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Investment Thesis

The immune strategy is truthful powerful that our bodies walk much power keeping it successful cheque than fighting disease. An untreated Ebola diligent will apt dice wrong six to sixteen days. By contrast, an allergic reaction, which berserkly activates nan immune system, could termination a personification wrong minutes.

Adaptive Biotechnologies (NASDAQ:ADPT), on pinch its partners, is trying to research nan imaginable for harnessing nan earthy immune strategy to dainty diseases. The exertion is still successful its very early stages, and location are respective hurdles to flooded earlier it tin beryllium implemented successful nan clinic.

In spite of this, nan institution has been capable to make gross from its immunoSEQ level by forming strategical alliances and seizing opportunities successful nan comparatively untapped molecular diagnostics sector. Although nan second has a acold lesser financial imaginable than drug development, it is nan closest that ADPT tin beryllium to nan objective applications of its exertion astatine nan coming time. Management astatine ADPT has calculated nan full addressable markets successful each segment, arsenic shown below.


Adaptive Biotechnologies

In nan pursuing paragraphs, we research ADPT's existent merchandise lines and early marketplace prospects. Our clasp standing mirrors our desire to spot accordant operating leverage specified arsenic nan 1 demonstrated successful Q4.

Revenue Drivers

ADPT is processing 2 narcotics pinch Genentech, a subsidy of Roche's (OTCQX:RHHBY), acting arsenic nan exertion supplier for nan 2 projects successful return for a $300 cardinal upfront costs received successful 2019, to beryllium recognized successful installments arsenic nan task progresses. Along these lines, guidance states:

We're making bully advancement pinch Genentech connected 2 compartment therapy programs. Chad Robins, Q4 2022 Earnings Call

ADPT is entitled to royalty and milestone payments related to nan Roche partnerships, constituting a lucrative but highly uncertain gross imaginable successful nan future, conditional to nan occurrence of nan supplier improvement venture.

In December 2018, we entered into a worldwide collaboration and licence statement pinch Genentech (the "Genentech Agreement") to leverage our capacity to create cellular therapies successful oncology. Subsequent to receipt of regulatory support successful January 2019, we received a non-refundable, upfront costs of $300.0 cardinal successful February 2019 and whitethorn beryllium eligible to person much than $1.8 cardinal complete time, including payments of up to $75.0 cardinal upon nan accomplishment of specified regulatory milestones, up to $300.0 cardinal upon nan accomplishment of specified improvement milestones and up to $1,430.0 cardinal upon nan accomplishment of specified commercialized milestones. In addition, we are separately capable to person gradual royalties astatine a complaint ranging from nan mid-single digits to nan mid-teens connected aggregate worldwide nett income of products arising from nan strategical collaboration, taxable to definite reductions, pinch aggregate minimum floors. ADPT SEC Filings

Instead of monopolizing its technology, ADPT commercialized its Intellectual Property arsenic an immuno-sequencing work nether nan immunoSEQ marque to pharmaceutical companies exploring nan imaginable of processing therapies utilizing nan body's immune system. Currently, immunoSEQ is utilized successful 140 objective studies conducted by 85 biotech companies. This business exemplary decreases operating costs and risk, providing an contiguous root of income. Although apt little than nan Roche partnership, ADPT is entitled to milestone payments related to these supplier improvement projects.

IM Segment Revenue

IM Segment Revenue (ADPT)

In 2022, ADPT reported an 11% summation successful gross related to its drug-development business (Roche and Biopharma Services Revenue.) Biopharma Services accrued 30%, compared to a humble publication from Roche, whose first improvement shape is ending. In 2023, guidance expects IM gross to beryllium $92 cardinal - $96 million, representing -6% to -1.2% alteration successful nan segment's income owed to an expected diminution successful amortized gross from Roche's 2019 pre-payment, partially offset by maturation successful gross from Biopharma Services. Given nan uncertainty surrounding nan result of ADPT's collaboration pinch Roche, our DCF exemplary incorporates an first diminution successful Collaboration Revenue of 15% successful 2023, followed by a gradual rebound astatine an yearly complaint of 10% done 2027.

Author's estimates based connected ADPT filings

IM Revenue Forecast (Author's estimates based connected ADPT filings)

ADPT is besides leveraging its exertion successful nan molecular diagnostics abstraction and presently markets clonoSEQ, a Minimal Residual Disease "MRD" utilized to show crab prevalence successful nan body. Physicians usage it to show illness progression, remission, and relapse successful consequence to therapy. Biotechnology companies are besides utilizing clonoSEQ to measurement nan effectiveness of their therapies successful objective trials. Currently, clonoSEQ is FDA and CLIA-approved MRD trial for aggregate myeloma ("MM"), acute lymphoblastic leukemia ("ALL"), and chronic lymphocytic leukemia ("CLL"). It is marketed arsenic an LDT for different indications and has go nan industry's aureate standard. The array beneath shows sample segmentation according to regulatory and commercialized status.


Adaptive Biotechnologies

clonoSEQ trial volumes accrued 51% successful 2022, fueled by a important summation successful newly-hired income professionals pushing for further marketplace stock and organization healthcare penetration.

The institution expects gross tailwinds from nan MRD conception driven by nan motorboat of clonoSEQ for MM and BLBCL arsenic in-vitro diagnostic products, which usage patients' humor alternatively of bony marrow. This little invasive process encourages physicians to petition much tests. clonoSEQ gross driver is nan gait of take by nan aesculapian community. To that end, nan institution continues to sponsor world investigation demonstrating nan test's objective validity. While galore molecular diagnostic companies are guiding for little Average Selling Prices of their tests, ADPT is expecting higher rates, driven by favorable pricing agreements pinch non-contracted payors.

Recent SEC filings show that nan all-time unsocial patients tested by clonoSEQ since its rollout was astir 33,000. Thus, we are astatine nan early stages of marketplace penetration, giving ample maturation runway based connected nan illness prevalence numbers of FDA-approved clonoSEQ indications shown below.

Disease Prevalence New Cases
Multiple Melanoma 159,787 34,470
Acute lymphocytic leukemia 107,620 6,660
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia 200,766 20,160

ADPT besides receives milestone income from biopharma companies utilizing its instrumentality to thief measurement nan effectiveness of their crab therapies nether development. This income root has been chunky and comparatively mini compared to full revenue. Although milestone gross is difficult to predict, its effect connected our projection beneath is minimal.

MRD 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027
clonoSEQ $ 81,144 $ 101,430 $ 126,788 $ 158,484 $ 198,105 $ 247,632
% change 44.36% 25.00% 25.00% 25.00% 25.00% 25.00%
Milestones $ 6,000 $ 8,000 $ 10,000 $ 12,000 $ 16,000 $ 20,000
% change -40.00% 33.33% 25.00% 20.00% 33.33% 25.00%
Total $ 87,144 $ 115,500 $ 136,788 $ 170,484 $ 214,105 $ 267,632
% change 31.62% 32.54% 18.43% 24.63% 25.59% 25.00%

Operating Margins

The institution expects to execute a cash-flow break-even by 2026. Our assumptions reflector expanding R&D and operating costs arsenic nan institution ventures connected its efforts to grow nan explanation of clonoSEQ to caller indications specified arsenic DLBCL, which, though it has gained favorable sum decisions by Medicare, still requires trading efforts to triumph nan hearts and minds of Key Opinion Leaders responsible of mounting nan aesculapian standards of practice, a captious facet for commercialized success.

We besides presume a fixed stock-based compensation arsenic a percent of revenue. It is communal among biotechs to incentivize labor pinch stock-based compensation, particularly erstwhile retaining labor requires charismatic compensation packages owed to labour shortages. For example, a 3rd of ADPT's 43 cardinal banal compensation successful 2021 was channeled for non-C-Suit executives, including researchers and income personnel.

Stock-based compensation arsenic a percent of full operating expenses has been expanding gradually successful nan past 3 years, reaching 17% successful 2022. Our exemplary estimates that stock-based payments will stay unchangeable successful nan adjacent fewer years. According to these estimates, our exemplary shows that nan institution will execute cash-breakeven by nan extremity of 2026.

ChartData by YCharts

From these figures, 1 tin reason that nan company's expertise to execute its profitability guidance is predicated connected its expertise to leverage existent expenses into higher gross maturation and a gradual pivot towards profitability, defined arsenic adjusted nett income nett of depreciation and stock-based compensation. Since nan 2nd 4th of 2022, erstwhile nan caller CEO took office, important advancement has been accomplished, and Q4 of that twelvemonth saw important advancement successful leveraging gross and profitability. Nonetheless, 1 should carnivore successful mind that immoderate of nan advancement is related to one-time restructuring improvements that saw nan suspension of aggregate merchandise lines, including T-Detect COVID and T-Detect Lyme. Thus, 1 can't beryllium judge that nan operating leverage seen successful Q4 and FY22 is repeatable. This uncertainty underpins our clasp rating, and until nan institution demonstrates sustained betterment successful profitability, our standing remains nan same. Our base-case script for nan adjacent 5 years is shown below:

Revenue and profitability forecast

Revenue and profitability forecast (Author's estimates based connected ADPT filings)


ADPT reported better-than-expected Q4 results, pinch nett nonaccomplishment narrowing to $41 cardinal compared to $61 cardinal a twelvemonth earlier, contempt gross maturation of 45%. This benignant of leverage is captious to management's non-GAAP profitability plans by 2025.

The institution besides highlighted its advancement successful respective different areas, including its business pinch Roche to capitalize connected its Immunomics platform. Management is besides focusing connected nan objective improvement and commercialization of clonoSEQ and plans to grow FDA-clearance of nan trial into caller indications and uses, namely DLBCL and MM in-vitro testing service. All successful all, we spot a batch of committedness successful ADPT and its invention goals.

Looking astatine nan financial forecasts, we spot a CAGR maturation complaint of 20% successful nan adjacent 5 years, driven by accrued take of clonoSEQ, hampered by level gross from Roche owed to nan expected prolonged and uncertain regulatory support process. We spot nan highest marketplace opportunity and maturation successful nan Biopharma Services wrong nan IM conception and expect a CAGR of 27% successful nan adjacent 5 years.

Our estimate falls astatine nan little bound of management's medium-term guidance, which pointed to a 20% to 30% CAGR successful nan coming fewer years. To execute its profitability target, ADPT will person to find ways to leverage its operating expenses into higher revenue. As a result, we dream to spot Q4's operational leverage repeated by guidance successful nan pursuing quarters earlier raising our guidance and rating.

Editor's Note: This article discusses 1 aliases much securities that do not waste and acquisition connected a awesome U.S. exchange. Please beryllium alert of nan risks associated pinch these stocks.

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