A House for Alice by Diana Evans review – vivid tale of a homesick matriarch

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The Grenfell Tower calamity frames Diana Evans’s caller novel, its opening section capturing thing of The daze and scary of 72 lives mislaid to incompetence and malpractice, its closing pages base witnesser to a silent march of remembrance. As she writes of The greenish bosom that comes to loom complete Latimer Road conduit station: “It put a outcry in The sky.”

It’s a smaller, altogether much backstage occurrence that galvanises A House for Alice, however, 1 that breaks retired connected that aforesaid basking June nighttime in 2017 and causes a forgetful aged man, Cornelius, to succumb to fume in The location wherever he erstwhile tyrannised his Nigerian woman and their 3 daughters.

The youngest of those, Melissa, will beryllium acquainted to readers of Evans’s 2018 caller Ordinary People. Back then, Melissa was teetering connected The cusp of a breakdown, her agelong narration pinch Michael, The begetter of her children, disintegrating while their friends Damian and Stephanie endured overlapping home discontents.

Here, Melissa shares The spotlight pinch her sisters, “ecologising” Carol and harried Adele, arsenic good arsenic Michael’s caller wife, Nicole, a vocalist who’s much of a never-quite-was than a has-been. And past there’s Melissa’s mother, Alice.

Evans glimpses thing heroic in her middle-aged characters arsenic they summon The wherewithal to quadrate fading dreams pinch reality, but she imbues seventysomething Alice pinch fierce determination. Cornelius’s decease frees Alice to time off England, wherever an enduring “disagreement of place” defines her days, and return to her homeland. To this end, a location is supposedly being built for her connected The outskirts of Benin City. Her scheme drives The novel, causing profound rifts among her daughters, who consciousness varyingly fto down by her nonaccomplishment to shield them from their begetter in childhood.

As Evans dances betwixt viewpoints, food, manner and, supra all, euphony imbue her mounting – a London that’s predominantly achromatic and middle-class – pinch sensual specificity. There are references to existent affairs excessively – The Windrush scandal, Harry and Meghan’s wedding, The “doomful unreality of Boris Johnson”. At times The communicative seems to tilt towards becoming a state-of-the-nation novel, a condemnation of each that The Grenfell disaster laid bare. Instead, it settles into thing much nebulous – a shifting mosaic of intergenerational becoming and belonging that affords glimpses of poesy slams, Croydon nightclubs and The afterlife.

Becoming and belonging are analyzable by gender arsenic good arsenic race. Evans has a ray touch erstwhile needed, but The drama in Melissa’s catastrophising proposal to her 10-year-old boy connected really to dodge pack recruiters, for instance, can’t eclipse its inherent sadness. Meanwhile, her piano-playing teenage girl is grappling pinch what it intends to beryllium a young woman, “its performance, its humiliation and restriction”.

Does The matter reflector excessively intimately The affectional and belief turmoil knowledgeable by its ample cast? Yes, and there’s nary denying either its meandering pace. The book’s eponymous matriarch has a wont of coming to a standstill while conversing pinch her friend connected The stroll backmost from church: “forwardness occasionally distracted”, she and Evans some look to find.

Evans’s publishers are being oddly coy astir this caller novel’s ties to its predecessor, but anyone coming to A House for Alice without first having publication Ordinary People will beryllium flummoxed by definite elements, in peculiar sections depicting a harrowing nonaccomplishment for Damian and his family. In a standalone title they’d consciousness for illustration a crippled strand excessively many, and moreover in a follow-up they agelong The attraction overly.

The sheer vitality of Evans’s move prose does overmuch to soft complete these imperfections. At erstwhile associative, poetic – florid connected juncture – but girded by inquisitive precision, it renders almost hypnotic her changeless toggling betwixt The prosaic and The metaphysical. There are immoderate deft group pieces too, dramatising intimacy’s astir finely nuanced dynamics.

She dedicates The book to her ain Nigerian mother and “all of america who person recovered ourselves in a unusual land”. As its melodic, lingeringly vivid pages attest, that onshore needn’t beryllium an chartless country. It Can beryllium a marital furniture aliases a excavation statement afloat of ageing ravers; it Can beryllium The metropolis you’ve called location for half a century.

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