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Michelle Moon is simply a main astatine Sorenson Capital, wherever she invests in early-stage B2B package companies that thief enterprises harness The powerfulness of information and analytics.

Construction often gets a bad rep arsenic 1 of The “dinosaur” industries. This is not wholly unwarranted: Productivity growth in The assemblage averaged conscionable 1% complete The past 20 years versus 2.8% for different industries. Nonetheless, having spoken pinch galore developers, builders, materials suppliers, building tech entrepreneurs, and investors complete The past 12 months, I judge The manufacture is acold much unfastened to experimenting and embracing exertion than galore realize.

The built situation is confronted pinch opportunities and challenges of unprecedented scale, including The increasing world request for infrastructure and housing; an ongoing, escalating labour shortage; costs inflation; proviso concatenation disruptions; and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) requirements. These challenges are pushing building to germinate faster than ever — and location are plentifulness of ways founders Can capitalize connected caller trends in The space.

Over The past 5 years, The building manufacture has go much blase and well-versed in software. For instance, 84% of wide contractors implemented autonomous solutions complete The past year. Innovative exertion and ideas are influencing building wherever you look. These caller technologies thief builders execute higher levels of productivity, profitability, and safety. Tech founders whitethorn find that building customers are much selective than 5 years agone erstwhile sharing information aliases buying. Conversely, astir wide contractors now person a exertion budget, well-defined information process, and team.

Construction tech founders who lick The astir captious priorities for wide contractors — building connected budget, connected time, and connected scope — are well-positioned for maturation in 2024.

1. Capitalize connected increasing subsectors of building tech, in a basking marketplace for funding

VC financings in The U.S. building tech assemblage (2013–2023). Image Credits: Sorenson Capital

(Please statement not each financings completed in 2023 person been announced to day and The number will apt emergence substantially.)

Construction tech founders should see really their products Can service building and existent property customers.

Venture superior liking in building tech reached all-time highs in The past 4 years, and The past 3 months of 2023 were an incredibly progressive clip for building tech startup funding. I foretell 2024 to beryllium different progressive year, outpacing 2023, pinch astir $1 cardinal to $1.5 cardinal in full superior invested (shown in ray blue).

In position of opportunity, IT spending in building comprises a specified 1% to 2% of revenue (versus 3% to 5% crossed different industries), truthful building tech has plentifulness of runway. Buyers are besides becoming much blase — they progressively worth package devices that digitize workflows and thief present superior outcomes leveraging data, AI, aliases automation. Seizing these opportunities and marketplace demand, 2024 should beryllium a bully twelvemonth for founders to motorboat building tech startups and raise capital.

2. Bring distant sustainable practices that thief customers meet ESG goals

There is an ever-increasing attraction connected sustainability in today’s building and existent property industries. Per The International Energy Agency, The built situation accounts for 30% of The world power footprint and 26% of world energy-related emissions. As such, governments are tightening The screws connected builders and existent property owners to guarantee buildings are up to codification regarding power depletion and c emissions during building and operations.

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