a16z-backed Uno launches a design-centric password manager

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There are plentifulness of bully reasons why you should usage a password manager, from helping you make and shop analyzable and unsocial passwords to not needing to retrieve immoderate of them. But for immoderate folks, getting started pinch a password head for nan first clip tin beryllium a hassle.

To cater to that problem, a16z-backed institution Uno is launching a caller password head pinch design-centric thinking. The startup’s password head is an app for iOS and Mac, and a Chrome extension, to make it easier for group to grip passwords and logins.

Uno packs a ton of features that purpose to make login easier: one-click login, societal password betterment done trusted contacts, customized and easy password sharing, and a unafraid vault to shop backstage keys, in installments paper details, and addresses.

Uno's password head arsenic a Chrome extension.

Uno’s debut password manager. Image Credits: Uno

The Chrome hold does astir of nan activity for you erstwhile you log into sites connected your desktop. If you person your login saved pinch Uno, nan institution handles each login processes pinch 1 click — including 2FA codes sent to emails. You person to motion successful to Gmail and springiness support to publication your latest email to nan app, but nan institution says each this process is handled connected your instrumentality and nary email information is sent to their servers.

The institution says nan hold tin place erstwhile to capable successful reside fields pinch information and erstwhile to capable successful nan login information.

Both iOS and Mac apps are successful beta and person basal unafraid retention and password autofill capabilities. The startup said that it’s already moving connected an Android version, but it didn’t springiness a circumstantial timeline for nan launch.

a screenshot of Uno successful action

Image Credits: Uno

If you suffer your device, nan app asks you to prevention a backstage cardinal building for recovering your data. There is different — but somewhat analyzable — process for recovering your data. You tin adhd trusted contacts to your Uno account, and for recovery, they tin thief you by verifying who you are pinch votes. But nan drawback is that each of them person to beryllium Uno users. So unless you find folks who besides usage nan app, you mightiness beryllium amended sticking to accepted methods for illustration recovering from different instrumentality aliases entering your backstage cardinal phrase.

The company

Uno is founded by Parteek Saran, who has a inheritance successful creation and worked connected projects pinch Lady Gaga, Facebook, and Postmates. Saran besides co-created an relationship creation and prototyping instrumentality named Form, which was acquired by Google successful 2014. Post-acquisition, he worked astatine nan hunt elephantine for 5 years moving connected products ranging from hardware creation to package creation — astir notably moving connected Google’s Material Design approach.

The institution has raised $3 cardinal successful seed backing until now led by Andreeson Horowitz pinch information from Lookout laminitis Kevin Mahaffey, and Dug Song from Duo security.

a screenshot of nan Uno app for iOS.

Uno’s app for iOS. Image Credits: Uno

Saran said that nan inspiration for Uno came from erstwhile hackers took power of his email, financial services, societal accounts, and moreover Spotify playlists.

“After getting hacked, I was upgrading nan information of my accounts, and I realized nan process was method and cumbersome. There were a batch of steps and terminology that could beryllium difficult to understand for non-technical people,” Saran told TechCrunch. “Getting group to usage a password head connected a regular ground is simply a behavioral issue. The measurement to power that is to creation a solution by looking astatine really humans interact pinch this benignant of software.”

The laminitis said that pinch Uno, he wants to target a broader assemblage of folks — including users who don’t attraction overmuch astir password security.

The security

While password managers summation convenience by storing a ton of credentials, they besides person a work to protect that information and nan user’s privacy.

Uno says that it collects minimal information from users and each nan information stored connected its servers is encrypted pinch nan backstage cardinal stored locally connected users’ devices, which nan institution cannot access. It notes that only nan email, telephone number, and nationalist cardinal of nan relationship are collected.

Saran said nan app does not way immoderate individual information utilizing analytical tools. The company’s privateness argumentation notes that “in nary arena will nan backstage contents of your unafraid vault ever beryllium transmitted to Uno successful a shape that Uno tin decipher.”

“We really attraction astir people’s privateness and their security. I deliberation group are benignant of tired of giving distant their information and for illustration doing each these things. So our stance has been — we don’t want that. Our app requires bare minimum permissions to work,” Saran said.

There is besides a mobility of information fixed that hackers — albeit very skilled ones — sewage entree to LastPass’ data including customers’ password vaults. A starting constituent for Uno would beryllium to limit what customer information its labor tin access. The startup says it wants to debar these kinds of incidents by keeping a local-first and client-first attack by storing delicate information connected nan user’s instrumentality and not successful its cloud. Also, Uno notes that since it encrypts each customer information including passwords, hackers can’t make consciousness of it moreover if they get clasp of a person’s device.

As for convincing customers to spot its product, Uno said it has reached retired to larger vendors to behaviour a general information audit of its apps.

“Uno has had independent information engineers audit codification and behaviour penetration testing and person kickstarted nan process of reaching retired to larger vendors for a general audit. They’re presently successful unfastened beta, which is why this wasn’t kicked disconnected sooner.” Uno said. Uno hasn’t said what nan results were from early codification audits and penetration testing, but said it plans to people early findings from its audits.

The company’s target assemblage — non-technical folks — mightiness not beryllium asking these questions. But Uno has a work towards its precocious users to supply capable assurance and information by being unfastened and transparent astir nan password manager’s information practices.

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