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Ben Affleck and Oscar Isaac in Triple Frontier.Image via Netflix

If you’re looking for a awesome measurement to observe your dad, location whitethorn beryllium nary amended measurement than by uncovering a great action movie connected Netflix. The streamer has plentifulness of options to take from, and because action is specified a varied genre, they person thing that will suit fundamentally immoderate taste.

We’ve pulled together 5 awesome action movies that are disposable connected The streamer, and each of them will hopefully springiness you and your begetter thing worthy discussing.

Baby Driver (2017)

Baby Driver Opening Scene (2017) | Movieclips Coming Soon

A awesome car movie and a awesome euphony movie, Baby Driver tells The communicative of an orphaned getaway driver who makes judge to supply The cleanable soundtrack for each of his escapes. When he attempts to propulsion disconnected 1 past heist and get distant clean, though, he finds himself much tangled up than he had hoped.

Director Edgar Wright offers truthful overmuch attraction to item present that moreover in The moments erstwhile The characters consciousness a small thin, you’ll ever beryllium propelled to The adjacent segment by sheer momentum. Few movies person amended car action, and that’s really saying something.

You Can watch Baby Driver on Netflix.

The Equalizer (2014)

THE EQUALIZER - Official Trailer (HD)

Denzel Washington is profoundly compelling in fundamentally everything, and he was truthful awesome in The Equalizer that he launched an full franchise. Basically, The movie stars Washington arsenic a man surviving in self-imposed status who witnesses an injustice and decides that he needs to adjacent The scales.

It’s a remarkably elemental conceit, and 1 that gives Washington The expertise to beryllium in action mode moreover in The later stages of his movie stardom. These movies Can get a small gnarly, but they’re instantly satisfying because of The very elemental civilized beingness they establish.

You Can watch The Equalizer on Netflix.

Godzilla Minus One (2023)

GODZILLA MINUS ONE Official Trailer 2

If your dada is consenting to grip subtitles, Godzilla Minus One is a hugely effective blockbuster that very overmuch feels for illustration a modern day Jaws. The movie is really a prequel to The original Godzilla, telling The communicative of World War II veterans who find themselves coming look to look pinch The titular monster.

For arsenic overmuch arsenic The movie is astir defeating Godzilla, it’s besides very overmuch astir reckoning pinch The disconnect betwixt The Japanese group and The authorities that sent them to dice for their country. It’s a movie astir choosing to live, and in that way, it’s besides profoundly moving.

You Can watch Godzilla Minus One on Netflix.

Oldboy (2003)

Oldboy 20th Anniversary Re-Release Trailer (2023)

Depending connected really aged your dada is, it’s imaginable he had this poster connected his wall in college. Now, much than 20 years later, Oldboy still holds up arsenic 1 of The astir satisfying and suspenseful revenge thrillers ever made. The movie tells The communicative of a drunk who finds himself imprisoned in a room for much than a decade, unclear of who sent him there.

When he is abruptly released, he attempts to get revenge connected those who imprisoned him, and plentifulness of mayhem ensues. The twists of Oldboy are worthy experiencing unspoiled, but there’s besides plentifulness of awesome action, including a legendary hallway conflict that has to beryllium seen to beryllium believed.

You Can watch Oldboy on Netflix.

Triple Frontier (2019)

Triple Frontier | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The daddest movie to ever dad, Triple Frontier follows 5 erstwhile typical operatives who reunite to scheme a heist in a distant region of South America. Although they group retired pinch a very precise plan, things inevitably spell haywire, and The squad has to woody pinch The fallout.

Starring a awesome group of movie dads (Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal, and Ben Affleck among them), Triple Frontier is some highly muscular and besides a small sad. It’s The benignant of action movie that is grounded in existent ideas, moreover if it’s besides fantastical in its way.

You Can watch Triple Frontier on Netflix.

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