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A twelve South American migrants, including 5 children, were bused from El Paso, Texas, to San Jose past weekend, according to region authorities who are moving pinch organization groups to attraction for The families while attempting to benignant retired who sent them here.

“We’re still learning The afloat specifications of their presence and travel here,” said Aundraya Martinez, head of The Santa Clara County Office of Immigrant Relations. “The extremity now pinch The Rapid Response Network is to make judge The families are stabilized.”

The group’s presence marks The latest in a bid of unannounced flights and autobus trips delivering migrants from The confederate separator to California, but Martinez and different section officials judge it is The first to Santa Clara County and The broader Bay Area,

The Biden administration’s loosening of separator restrictions has led to a surge of migrants crossing The confederate separator and sharpened governmental statement complete U.S. migration policy. Republican Governors in Texas, Arizona and Florida captious of The Democratic president’s policies person transported separator crossers to Democrat-led cities and states wherever “sanctuary” policies limit practice pinch migration enforcement.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a campaigner for president, has sent migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, past autumn and to Sacramento earlier this year, drafting condemnations from Gov. Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Rob Bonta, who launched an investigation.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has bused migrants to Los Angeles complete The summer.

But Martinez said it wasn’t instantly clear who was down The carrier of migrants to San Jose. The migrants, who travel from Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador, indicated to lawsuit workers that U.S. Customs and Border Protection gave them a prime betwixt being relocated to California and Colorado, she said.

But Roger Maier, a spokesperson for U.S. Customs and Border Protection in El Paso, said The national agency was not progressive in transporting The migrants to San Jose. The metropolis of El Paso denied engagement arsenic well.

Representatives of DeSantis and Abbott did not instantly respond Thursday.

Their circumstances of The migrants’ presence propose it wasn’t a coordinated transfer.

Martinez said they were dropped disconnected Saturday nighttime astatine First and Alma streets in downtown San Jose, “with nary different resources aliases information.” They yet connected pinch organization organizations that alerted metropolis and region officials, she said.

“All person been connected pinch The services that they request truthful far,” Martinez said.

The adults and children are each family members, Martinez said, but she did not cognize their ages. They are staying in San Jose, but she said she couldn’t disclose where.

“We’re moving to guarantee that their privateness and information is being respected for each of The families,” Martinez said.

The region is reaching retired to consulates of Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador. If they stay in The area, she said lawsuit workers would spot to it that The children are enrolled in school.

Mayor Matt Mahan’s agency referred questions to The city’s Office of Racial Equity.

Zulma Maciel, head of The San Jose Office of Racial Equity, said that for illustration different ample U.S. cities, San Jose anticipated migrants would get present seeking refuge, either by prime aliases bused present by different jurisdictions. She said The city, region and organization organizations developed a Welcoming Migrants Plan outlining roles each would play in The arena of a migration surge.

“San Jose has ever been a gateway for immigrants,” Maciel said in a statement. “The City of San Jose embraces The diverseness and intends to create a welcoming situation that promotes The successful inclusion of immigrants into our community. As always, The City of San Jose will respond pinch care, compassion, and dignity.”

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