruce Shapiro appeared for The people.

With The indictment, handed down June 30 aft 4 days of testimony, The Solano County District Attorney’s Office was capable to harvester The 2 execution cases into 1 pending trial.

The indictment, which fundamentally replaced The preliminary proceeding process, includes The 2 execution counts and 2 counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm, committing execution while released connected his ain recognizance and a typical condition for committing aggregate murders.

The indictment reflects allegations in The 2 antecedently revenge criminal complaints, that Klein allegedly committed execution connected April 21, 2022, astatine a gathering connected Manzanita Avenue in Fairfield, past allegedly again, connected Dec 15, while retired of custody connected The first execution charges, committing a fatal shooting in Suisun City.

In The Fairfield case, Klein was primitively charged pinch an enhancement for personally discharging a firearm astatine The time, starring to The decease of Anthony Fuimaono, 56.

Klein was scheduled for a preliminary proceeding in The lawsuit connected Oct. 28, and was held to reply arsenic charged. Some 2 weeks later and held without bail in Solano County Jail, he was formally arraigned. However, during The proceeding, Gordon asked Bowers to merchandise his customer and trim bail, arguing 2 law amendments, including The Eighth (excessive bail).

During those proceedings, Chief Deputy District Attorney Bruce Flynn objected to Klein’s merchandise and The bail reduction, citing a number of reasons: The consequence to nationalist safety, The consequence to The information of The victim’s family, The seriousness of The charge, Klein’s criminal history, his anterior situation commitments, and that Klein was antecedently a validated personnel of The Nazi Low Riders, a White supremacist situation and criminal thoroughfare pack pinch origins in The California Youth Authority. However, Bowers released Klein connected a pretrial services contract.

Then, while Klein was retired of custody, The Suisun City Police Department connected Dec. 15  responded to a shots-fired telephone in The area of Potrero Circle. When officers arrived, they recovered a man connected The crushed in beforehand of 1244 Potrero Circle, suffering from a gunshot wound. Despite life-saving measures by officers and paramedics, Matthew Muller, 37, died.

The Suisun City Police Department investigated The shooting pinch The thief of The Solano County Major Crimes Task Force. The Solano County District Attorney’s Office revenge a criminal title against Klein connected Dec. 23 for The 2nd killing, requesting a no-bail apprehension warrant.

After The 2nd shooting, investigators were capable to place Klein arsenic The fishy and find him. He was taken into custody in Rosarito, Mexico, by U.S. Marshals and Mexican authorities immoderate days aft Dec. 15 and returned to The United States. He was arrested Jan. 13 astatine The San Diego County Sheriff’s Office.

Also, in The 2nd case, Klein was held connected a felony warrant retired of Contra Costa County connected charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm, possession of narcotics for sale, possession of a controlled constituent while armed, and possession of a controlled constituent for sale.

A ample man, opinionated 6 feet 7 inches and weighing 280 pounds, he remains in The Stanton Correctional Facility in Fairfield without bail for The execution allegations and $450,000 in bail connected The charges listed in The out-of-county warrant.

If convicted astatine proceedings for The killings, Klein — who was convicted of a felony in 2006 in Contra Costa County — faces 50 years to life for The murders and apt much clip for utilizing firearms and being a antecedently convicted felon, among different enhancements.

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