Adecco Group AG (AHEXF) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript

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Adecco Group AG (OTCPK:AHEXF) Q4 2022 Results Conference Call February 28, 2023 3:30 AM ET

Company Participants

Benita Barretto - Head of Investor Relations

Denis Machuel - Chief Executive Officer

Coram Williams - Chief Financial Officer

Conference Call Participants

Andy Grobler - BNP Paribas

Simona Sarli - Bank of America

Anvesh Agrawal - Morgan Stanley

Sylvia Barker - JPMorgan

Rory McKenzie - UBS

Paul Sullivan - Barclays

Michael Foeth - Vontobel

Konrad Zomer - ODDO

Benita Barretto

Thank you, and bully morning. Thank you for joining nan group's convention telephone today. I'm Benita Barretto, nan group's Head of Investor Relations. And pinch me, we person nan Adecco Group CEO, Denis Machuel; and CFO, Coram Williams.

Before we begin, we want to tie your attraction to nan disclaimer connected Slide 2. Today's position will reference GAAP and non-GAAP financial results and operating metrics. This convention telephone will see forward-looking statements. These statements are based connected assumptions arsenic of coming and are truthful taxable to risks and uncertainties.

Let maine now manus complete to Denis and nan results report.

Denis Machuel

Thank you, Benita, and a lukewarm invited to each of you who person joined today's call. Let's move to Slide 3, which provides highlights from nan quarter. Our simplified, execute and turn schedule was announced successful November past year. It will accelerate strategical implementation and amended nan operational and financial capacity of nan group. We are encouraged by nan organization's responsiveness to nan scheme and tin already spot affirmative momentum from caller initiatives. Group productivity improved by 2% quarter-on-quarter, and we are very assured we will execute nan planned simplification of €150 cardinal successful G&A costs.

The 4th fourth saw nan group intelligibly winning marketplace share. The Adecco business achieved comparative maturation activity of 550 ground points successful Q4, delivering 1,500 ground points betterment connected a afloat twelvemonth basis. Customer restitution has risen. Our clients and our candidates Net Promoter Scores were up 7 and 1 points, respectively.

We convey our colleagues successful Adecco for their difficult activity and dedication that has driven these important achievements. In LHH, profession modulation shown it was nan ascendant manufacture subordinate successful this quarter, winning aggregate projects from world tech players successful nan U.S., chiefly connected an exclusive basis. And ESRA, our integer coaching business grew revenues by an fantabulous 40%.

Finally, successful [indiscernible], nan ACA integration is firmly connected way pinch guidance realizing €25 cardinal of synergies successful 2022. The ACA transaction has delivered EBITA separator and mid-single-digit EPS accretion successful twelvemonth 1 gathering management's financial targets for this important transaction. We will return to immoderate of these highlights successful much item later.

Let's move to Slide 4, which provides a snapshot of Q4's financial performance. Revenues were €6.2 billion, up 13% successful reported position and up 5% year-on-year connected an integrated trading time adjusted basis. Gross profit of €1.3 cardinal was 2% higher organically year-on-year. Gross separator was very beardown astatine 21%, 30 ground points higher successful reported position year-on-year.

EBITA, excluding one-offs, was €228 cardinal pinch a robust separator of 3.7%. Adjusted EPS was $0.76, down 38% year-on-year, reflecting chiefly little operating income. Pro forma nett indebtedness complete EBITDA ended nan play astatine 2.5x. This leverage stems from nan acquisition of AKKA and is successful statement pinch guidance expectations. And nan rate conversion ratio was 70%, a patient consequence successful an finance year.

Moving to Slide 5 and nan afloat year. Revenues were €23.6 billion, up 13% successful reported position and up 5% year-on-year connected an integrated 20 days adjusted basis. Gross profits of €5 cardinal were 6% higher organically. Gross separator for nan twelvemonth was besides very beardown astatine 21%. 60 ground higher successful reported position year-on-year.

EBITA, excluding one-offs, was €833 cardinal pinch a robust EBITDA separator of 3.5%. Adjusted EPS was €3.28, down 22% year-on-year, reflecting chiefly little operating income. Operating free rate travel was coagulated astatine €543 million. Considering nan group's performance, its coagulated rate position and assurance successful nan company's prospects, nan Board has projected a dividend per stock of CHF 2.5, unchangeable year-on-year and successful statement pinch our stated policy.

Coram, complete to you for a much elaborate reappraisal of nan Q4 results.

Coram Williams

Thank you, Denis, and bully greeting to everyone connected nan call. The request for talent services was patient this quarter, and nan group was good positioned to capitalize connected nan market's galore important maturation opportunities. This said, talent markets were move pinch a wide variety successful momentum by region and work line. Flex remained robust, while request successful perm and outplacement is normalizing pursuing post-pandemic extremes.

Let maine springiness you nan discourse wrong each of nan GBUs, opening pinch Adecco connected Slide 6. Adecco's revenues reached €4.7 billion, a beardown summation of 6% year-on-year connected an integrated trading time adjusted basis. Flexible placement roseate 2%, perm, 24% and outsourcing 22%. The business delivered clear marketplace stock summation and enjoyed beardown apical statement momentum, pinch revenues accelerating successful December.

The gross separator was healthy, supported by favorable solutions operation and move pricing. The robust EBITA separator of 3.5% was 170 ground points little year-on-year, chiefly reflecting little use from typical items that flattered nan anterior twelvemonth period.

Specifically, these items are a rebate for waste and acquisition relation fees successful Germany, lodging fees successful France and nan effect of COVID support schemes, peculiarly successful nan Netherlands and Canada. In addition, nan separator was weighed by maturation finance and little publication from Adecco U.S. Management is focused connected increasing Adecco's marketplace stock while improving productivity.

Moving to Slide 7, which shows Adecco astatine nan conception level. As we person conscionable covered nan cardinal drivers of nan patient gross separator and robust EBITA separator this quarter, our conception commentary will attraction connected gross developments. France, DACH, APAC and LatAm, each outperformed intelligibly gaining marketplace share.

In France, revenues grew 6%, consistently up of nan market, boosted by fantabulous capacity successful QAPA and Onsite. Manufacturing, autos and wellness attraction sectors were strong, while logistics was soft. In Northern Europe, revenues were up 3%. The U.K. and Ireland roseate 3% year-on-year, driven by finance and nationalist services growth. Benelux was besides 3% higher, while nan Nordics roseate 2%. The DAC region's capacity was very strong, pinch revenues up 19%.

German maturation was an fantabulous 24% pinch spot crossed nan autos, logistics and manufacturing sectors. That EBITA separator was soft successful nan 4th quarter, owed chiefly to nan absence of nan waste and acquisition relation rebate that I mentioned earlier arsenic good arsenic a much humble effect from higher sickness rates and nan timing of inducement accruals.

The DACH regions H2 separator of 3.1% is much schematic of nan underlying wellness of this business. Revenues successful Southern Europe and EMENA roseate 3%. In Italy, revenues were 2% higher connected a reliable comparison period. In Iberia, revenues roseate 5%, and EMENA revenues roseate 7%. Manufacturing, nutrient and beverages and consulting were healthy, while logistics was soft.

In nan Americas, revenues decreased by 3% year-on-year. Latin America revenues were 21% higher, led by Argentina and Mexico. In North America, revenues were 13% lower. The Adecco U.S. business faced headwinds this 4th from a shorter long and little measurement highest season.

Encouragingly, versus nan market, comparative capacity improved erstwhile much this Q4 and operational metrics person strengthened. Among these, nan business is delivering improved income strength and capable rates and little voluntary turnover.

Turning to APAC. Revenues were up 14%. Japan, Asia and India recorded tremendous gross growth, 20% successful Japan and 19% successful Asia and India. End marketplace maturation was broad-based, led by nan tech and unit industry. In Australia and New Zealand, revenues were 11% lower, reflecting a reliable comparison period.

Let's move now to Slide 8 and LHH. Revenues successful LHH grew 1% year-on-year. On a conception basis, Recruitment Solutions revenues decreased 7% year-on-year, pinch fees from perm 2% little connected a reliable comparison period. The conception faced headwinds successful nan U.S. pinch customer and campaigner assurance weakening. While recruitment Solutions gross profit was 7% lower, excluding nan U.S., gross profit was up 4%.

Moving to nan countercyclical profession modulation unit. Revenues were 19% higher. The business delivered important marketplace stock summation successful nan U.S., securing aggregate important wins from nan tech sector. Learning and Development revenues were flat. ESRA grew revenues by 40%. And Pontoon and Other delivered 8% growth, led by MSP and RPO services, which mixed roseate 14%.

Hyatt's revenues were tempered by retrenchment successful nan U.S. tech sector. LHH's EBITA separator of 5.6% was 70 ground points little year-on-year. The affirmative effect of Korea modulation was outweighed by little publication successful recruitment solutions and finance to standard ESRA arsenic it combines pinch LHH coaching.

On a sequential basis, nan EBITA separator was 190 ground points higher, benefiting from profession modulation and costs actions taken successful nan quarter. Management is focused connected continued rightsizing and productivity betterment successful recruitment solutions.

Turning to Codes connected Slide 9. The business delivered different beardown quarter, pinch revenues up 6% connected an integrated trading time adjusted basis. By region, Modis APAC roseate 9%, driven by an description successful engineers and very precocious utilization levels.

Modis Americas grew 7%, pinch consulting performing notably well. Given a reliable comparison play and a slower staffing market, we see this a beardown result. Modis EMEA grew 3%.

Growth successful France and Germany was solid. That said, nan German business is being repositioned to amended its maturation trajectory and separator successful a marketplace that is impacted by talent scarcity and wherever awesome customers are going done their ain important transformations.

Consequently, nan portion recorded astir €29 cardinal of onetime restructuring charges beneath nan line. As portion of its betterment plan, guidance would optimize Germany's organizational structure, adapting agency locations and centers of excellence.

In addition, they're firmly committed to attracting and upskilling talent and processing offshore resources. [indiscernible] contributed €437 cardinal of revenues successful nan play pinch maturation led by information consequence and France. On a stand-alone basis, AKKA revenues grew successful statement pinch Modis and its separator was supra 2019 levels. [indiscernible] EBITA separator was 7.1%, up 10 ground points year-on-year, benefiting from beardown synergy transportation and precocious utilization rates.

Let's move to Slide 10. The AKKA integration has progressed well. In 2022, astir €25 cardinal of synergies were realized, chiefly from reduced overheads specified arsenic existent property and including complete €5 cardinal of EBITDA synergies from task wins. At year-end, nan full synergy tally complaint successful EBITDA position is astir €45 cardinal compared to targeted synergies of €50 cardinal to €55 cardinal for 2023.

To date, Akkodis has secured gross synergies pinch a full statement worth of astir €90 million. Revenue synergies are projects secured chiefly from cross-selling initiatives betwixt AKKA and Modis. We person a fewer caller wins highlighted connected this slide, and they each use from nan operation of engineering and integer expertise that codes offers.

They show nan strategical logic of nan transaction and underpin our assurance successful nan business' expertise to present connected its €200 cardinal gross synergy target. Finally, -- from nan group perspective, AKKA has delivered connected twelvemonth 1 financial targets pinch EBITA separator and mid-single-digit EPS accretion.

Let's move to Slide 11. Here, we reappraisal nan drivers of nan group's gross separator and EBITA connected a year-on-year basis, starting pinch Q4's gross margin. Currency translator effects had a nett affirmative effect of 30 ground points, and M&A activities had a affirmative effect of 20 ground points.

The little publication from nan typical items I outlined antecedently had a antagonistic effect of 50 ground points. Flexible placement, including nan effect of typical items was level year-on-year. The imperishable placement had a 10 ground constituent affirmative effect and profession modulation was 20 ground points positive.

In total, nan gross separator was down 20 ground points connected an integrated ground and up 30 ground points connected a reported basis. At 21%, it is simply a beardown result. Regarding EBITA, nan 100 ground constituent year-on-year differential was driven by little use from nan typical items outlined previously, which flattered nan anterior twelvemonth play by astir 60 ground points.

Investment successful growth, chiefly successful caput count, which weighed by astir 30 ground points, a moderated publication from LHH recruitment solutions and Adecco U.S. mixed of astir 50 ground points. Going nan different way, AKKA was astir 40 ground points separator accretive successful nan 4th and nan separator benefited from astir 20 ground points from LHH profession transition.

Moving to Slide 12. The group's 12-month rate travel conversion ratio was 70%, up from 46% successful Q3, a patient consequence during a play of accrued maturation finance and one-off integration expenses. DSO was 53 days successful nan afloat twelvemonth from 51 days successful nan anterior year, reflecting a displacement successful assemblage mix, chiefly nan diminution successful logistics and nan effect of AKKA's cyber incident. Cash travel from operating activities was €459 cardinal successful nan quarter.

In summation to maturation investment, integration and different one-off costs impacted nan group's afloat twelvemonth rate flow. The bottommost near floor plan shows that connected a like-for-like basis, rate travel from operations was astir €675 cardinal successful 2022, which is broadly successful statement pinch some 2020 and 2021 results.

Last but not least, our financial building is sound. The nett debt-to-EBITDA ratio was 2.5x astatine 4th end, successful statement pinch guidance expectations. The group is firmly committed to deleveraging going forward.

Let's move to Slide 13 and nan group's outlook. As nan left-hand floor plan shows, successful gross terms, astir 50% of nan group exited Q4 increasing supra 6% year-on-year. While volumes successful January softened, nan marketplace for talent services remains dynamic.

The group is good positioned to seizure marketplace stock opportunities successful a accelerated and agile manner. In Q1, nan group expects some gross separator and SG&A expenses, excluding one-offs, to beryllium broadly successful statement pinch Q4 '22 levels successful a seasonally little separator quarter. And pinch that, I'll manus backmost to Denis.

Denis Machuel

Thank you, Coram. The group is progressing good pinch its early astatine activity reloaded strategy to amended capacity pinch a scheme centered connected 3 levels: simplifying, execute and grow. These levers reside respective areas that person to day hindered capacity crossed nan group pinch a bid of captious actions that will alteration faster and amended transportation of nan early web strategy.

First, simplify. The group will amended its organizational effectiveness by simplifying nan measurement it operates. Second, execute. The group will empower decision-making by those closest to customers astatine nan GBU and section level to amended execution.

And finally, growth, nan group will prioritize ways to turn marketplace share, pivoting from an EBITA percent attraction to a balanced gross and EBITA maturation focus.

Let's move to Slide 15. And arsenic conscionable said, -- nan group is driving affirmative momentum by implementing nan Simplify, Execute and turn agenda. Let maine attraction connected 3 aspects of our action plan. First, nan group's world income statement has been restructured. 2/3 of resources are being moved to nan section level to amended customer delivery.

Second, nan group has appointed Ian Lee arsenic President, geographic regions. This creates this recently created domiciled ensures section perspectives are represented astatine nan Executive Committee level. Third, nan group is very assured successful achieving its €150 cardinal costs simplification target, pinch a task unit established to support local, location and GBU efforts to delayer and amended speed.

Next steps to beryllium taken see adjusting nan IT and integer usability to make it importantly much businesslike and ensuring nan group's MSP's go-to-market exemplary operates efficaciously crossed GBUs and Pontoon to boost growth. The Simplify execution turn schedule has clear KPIs, enabling nan group to way advancement and thrust a beardown execution mindset.

Slide 16 shows nan capacity of prime indicators successful nan 4th quarter. First, incentives. The 2023 group scheme has been group to thrust improved financial performance. The planned KPIs for our teams person been trim successful half to 4 revenues, separator and profitability and DSO.

For nan Executive Committee, nan weighting of financial KPIs has accrued by 10 percent points, while nonfinancial KPIs person been focused connected improving gender parity and lowering voluntary turnover. And nan 2023 scheme was communicated earlier nan commencement of 2023 alternatively than antecedently successful mid-Q1.

Turning to customer restitution and efforts to amended customer retention. The Net Promoter Scores successful Adecco person risen. Specifically, nan customer NPS reached a grounds precocious of 37 percent points, 7 points higher year-on-year, affirming a multiyear betterment trajectory.

Regarding nan group's operating efficiency, nan conversion ratio for nan 2nd half of 2022 was 100 ground points amended than successful nan first half, and productivity improved by 2% quarter-on-quarter. So while further betterment is needed, nan group has made immoderate encouraging progress.

And fto maine reason pinch Slide 17, looking up to 2023. We will prioritize maturation and marketplace stock description successful each GBUs. We will attraction connected profitable maturation and amended productivity. We expect underperforming units to continuously improve, and we will accelerate momentum successful digital.

We will besides recognize nan targeted twelvemonth 2 synergies from AKKA. The full group is group to beforehand nan Simplify, Execute and turn schedule firmly. This includes bringing into reality a simpler organizational structure, a relentless attraction connected capacity pinch empowerment and accountability astatine nan section level and nan transportation of our first tranche of G&A costs savings. And we look guardant to updating you connected our advancement arsenic we spell done nan year.

Thank you for your attention, and let's now unfastened nan lines for Q&A.

Benita Barretto

Operator, we're fresh for nan first question, please.

Question-and-Answer Session


We will now statesman nan question-and-answer session. [Operator Instructions] First mobility is from Andy Grobler from BNP Paribas.

Andy Grobler

Three questions for me, if I may. Firstly, conscionable connected moving capital. There was rather a large inflow successful Q4 from accounts payable and accrued expenses arsenic good arsenic different assets. Could you conscionable talk done nan moving parts there, please?

Secondly, and a spot short term. But successful January, you said maturation rates person slowed. Can you springiness a spot much granularity connected what you mean by slowed? And besides successful that environment, why you're not looking to trim immoderate of your SG&A cost?

And past thirdly, successful France, wherever maturation was good, you called retired QAPA's performing strongly. Again, could you springiness a spot much item astir what you -- really beardown is QAPA? And is location a consciousness of a spot of a marketplace displacement wrong nan French marketplace towards tech-only solutions.

Coram Williams

Andy, its Coram. I deliberation I'll prime up your first 2 questions. So connected moving superior and January, and past Denis will touch connected France. So successful position of nan rate collection, nan moving superior inflow successful Q4, I deliberation we touched connected this successful Q3 and said we were anticipating that it would beryllium strong. It is typically a seasonally beardown rate conversion towards nan twelvemonth -- towards nan extremity of nan year.

But we besides evidently improved DSO sequentially, i.e., betwixt Q3 and Q4. And if you remember, we besides had a spot of a hangover from nan effect successful Akkodis of nan cyber-attack successful Q2 and Q3. So erstwhile you put each of that together, that's why we had a affirmative rate conversion, and it was what we were expecting. And it helps us, arsenic you know, to thrust bully rate travel and therefore, proceed to deliver.

On January, we had a beardown exit complaint for December, talked astir 6%. January has softened, but -- and these are nan important points, we are still increasing modestly successful position of revenues, and we are taking share. And truthful from our perspective, we are good positioned to proceed to do that, and we're truthful maintaining our levels of SG&A because nan lion's stock of that is trading expenses, which allows america to capitalize connected nan momentum that we've got.

As you know, longer word done nan twelvemonth and into 2024, we do person a scheme to present G&A savings. But correct now, we're focused connected gaining stock and driving productivity.

Denis Machuel

Yes. And pinch regards to – Andy, this is Denis here. So pinch regards to France, we – first, we are very happy pinch nan maturation successful France astatine 6%. So it’s a bully dynamic, overmuch amended than nan market. QAPA contributed to that. Of course, we’re for illustration beautiful overmuch successful nan aforesaid scope arsenic Q3. So we are for illustration betwixt 50% and 70%, truthful which is very satisfactory, and we spot awesome momentum. And that connection of work really fits galore clients.

Yes, location is an acceleration of tech platforms into this business. I wouldn’t opportunity that it’s a afloat marketplace shift. It’s – what we perceive from clients is nan request – nan operation of 3 main aspects. Of course, nan branch web that’s still rather progressive nan on-site business, which has besides delivered bully maturation and nan operation pinch nan afloat integer low-touch platform, awesome portal for clients and ace easy to interact for associates.

So there’s decidedly awesome momentum here. It’s not a cosmopolitan connection because it cannot screen each nan needs of nan clients, but it’s very complementary to nan remainder of our channels. So we’re very pleased pinch what we’re seeing pinch QAPA and scaling up arsenic accelerated arsenic we tin astatine nan moment.


The adjacent mobility is from Simona Sarli from Bank of America.

Simona Sarli

Yes. So first of all, a follow-up mobility connected nan very beardown rate travel procreation and nan moving superior inflow. If you could kindly remark connected nan usage of factoring and really does it comparison versus past year? That's nan first point.

Second constituent is related to exceptional that arsenic you mentioned, they person accrued rather importantly successful Q4. Could you please remark and supply a small spot much granularity connected nan main contributing factors to that? And really should we deliberation astir nan adjacent 4th and 2023.

Then 3rd mobility connected firm costs. They were substantially little successful Q4. Is that sustainable -- and secondly, if that is purely related to nan truth that arsenic you were mentioning, you are reallocating capacity from holding levels to location level?

Coram Williams

So Simona, its Coram. I'll prime up connected each of those. So connected nan rate travel generation, arsenic I mentioned successful my reply to Andy, that nan large driver of that was really nan betterment successful DSO quarter-on-quarter. It is simply a seasonally beardown 4th for america successful position of cash. And obviously, we sewage an inflow arsenic nan reverse came done connected nan AKKA cyber-attack.

On factoring, it was stable. So nary important activity year-on-year. That factoring program, arsenic we've talked astir before, we deliberation is effective. It's contained wrong nan bequest AKKA business, and we deliberation it's priced well. But we haven't accrued nan usage of factoring, which I deliberation is an important point.

In position of nan exceptional successful Q4, it was GBP 73 million, conscionable complete $20 cardinal of that related to integration expenses for AKKA and was portion of nan guidance that I deliberation we'd fixed astatine nan opening of nan year. We past had, arsenic I mentioned successful my script, GBP 29 cardinal relating to Akkodis Germany. And I'll conscionable region connected that for a infinitesimal because I deliberation this is really important.

Akkodis Germany had a coagulated quarter. It's a well-positioned business, but that marketplace has talent scarcity and it's besides sewage a bid of sectors which are going done rather a batch of change. And truthful what we're doing present is positioning this business from a bully position truthful that we tin really return advantage of nan opportunities that we spot successful that market.

So we're reorganizing locations, centers of excellence. We're upskilling and reskilling people, and we are moving much activity offshore. And that drove GBP29 million, and we deliberation it will really powerfulness nan German business forward. The remainder of nan one-offs were really benignant of mini pieces present aliases location relating to existent property and a mates of different changes. There is nary awesome complaint successful location for nan GBP 150 cardinal G&A savings plan. That is thing that we are looking astatine going forward.

You've seen our guidance successful position of 2023 for nan one-off costs, little than we've seen successful 2022. We've sewage astir 30 near to travel connected nan AKKA integration, and nan mostly of nan remainder of it is really astir driving nan G&A savings scheme and will travel later successful nan year. And nan full of that we're guiding towards astir GBP 100 million.

On firm costs, they tin beryllium a spot lumpy quarter-on-quarter. So typically, IT charges travel successful astatine different points. There are immoderate inducement accruals, et cetera. So you can't really extrapolate from a 4th what's going to happen. It's been moving astatine astir -- connected an yearly ground astatine astir 0.8% of nan group's sales. We would expect that to travel down.

Part of our GBP 150 cardinal G&A savings programme is astir looking astatine what gets done where. It's astir removing plagiarism and delayering and it's really astir driving G&A costs down crossed nan group. So firm wrong nan GBUs and locally wrong nan countries. So I would expect it to travel down, but evidently that will return clip arsenic we activity done that program.

Simona Sarli

Can I conscionable compression 1 very speedy one? It's connected liking disbursal connected expectations for 2023, please?

Coram Williams

Well, I deliberation we've fixed you nan guidance for Q1. So we talked a small spot astir what we're seeing successful January, wherever revenues are still modestly growing. SG&A will beryllium flat. Gross separator will beryllium flat. I deliberation that gets you what you request for Q1. We evidently don't springiness general guidance for nan remainder of nan year. But I deliberation you tin spot that what we're focused connected is really building connected nan momentum of nan apical statement continuing to summation stock that will thrust operational leverage, which will thief profitability.

Secondly, we're focused connected reducing G&A. That's an important constituent of what we're doing. And past we're focused connected fixing nan unit points that Denis touched connected successful his script.

Now immoderate economical situation we face, we will woody pinch successful an agile and elastic manner. You've seen that nan business is tin of driving growth. We've delivered that up of nan title successful Q4. If we find ourselves successful a tougher market, past obviously, we will mean costs because they're very flexible. But that's what we're focused connected for nan remainder of nan year.

Simona Sarli

Sorry, I was referring to financial cost, nett liking charges.

Coram Williams

Net liking charges. I deliberation we've fixed you a guideline of GBP 55 cardinal Sorry, I had misunderstood -- but it's very adjuvant to talk astir our attraction areas...

Denis Machuel



Next mobility is from Anvesh Agrawal from Morgan Stanley.

Anvesh Agrawal

I'll proceed nan contented past 3 arsenic well. The first is connected nan SG&A. I mean, you evidently sewage large redeeming plans from G&A, and past location are immoderate synergies that travel from AKKA. But fixed your attraction connected driving maturation and nan income investment, do you, astatine immoderate point, expect nan tally complaint connected nan AN connected an absolute ground to travel down? Or we are looking astatine a script wherever nan income finance typically offset nan G&A savings.

The 2nd 1 is astir nan beardown patient maturation wrong nan Adecco GBU. Is that really temp-to-perm conversion aliases that is for illustration caller perm growth? And if it is stem to perm conversion, tin you conscionable talk a small spot astir nan margins connected that?

And past finally, you evidently maintained nan dividend, but we are now astatine a level wherever nan payout ratio is adjacent to 75% and nan reported EPS is beneath nan BPS that it limits gearing connected nan absolute basis. So immoderate much thoughts astir nan superior allocation and really would you benignant of de-gear successful this reliable situation erstwhile profitability is nether pressure.

Denis Machuel

Thank you, Anvesh. Thank you for your questions. So I'm going to return nan first 2 and past Coram will return nan 3rd one. So regarding SG&A, location are 2 parts of it. Of course, connected nan S part, location is simply a clear attraction connected productivity, that's one, and connected putting nan resources wherever we person a bully move and adjusting downwards erstwhile location is simply a slowdown. And this is very granular.

So there's -- erstwhile we inquire section guidance to do is to beryllium ace focused connected nan trends successful nan market, focusing connected nan sectors that are nan astir dynamic. We are adjusting resources successful a very agile way. So we will set nan S portion according to nan market. And connected nan G&A side, and Coram mentioned it, we will -- we person a relentless attraction connected streamlining our organization, ensuring that we person nary plagiarism to trim nan number of layers being very strict connected what we spend, trim inefficient inefficiencies and slower processes.

So this is going to thief america wide alteration our ratio of SG&A complete gross and we said that nan G&A savings will beryllium nett one. So perfectly wished and location is simply a big, large attraction connected statement connected that. On nan wide capacity of Adecco, arsenic you know, I mean, definitely, nan maturation scheme has delivered results. We are outperforming competition, 550 ground points up of title this quarter.

Very pleased astir that word has contributed to it, peculiarly besides connected nan margin. It's -- I wouldn't opportunity that it's balanced betwixt 10 to perm, which is not massive, but foment a bully perm business pinch very coagulated double-digit maturation and very coagulated gross margin.

So pricing, you talked astir nan fees. I deliberation pricing is solid. All our pricing initiatives are delivering results, which is -- which enables america to person a very coagulated gross separator for this quarter. So we are capable to harvester some gaining marketplace stock and a coagulated gross margin. So we're very satisfied pinch that.

Coram Williams

And fto maine prime up connected nan constituent astir dividend and superior allocation. To beryllium clear, nan superior allocation policies of nan group are unchanged, and nan dividend is simply a very important portion of nan measurement successful which we administer capital.

It is underpinned by our assurance successful nan future, and it’s underpinned by nan rate procreation of nan business. And you saw successful Q4, we had bully rate conversion. The free rate travel successful nan short word has been impacted by nan maturation successful moving superior and nan integration expenses that we person been incurring successful AKKA.

But arsenic I mentioned during my script, connected an underlying basis, we’re successful statement pinch 2020 and 2021. So there’s thing fundamentally incorrect pinch nan rate conversion of nan business. And we deliberation we tin negociate to administer and present complete time, peculiarly because successful an uptick, we tin thrust further growth, further stock summation and further productivity. And if we find ourselves successful a tougher recession than we’re seeing correct now, past nan rate travel becomes countercyclical.

And truthful I deliberation it’s important that you spot nan dividend arsenic a motion some of nan underlying wellness of nan business and besides our assurance successful nan future.


The adjacent mobility is from Sylvia Barker from JPMorgan.

Sylvia Barker

Question number one, conscionable going backmost to nan integrated remark successful January. So based connected what we've seen retired successful nan manufacture and trying to set for your trends, are we successful nan correct ballpark reasoning astir benignant of 2%, 3% nan adjusted maturation successful January? And past tin you remark connected moving days arsenic well.

Secondly, connected nan €150 cardinal of costs savings. So you said €100 cardinal to beryllium incurred arsenic costs later connected successful '23. So should we presume not overmuch of a use from those €150 cardinal successful 2023, please?

And past finally, conscionable a speedy question. Your Head of Regions domiciled that you've created. How is that different from Head of nan equity view? And if you're simplifying costs by adding different position, benignant of what's nan equilibrium there, please?

Coram Williams

Thank you, Sylvia. This is Coram. I'll return nan first 2. So successful position of maturation successful January, I won't put a patient fig connected it astatine this stage. Obviously, we'll travel backmost to astatine nan extremity of nan 4th pinch wherever we landed. But I deliberation you should presume that we are modestly up. And I deliberation that is stronger than we're proceeding from nan competition, peculiarly because each of our information indicates that we are continuing to return share.

And by nan way, erstwhile I deliberation astir america being modestly up successful January connected a gross basis, past that's evidently adjusting for trading days. So it's connected an integrated TDA adjusted basis. On nan GBP 150 million, I deliberation we've talked earlier astir nan style of this. So we -- there's really 2 phases to nan measurement that we're tackling, lowering G&A. The first is astir speedy wins, which person mostly been implemented.

So we're getting savings successful position of procurement. We're getting savings successful position of what we walk pinch 3rd parties. It's benignant of adjusting our costs guidelines successful nan short term, and that will travel done during nan year. And past secondly, and this is nan much progressive facet of what we're doing, we're really moving to reappraisal each facet of what our statement does and wherever it does it. We're streamlining it. We're removing duplication, and we person a task unit that's already been established successful bid to really get nether nan tegument of that.

Now that will return a small spot of time. So we've talked astir moving our measurement done that complete nan first half and past starting to spot costs and benefits coming done successful nan 2nd half. So location will beryllium immoderate use from 150 cardinal successful 2023, but it will beryllium back-end loaded.

Denis Machuel

And regarding nan information of Ian Lee arsenic Head of Regions, nan Executive Committee, I wanted to person much voices from nan business successful nan executive committee. That's one. And second, nan sound of nan business coming straight from nan regions, from nan geographies.

There is nary -- we are not creating roles Ian Lee will double hat, wherever he's caput of Adecco successful APAC and each we are orchestrating nan domiciled of a state president successful nan countries and group who dabble had pinch their existing operational role, immoderate it is and ensuring nan due orchestration of each nan GBUs versus our clients, versus our various stakeholders, and besides ensuring that nan costs simplification is activated astatine a section level, reducing duplications betwixt -- among nan GBUs astatine section level...

Sylvia Barker

Okay. Sorry, conscionable a boring follow-up connected nan first one. So will location beryllium immoderate moving time effect successful Q1?

Coram Williams

We expect a humble one.

Sylvia Barker

Which guidance so...

Coram Williams

It’s a mini positive. So conscionable a small spot astir 1.5%, I would say, 1.5%...


Your adjacent mobility is from Rory McKenzie from UBS.

Rory McKenzie

Three from me, please. Can you show america really nan 5% integrated maturation splits into benignant of measurement and different contributions? And do your January comments propose that volumes are now declining astir possibly 3% to 4% year-over-year aliases thing for illustration that? And past Dennis, tin you talk astir nan challenges successful incentivizing nan income unit erstwhile you're facing these weakening markets. And I would beryllium willing to cognize if you've piloted nan caller inducement programs astatine each successful nan group aliases really you deliberation they mightiness thief your teams steer done what could beryllium tricky markets ahead?

And past finally, conscionable a follow-up connected nan exceptional costs, Coram. Slide 20 shows you person that GBP 35 cardinal complaint backmost of this twelvemonth and €100 cardinal of different one-off costs. But did you opportunity that location mightiness beryllium much charges connected apical of that relating to nan €150 cardinal savings program, conscionable to beryllium clear, what's not included successful those numbers truthful far?

Coram Williams

Sure. Let maine prime up connected nan measurement and benignant of worth maturation point. And past quickly connected nan one-off costs successful 2023. So I person to measurement backmost a small spot present because obviously, there's a -- nan mobility really is really overmuch costs ostentation are we getting successful Q4?

And nan benignant of champion measurement to deliberation astir this because it does alteration depending connected which territory you're looking at. Best measurement to deliberation astir it is that wide costs ostentation was debased to mid-single digits successful Q4. That intends location was a small spot of measurement maturation successful our numbers.

In Q1, and again, I'm not going to talk circumstantial numbers because it's only a information of nan 4th that we've got. If we're seeing humble measurement growth, and we're moving connected nan basis, location is still immoderate costs ostentation wrong that because nan underlying drivers of costs ostentation are still present, benignant of mismatch betwixt proviso and request of labor, past I deliberation you're correct successful assuming that location is simply a humble diminution successful volumes successful Q1.

And past connected nan one-offs, I conscionable want to clarify, AKKA.

We talked astir GBP 120 cardinal of full integration costs astatine nan clip of nan deal. We've spent astir GBP 85 cardinal of that successful 2022, and we've sewage a small spot much than 30 still to go. And that's really you get to nan numbers that we've fixed successful nan backmost of nan platform for 2023...

Denis Machuel

And pinch respect to nan incentives program. Sorry, what we've done. First, connected nan clip part, we've group each nan incentives earlier nan extremity of nan twelvemonth truthful that group could really deed nan crushed moving connected time connected January 1, knowing precisely what they had to do.

Second, we besides simplified drastically nan incentives. When I arrived, I heard that location were tons of inducement schemes that were analyzable and group will not afloat understand each nan aspects of -- they had for illustration 8 aliases 9 sometimes KPIs and it was excessively complex. So we are really simplified and nailed nan things to what's fundamental, which is nan maturation successful revenue, which is nan separator some successful measurement and profitability.

And we person a constituent successful DSO to guarantee that we attraction connected rate collection. So large attraction besides a batch of accountability. That intends there's -- nan KPIs are group connected everyone's remit and not connected nan corporate facet of things conscionable to reenforce accountability.

And schemes tin alteration from 1 GBU to another. But to springiness you an example, successful immoderate businesses that are applicable for that pinch group conscionable get a percent of nan profit, of course, pinch a period connected profitability, but that intends nan much they grow, nan much they make, right?

So this is typically nan truthful elemental strategy that we've implemented to guarantee that we thrust capacity according to nan guidance of problem that we group for nan group. And I must say, it's been beautiful good received. It's been beautiful good received by nan teams.

Rory McKenzie

That's helpful. Maybe conscionable tying together 2 of my questions. So obviously, pinch staffing companies not really having seen costs ostentation for candidates for overmuch of nan past decade. We each benignant of expected productivity to possibly beryllium higher than it is astatine nan infinitesimal successful nan industry.

As you're looking into this twelvemonth and pinch that equilibrium of diminution successful volumes successful Q1, but still affirmative costs inflation, has that allowed you to attack nan income unit aliases nan plans successful a somewhat different measurement maybe. Just trying to deliberation astir really that drop-through connected costs ostentation could benignant of thief your intends to amended profitability astatine a group level?

Denis Machuel

So first, fto maine opportunity that we person a hyper attraction connected productivity. We travel it, we way it astatine section level, astatine nan world level, per GBU per region. I mean, we way that very, very carefully. And we set our income unit according to, arsenic I said, marketplace dynamic, very -- successful a very agile way. So if we spot little volumes, we will adjust, but we support -- we person a bully momentum.

So we've adjusted our FTEs -- we've slowed down our finance scheme successful Q3 and successful Q4 because we saw a small spot of a slowdown, but we're still impacting -- we're still adding group wherever we person a awesome dynamic. So -- and again, very agile successful nan measurement we negociate our income force.

Coram Williams

And conscionable to adhd from my perspective, I mean we – to Denise’s point, we are laser-focused connected productivity. You saw it amended quarter-on-quarter. It was up 2%. We’re driving it crossed nan business. And we will proceed to attraction connected that, taking stock arsenic we person done successful Q4, which successful move drives leverage and helps america thrust productivity and besides reducing nan G&A costs complete time. So we’re very clear connected nan truth that location is much to spell for connected productivity.


The adjacent mobility is from Paul Sullivan from Barclays.

Paul Sullivan

Just to travel backmost connected one-offs and restructuring. Just to beryllium clear, nan GBP 100 cardinal of different one-off costs you're guiding to for 2023, that each relates to 150 cardinal G&A savings. And would we expect different dollar of restructuring charges to travel done successful 2024. Is that programme benignant of builds for nan $150 cardinal of savings successful benignant of successful aggregate? And past successful position of nan German restructuring of further German restructuring, are location immoderate costs savings associated pinch that?

And conscionable benignant of bigger picture, do you deliberation there's an statement to beryllium taking immoderate of this benignant of business arsenic accustomed restructuring supra nan line? And past -- could you talk astir nan comparative capacity betwixt nan GBUs and what you're seeing year-to-date and wherever nan variances are, that would beryllium very helpful. And past finally, successful position of nan style of this twelvemonth and nan separator progression, it looks for illustration Q1, well, well, do you deliberation -- really comoderatQ1 will beryllium nan trough successful margin? Because it looks for illustration it's going to beryllium a difficult benignant of separator 4th and complete seasonal factors.

And past successful position of keeping nan afloat twelvemonth supra 3%, fixed gross deterioration, again, really overmuch benignant of assurance do you person successful achieving that fixed nan benignant of nan SG&A dynamics that you've been talking about?

Coram Williams

I'll prime up connected those, Paul. So fto maine conscionable -- because I deliberation there's a request to conscionable explain precisely what we're saying connected one-offs. So location is 35 remaining to travel relating to nan AKKA integration. And past location is 100 successful summation to that, nan lion's stock of which will beryllium for G&A. There's astir apt a small spot much coming for Akkodis Germany, but we've taken nan lion's stock of that successful Q4.

And we're trying to beryllium very clear pinch you astir expectations connected one-off costs truthful that you tin exemplary them. In position of is location much to travel connected G&A successful 2024, I deliberation successful November, erstwhile we touched connected this, -- we said we'd expect one-for-one, truthful GBP 150 cardinal of savings mostly costs GBP 150 cardinal to extract. So location astir apt is much to travel successful 2024. But astatine this stage, we're still moving done nan actions that we request to take. And we will evidently do our champion to bring it successful nether $150 million. So to minimize immoderate further one-off costs successful 2024.

On Akkodis Germany, it's much astir positioning nan business to really occurrence connected each cylinders. So we had a coagulated Q4 successful that business. It's good positioned, but there's a batch of alteration going connected successful its extremity customers, peculiarly successful automotive, which intends they're looking astatine different challenges to solve. It intends we've sewage to upskill and reskill nan group that we person arsenic good arsenic thrust much offshoring.

So it's really astir reorganizing nan business from a position of strength. And I deliberation nan benefits you will spot will travel done connected an acceleration of apical statement complete time, which successful move will thrust productivity and operating leverage. But it's not truthful overmuch of costs savings. I deliberation Denis wants to add.

Denis Machuel

Yes. And I must opportunity that we are -- arsenic Coram mentioned, we are pleased pinch nan wide performance. We are very pleased pinch nan customer portfolio that we person and peculiarly nan 1 that we we've gotten from AKKA. We had a very bully customer retention. So we person very coagulated assets.

We are anticipating nan move of definite clients into smart industry. And successful doing so, we've sewage to accelerate nan transition, and hence this restructuring. But I must opportunity I'm very assured successful nan worth that Germany -- Akkodis Germany will present moving forward.

Coram Williams

And past conscionable picking up connected -- actually, possibly I'll adhd 1 much constituent connected restructuring because, Paul, you asked astir benignant of whether aliases not we should put these supra nan line. I deliberation nan constituent complete nan past mates of years is that we've had a mates of really awesome programs wherever it makes consciousness to exclude those costs from nan underlying operating capacity of nan business. The integration of AKKA was a awesome acquisition.

It's going very well. You've seen that we're up connected nan synergies successful 2022, and we're good positioned going guardant into 2023, but it's a important one-off cost. And I deliberation nan G&A programme falls into nan aforesaid category. We would expect our levels of one-offs aft those 2 programs are complete to travel down considerably. And I deliberation that's nan measurement that we're repositioning nan business.

And past conscionable connected nan constituent astir benignant of margins and Q1 and nan style of nan year. Q1 typically, arsenic you know, is simply a seasonally little separator for us. It's nan lightest 4th successful nan business, typically intends we person a little margin. And obviously, we're holding SG&A level because we want to thrust much stock summation and much growth, and we've sewage a level gross margin, which is very strong.

So I deliberation you're correct that it will beryllium nan trough. If we measurement back, looking astatine nan remainder of nan year, we're very focused connected driving productivity and we get that done further stock summation and operating leverage. We're focused connected taking G&A costs out. So complete nan people of nan year, you would expect nan G&A constituent of SG&A to travel down.

And that's nan measurement that we thrust margin. If we find ourselves successful a tougher year, we find ourselves successful a dense recession, past we will evidently return a different stance. And we will accommodate nan costs base. We will negociate SG&A accordingly. And you've seen america do that successful a number of downturns previously, and nan business is very flexible.

So we're assured that 3% for nan afloat twelvemonth is nan floor.

Denis Machuel

And to inquire your mobility – to reply your mobility astir comparative performance, I must opportunity that we’re very pleased to deed what we’ve achieved successful Q3 and Q4, we’re now importantly up of competition, 550 ground points versus marketplace successful Q4, peculiarly successful Adecco. And if I look astatine nan various geographies, location is – nan topics wherever we are not astatine marketplace velocity is nan U.S. and peculiarly successful Adecco and recruitment solutions successful nan U.S. But for nan rest, we are measurement up of our competitors.

So that strategy to really summation stock successful fragmented markets, I believe, is nan correct one, and we are delivering connected it.


The adjacent mobility is from Michael from Vontobel.

Michael Foeth

Just 1 near for me. Could you remark a spot much connected nan modulation of nan IT and integer functions? You said that some a Chief Digital Office accusation offices are stepping down, seems rather disruptive. How are you making judge that you person nan correct group location successful spot and your continuity?

Denis Machuel

Yes. Thanks, Michael. So first of all, to springiness a bigger image than only nan leadership, I’m pleased pinch nan integer assets that we have, and we’re really focusing our efforts to standard them. That’s 1 thing.

And nan measurement we accelerate our integer transformation. At nan moment, we’ve put a large attraction connected everything which is customer and subordinate facing successful position of exertion and systems I deliberation we person done very bully tools. We would conscionable request to accelerate amended take and nan efficiency.

Now nan logic for maine to put IT and integer nether 1 tile and 1 leadership, I must say, galore companies are doing that now to guarantee consistency successful nan measurement we look astatine tech and to simplify nan relationship betwixt tech and nan business. That helps besides accelerate our efforts connected information because information sits successful a measurement betwixt IT and digital. So I deliberation nan guidance of recreation is clear.

The teams, moreover though we made a guidance change, it’s soft. The modulation is doing ace well. The hunt is underway, and I’m affirmative that we person immoderate bully candidates lined up. So – and we are an charismatic company. So we’ve been very pleased successful nan traction that we sewage successful nan search.

So again, nary peculiar disruption, prioritization of our efforts connected what’s captious for our clients and our associates and nan appointments of nan CDI to travel successful times to come, but I’m assured connected nan basal assets that we person successful this field.


Your adjacent mobility is from Konrad Zomer from ODDO.

Konrad Zomer

I've sewage a fewer questions. First of all, I deliberation you did really good successful various regions for illustration Germany, France and parts of Asia. Does that make it much difficult to put a -- put much accent connected costs power and get nan costs savings in? Because I tin ideate that locally, group are looking astatine maturation alternatively of costs cuts.

My 2nd mobility is connected nan capacity of North America. Obviously, you've been struggling successful that region. And I deliberation that nan income diminution year-on-year successful Q4 was nan heaviest from each 4 quarters. Is that chiefly because nan marketplace worsened? Or is that because of soul issues you had?

And my past mobility is connected leverage. You opportunity that you're committed to further deleverage nan equilibrium sheet. Given your rate travel characteristics and nan dividend and cipher is really concerned astir it, but what benignant of leverage would you consciousness comfortable with? And are you perchance considering bringing it each nan measurement backmost down to adjacent to 0...

Denis Machuel

Thanks, Konrad. So connected your first mobility regarding costs control, fto maine put it this way. We request to beryllium competitive. And I tin show you that group successful nan section are telling america that they want costs to beryllium perfectly nether power because that allows them to beryllium competitory connected nan market. So location is -- and nan ostentation that we had connected our world costs is not being seen needfully positively from a section perspective.

So really, erstwhile I announced nan plan, I sewage awesome support from group successful nan country. So we're besides expecting them to make nan savings locally, but they admit nan guidance that we've taken because they cognize that they will -- that will make them much competitive.

And we person a bully traction there. Regarding -- and group understand that you tin do both. And nan measurement we negociate nan quality betwixt nan S and nan DNA and nan measurement we negociate this full pouch of costs is very good understood. Keeping nan remainder wherever we person move and bully marketplace trends and adjusting elsewhere.

Regarding nan U.S. Let's beryllium clear. Yes, location are immoderate headwinds connected nan market. We cognize that nan U.S. marketplace is slowing down, but astir of it are soul topics that we are moving on. We person sequential improvement. We're still lagging down competition. However, we are reducing nan spread successful position of really we execute versus competition.

Still, we're not location yet, and it's going to return time, but we cognize wherever nan problems are. And we person a very clear scheme to get nan basics right, put nan correct group successful nan correct spot pinch nan correct incentives and ensuring that we person a amended operational management, guidance person to section operations.

We are sorting retired nan branches and ensuring operational efficiency, and we are accelerating connected nan maturation sector. So -- we person nan correct leader who knows nan manufacture and will thief them -- helps america really amended period aft month, week aft week, time aft day. This is simply a very hands-on back-to-basic type of plan, and it's delivering.

We spot betterment successful capable rate. We spot betterment successful income intensity. We spot betterment successful voluntary turnover successful nan branches. We've improved nan number of starts per recruiter. So I think, again, nan operational KPIs are going into nan correct direction, but location is still a batch to do because we've been underperforming for immoderate time.

So positive, assured successful nan future, but it's going to return time.

Coram Williams

And past to prime up connected your last question, Conrad, astir leverage. I mean, a mates of cardinal points here. Firstly, arsenic we've said, we are firmly committed to delevering. You've seen our nett indebtedness travel down sequentially betwixt Q3 and Q4 by GBP 300 million, and that's really underpinned by nan rate floor plan of nan business.

Yes, location is moving superior that's been required to support nan growth, and we person taken integration costs successful rate position relating to AKKA, but our rate floor plan allows america to proceed to delever whilst managing nan remainder of our superior allocation priorities.

In position of nan level that we're aiming for, we person a mid- to semipermanent target of 1x nett indebtedness to EBITDA. We activity connected nan ground that that's nan correct balance. – Longer-term for nan business. Below that, we typically return capital.

But you asked maine astatine which level, americium I comfortable? I want to beryllium clear that astatine 2.5x, we are not uncomfortable. The financial position of nan business is strong. Our liking expenses are fixed, almost 80% is fixed astatine very charismatic rates. We person nary covenants. The enslaved maturity floor plan is good balanced and we've sewage bully liquidity. So we will delever, but astatine nary shape are we uncomfortable pinch leverage arsenic it stands.

Konrad Zomer

Yes. I understood. I astir apt utilized nan incorrect word. I didn’t mean to propose you were uncomfortable, but these are encouraging words.


Ladies and gentlemen, that was nan past question. I would now for illustration to move nan convention backmost complete to Denis Machuel for immoderate closing remarks.

Denis Machuel

All right. Thank you very much, and acknowledgment to each of you for attending nan call. I conscionable wanted to reason by saying that we are very pleased connected this 4th – connected nan awesome maturation that we had. We person market-leading gross margin.

We are perfectly connected way connected our plan. And this year, we will attraction connected marketplace stock gains that will springiness america operating leverage, which will thief america amended profit. We will trim our SG&A, arsenic Coram mentioned extensively today. And we will beryllium laser focused connected fixing nan fewer unit points that we have. I americium very assured successful nan early successful our early performance.

So convey you very overmuch and looking guardant to our adjacent relationship successful 4th to come. Thank you, and person a awesome day.

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