5 Best CEFs To Buy This Month (February 2023)

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Feb. 18, 2023 9:30 AM ETBST, CET, DNIF, ETO, EXG, HFRO, MCI, PDT, RQI, THQ

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  • For income investors, closed-end costs stay an charismatic finance people that covers a assortment of plus classes and promises precocious distributions and reasonable full returns.
  • Closed-end costs are mostly characterized by higher volatility and deeper drawdowns than nan wide market. For these reasons, they are not suited for everyone.
  • In this monthly series, we item 5 CEFs that person coagulated way records, salary precocious distributions, and are offering "excess" discounts. We effort to abstracted nan wheat from nan chaff utilizing our filtering process to prime conscionable 5 CEFs each period from astir 500 closed-end funds.
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Olivier Le Moal

In this monthly article, we effort to place 5 closed-end costs ("CEFs") that person a coagulated past history, salary high-enough distributions, and connection reasonable valuations astatine nan existent time.

Author's Note: This article is portion of our monthly bid that tries to observe nan 5 champion buys successful nan CEF arena astatine that constituent successful time. Certain parts of nan introduction, definitions, and sections describing action criteria/process whitethorn person immoderate commonality and repetitiveness pinch our different articles successful this series. This is unavoidable arsenic good arsenic intentional to support nan full bid accordant and easy to travel for caller readers. Regular readers who travel nan bid from period to period could skip nan wide preamble and sections describing nan action process. Further, a type of this article is made disposable a fewer days early to nan subscribers of nan HIDIY Marketplace service.

Why Invest In CEFs?

For income-focused investors, closed-end costs stay an charismatic finance people that offers precocious income (generally successful nan scope of 6%-10%, often 8% plus), wide diversification (in position of nan number of holdings and assortment of plus classes), and market-matching full returns successful nan agelong term, if selected cautiously and acquired astatine reasonable value points. A $500K CEF portfolio tin make astir $40,000 a year, compared to a paltry $7,500 from nan S&P 500. Now, if you were a retiree and needed to usage each of that income, nan portfolio astir apt mightiness not turn overmuch astatine all, but it whitethorn still turn conscionable capable to lucifer nan complaint of inflation. That surely thumps finance vehicles for illustration annuities without immoderate of their downsides. However, if you are successful a position to retreat 5% aliases under, nan remainder of nan output tin beryllium reinvested successful nan original money aliases a caller money to guarantee reasonable maturation of nan capital. In our view, if managed pinch immoderate owed diligence and care, a CEF portfolio could present 10% (or better) semipermanent full returns. If your extremity is not high-income aliases your needs are comfortably met pinch little than 3% income yields, you whitethorn beryllium amended served pinch a well-diversified accepted DGI (dividend maturation investing) portfolio. We besides constitute a monthly bid to place "5 Safe and Cheap DGI" stocks. You tin publication our astir caller article here.

All that said, it's important to beryllium alert of nan risks and challenges that travel pinch investing successful CEFs. We database various consequence factors astatine nan extremity of this article. These investments are not suitable for everyone, truthful please see your goals, income needs, and consequence tolerance cautiously earlier you put successful CEFs.

With that successful view, 1 should bargain selectively and successful mini and aggregate lots. No 1 tin foretell nan early guidance of nan marketplace pinch immoderate grade of certainty. So, we proceed to beryllium connected nan lookout for bully finance candidates that person a coagulated way record, connection bully yields, and erstwhile they are offering awesome discounts.

How to Structure a High-Quality CEF Portfolio?

It is very important that we should put successful costs that person a proven history of bully capacity and bargain them erstwhile they are offered astatine reasonable discounts (discount to NAV). In addition, it is of utmost value that we make our CEF portfolio a diversified 1 successful position of underlying plus classes. This is nan logic we urge having astatine slightest 10 positions successful a CEF portfolio. Besides, income investors request to measurement nan attractiveness of a closed-end money successful position of nan income output and its reliability and sustainability.

Market uncertainties will ever stay pinch us, but that should not forestall america from acting connected our semipermanent investing goals. It's champion to support nan attraction connected our semipermanent goals and strategies that person proven to activity successful bully times and bad. If you are a caller investor and/or starting a marque caller CEF portfolio, our proposal would beryllium to commencement mini and build nan positions complete time. We believe, for astir investors, a 20%-25% allocation to closed-end and high-income costs should beryllium enough.

Last year, astir costs mislaid worth successful sync pinch nan broader market. However, not each costs are created equal, and immoderate person fared amended than others. For reference and afloat disclosure, from Jan. 2022 until 02/10/2023, our "8%-CEF-Income" portfolio mislaid astir -5.3%, compared to -12.8% of nan S&P 500.

Our Five Best CEFs To Consider Every Month

This bid of articles attempts to abstracted nan wheat from nan chaff by applying a broad-based screening process to 500 CEF costs followed by an eight-criteria weighting system. In nan end, we're presented pinch astir 30-40 of nan astir charismatic costs successful bid to prime nan champion five. However, please statement that we do not see costs that person a history of less than 5 years. We usage our multi-step filtering process to prime conscionable 5 CEFs from astir 500 disposable funds. For readers who are looking for a wider action and diversification, we besides see a database of nan apical 10 funds.

This is our regular bid connected CEFs, wherever we item 5 CEFs that are comparatively cheap, connection "excess" discounts to their NAVs, salary reasonably precocious distributions, and person a coagulated way record.

The selected 5 CEFs this month, arsenic a group, are offering an mean distribution complaint of 8.78% (as of 02/10/2023). Besides, these 5 costs person a proven past grounds and collectively returned 6.80%, 8.20%, and 9.16% successful nan past three, five, and 10 years. Please support successful mind that these returns are overmuch little than what they were past twelvemonth and should beryllium measured successful comparison to nan broader market. The mean leverage for nan group is debased astatine astir 17%, pinch an mean discount of -7.2%. Since this is simply a monthly series, location whitethorn beryllium immoderate selections that could overlap from period to month.

Please statement that these are not recommendations to bargain but should beryllium considered arsenic a starting constituent for further research.

Goals For nan Selection Process

Our goals are elemental and are aligned pinch astir blimpish income investors, including retirees who wish to dabble successful CEFs. We want to shortlist 5 closed-end costs that are comparatively cheap, connection bully discounts to their NAVs, salary comparatively precocious distributions, and person a coagulated and important past way grounds successful maintaining and increasing their NAVs. Please statement that we are not needfully going for nan cheapest costs (in position of discounts aliases highest yields), but we besides require our costs to guidelines retired qualitatively. We adopt a systematic attack to select down nan 500-plus costs into a mini subset.

Here's a summary of our superior goals:

  • High income/distributions.
  • Reasonable semipermanent capacity successful position of full return connected NAV: We besides effort to measurement if location has been an excess NAV return complete and supra nan distribution rate.
  • Cheaper valuation astatine nan clip of buying, wished by nan absolute discount to NAV and nan "excess" discount offered compared to their history.
  • Coverage ratio: We effort to measurement to what grade nan income generated by nan money covers nan distribution. Not each CEFs afloat screen nan distribution, particularly nan equity, and specialty funds, arsenic they dangle connected superior gains to screen their distributions. We set this weight according to nan type and quality of nan fund.

We judge that a well-diversified CEF portfolio should dwell of astatine slightest 10 CEFs, preferably from different plus classes. It's besides advisable to build nan portfolio complete a play alternatively than put successful 1 lump sum. If you were to put successful 1 CEF each period for a year, you would person a well-diversified CEF portfolio by nan year's end. What we supply present each period is simply a database of 5 probable candidates for further research. We deliberation a CEF portfolio tin beryllium an important constituent successful nan wide portfolio strategy. One should preferably person a DGI portfolio arsenic nan foundation, and nan CEF portfolio could beryllium utilized to boost nan income level to nan desired level. How overmuch should 1 allocate to CEFs? Each investor needs to reply this mobility himself/herself based connected his/her individual business and factors for illustration nan size of nan portfolio, income needs, consequence appetite, aliases consequence tolerance.

Selection Process

We person much than 500 CEF costs to take from, which travel from different plus classes for illustration equity, preferred stocks, owe bonds, authorities and firm bonds, power MLPs, utilities, infrastructure, and municipal income. Just for illustration successful different life situations, moreover though nan broader prime ever is good, it does make it much difficult to make a last selection. The first point we want to do is to shorten this database of 500 CEFs to a much manageable subset of astir 75-100 funds. We tin use immoderate criteria to shorten our list, but nan criteria request to beryllium wide and loose capable astatine this shape to support each nan perchance bully candidates. Also, nan criteria that we build should revolve astir our original goals. We besides request astatine slightest a five-year history for nan costs that we consider. However, we do return into relationship nan 10-year history, if available.

Criteria to Shortlist:


Brings down nan number of costs to...

Reason for nan Criteria

Baseline disbursal < 2.5% and Avg. Daily Volume > 10,000

Approx. 435 Funds

We do not want costs that complaint excessive fees. Also, we want costs that person adjacent liquidity.

Market capitalization> 100 Million

Approx. 400 Funds

We do not want costs that are excessively small.

Track record/ History longer than 5 years (inception day 2016 aliases earlier)

Approx. 375 Funds

We want costs that person a reasonably agelong way record.

Discount/Premium < +7%

Approx. 350 Funds

We do not want to salary excessively precocious a premium; successful fact, we want bigger discounts.

Distribution (dividend) Rate > 5%

Approx. 260-290 Funds

The existent distribution (income) to beryllium reasonably high.

5-Year Annualized Return connected NAV > 0% AND

3-Year Annualized Return connected NAV >0%

Approx. 220-250 Funds

We want costs that person a reasonably bully past way grounds successful maintaining their NAVs.

After we applied nan supra criteria this month, we were near pinch astir 220 costs connected our list. But it's excessively agelong a database to coming present aliases meaningfully prime 5 funds.

Note: All tables successful this article person been created by nan writer (unless explicitly specified). Most of nan information successful this article are originated from,, and

Narrowing Down To 50 Funds

To bring down nan number of costs to a much manageable count, we will shortlist 10 costs based connected each of nan pursuing criteria. After that, we will use definite qualitative criteria to each money and rank them to prime nan apical five.

At this stage, we besides destruct definite costs that person had important antagonistic NAV returns for some three-year and five-year periods.

Seven Broad Criteria:

  • Excess discount/premium (explained below).
  • Distribution rate.
  • Return connected NAV, past 3 years (medium-term).
  • Return connected NAV, past 5 years (long term).
  • Coverage ratio.
  • Excess return complete distributions.
  • The full weight (calculated up to this point).

Excess Discount/Premium:

We surely for illustration costs that are offering ample discounts (not premiums) to their NAVs. But sometimes, we whitethorn see paying adjacent zero aliases a mini premium if nan money is different great. So, what's important is to look astatine nan "excess discount/premium" and not astatine nan absolute value. We want to spot nan discount (or premium) connected a comparative ground to their record, opportunity 52-week average.

Subtracting nan 52-week mean discount/premium from nan existent discount/premium will springiness america nan excess discount/premium. For example, if nan money has nan existent discount of -5%, but nan 52-week mean was +1.5% (premium), nan excess discount/premium would beryllium -6.5%.

Excess Discount/Premium = Current Discount/Premium (Minus) 52-Wk Avg. Discount/ Premium.

So, what's nan quality betwixt nan 12-month Z-score and this measurement of Excess Discount/Premium? The 2 measurements are rather similar, possibly pinch a subtle difference. The 12-month Z-score would bespeak really costly (or cheap) nan CEF is successful comparison to nan 12 months. Z-score besides takes into relationship nan modular deviation of nan discount/premium. Our measurement (excess discount/premium) compares nan existent valuation pinch nan past 12-month average.

We benignant our database (of 210 funds) connected nan "excess discount/premium" successful descending order. For this criterion, nan little nan value, nan amended it is. So, we prime nan apical 10 costs (most antagonistic values) from this sorted list.

(All information arsenic of 02/10/2023.)

Table 1:



High Current Distribution Rate:

After all, astir investors put successful CEF costs for their juicy distributions. We benignant our database connected nan existent distribution complaint (descending order, highest astatine nan top) and prime nan apical 10 costs from this sorted list.

Table 2:



Medium-Term Return connected NAV (last 3 years):

We past benignant our database connected a three-year return connected NAV (in descending order, highest astatine nan top) and prime nan apical 10 funds.

Table 3:



Five-Year Annualized Return connected NAV:

We past benignant our database connected nan five-year return connected NAV (in descending order, highest astatine nan top) and prime nan apical 10 funds.

Table 4:



Coverage Ratio (Distributions Vs. Earnings):

We past benignant our database connected nan sum ratio and prime nan apical 10 funds. The sum ratio is derived by dividing nan net per stock by nan distribution magnitude for a circumstantial period. Please statement that successful immoderate cases, nan sum ratio whitethorn not beryllium very meticulous since nan "earnings per share" possibly 3 to six months old. But successful astir cases, it's reasonably accurate.

Table 5:



Excess Return Over Distribution:

This is nan "excess return" provided by nan money complete nan distribution rate. It's calculated by subtracting nan distribution complaint from nan three-year NAV return.

Table 6:



Total Weight (Quality Score) Calculated Up to This Point:

Note: The Total Weight calculation is not afloat completed astatine this constituent since we person not taken into relationship nan 10-year NAV return. Also, we would set nan weight for nan sum ratio astatine a later stage. However, we prime nan apical 15 names connected this basis.

Table 7:



Now we person 75 costs successful full from nan supra selections.

We will spot if location are immoderate duplicates. In our existent database of 75 funds, location were 25 duplicates, meaning location are costs that appeared much than once. The pursuing names look doubly (or more):

Appeared 2 times: CII, ETO, GGN, HFRO, HGLB, PML, RIV, RMT (8 duplicates)

Appeared 3 times: ASG, BCX, BGR, DNIF, FUND, HIE, THQ (14 duplicates)

Appeared 4 times: CET (3 duplicates)

So, erstwhile we region 25 copy rows, we are near pinch 50 (75 - 25) funds.

Note: It whitethorn beryllium worthwhile to mention present that conscionable because a money has appeared aggregate times does not needfully make it an charismatic candidate. Sometimes, a money whitethorn look aggregate times simply for nan incorrect reasons, for illustration a precocious existent discount, precocious excess discount, aliases a very precocious distribution complaint that whitethorn not beryllium sustainable. But during nan 2nd shape of filtering, it whitethorn not people good connected nan wide value people owed to different factors for illustration mediocre way record. That said, if a money has appeared 4 times aliases more, it whitethorn beryllium worthy a 2nd look.

Narrowing Down To Just 10 Funds

In our database of funds, we already whitethorn person immoderate of nan champion probable candidates. However, truthful far, they person been selected based connected 1 azygous criterion that each of them whitethorn beryllium bully at. That's not astir enough. So, we will use a operation of criteria by applying weights to 8 factors to cipher nan full value people and select retired nan champion ones.

We will use weights to each of nan 8 criteria:

  • Baseline disbursal (Max weight 5)
  • Current distribution complaint (Max weight 7.5)
  • Excess discount/premium (Max weight 5)
  • 3-YR NAV return (Max weight 5)
  • 5-YR NAV return (Max weight 5)
  • 10-YR NAV return (Max weight 5, if little than 10 years history, an mean of three-year and five-year)
  • Excess NAV return complete distribution complaint (Max weight 5)
  • Adjusted Coverage Ratio (Max weight 7.5): This weight is adjusted based connected nan type of money to supply adjacent curen to definite types for illustration equity and assemblage funds. We delegate immoderate prize points to definite types of funds, which by their make-up, dangle connected superior gains to money their distributions, to bring them astatine par pinch fixed-income funds. These money types see Equity/ Sector equity (two prize points), existent property (two points), covered telephone (two points), and MLP costs (variable). However, please statement that this is conscionable 1 of 9 criteria that are being utilized to cipher nan full value score.

Once we person calculated nan weights, we harvester them to cipher nan "Total Combined Weight," besides called nan "Quality Score."

The sorted database (spreadsheet) of 50 costs connected nan "combined full weight" is attached here:


10-Positions Portfolio of The Month

If you were to prime 10 picks, we could simply prime nan apical 1 from each of nan plus classes. That said, owed diligence connected each sanction is still highly recommended. Also, successful our last selections, we thin to springiness privilege to costs that salary regular and accordant distributions connected a monthly aliases quarterly basis. Funds that whitethorn person inconsistent dividends (even if they are high) mostly do not make it to our apical list. Also, beryllium alert that galore times, single-country costs people precocious successful our rankings. Many of them salary adaptable dividends. In addition, being single-country funds, they tin beryllium inherently riskier since their early returns are tied to conscionable 1 country, beryllium it economic, regulatory, aliases geopolitical factors.

Here's nan database of nan apical 10 selections (from different plus classes):

(CET), (ETO), (OTCPK:DNIF), (THQ), (EXG), (HFRO), (MCI), (PDT), (RQI), (BST).

Table 8:



Final Selection: Our List Of Final Top 5

5-Positions Portfolio of nan Month:

Now, if we had only 5 slots for finance and needed to prime conscionable 5 funds, we would request to make immoderate subjective choices. We deliberation our database of 10 selections supra is rather compelling, and location are surely much than 5 names that we like. While we constrictive down this list, we should beryllium observant to support nan database arsenic diversified arsenic imaginable successful position of plus classes. Since this measurement is mostly subjective, nan prime would disagree from personification to person. Nonetheless, present are nan selections for this month, based connected our perspective:

Table: The Final 5 Funds:

Table 9:



Some accusation astir nan selections:

  • We urge that readers look astatine some nan apical 10 and apical 5 lists. The top-10 database offers overmuch much of a diversified batch (compared to nan apical 5) for nan existent marketplace environment. The distribution magnitude per stock for some groups is very respectable astatine 8% plus.
  • CET is our U.S. equity money action for this month. It besides made it to our database past month. This money is not nan emblematic income money arsenic nan distributions are semiannual and uneven. In fact, astir of nan distribution comes astatine nan year-end, which includes a typical distribution from superior gains. So, expect nan distribution to beryllium adaptable from twelvemonth to year. In that sense, folks who are looking for accordant monthly (or quarterly) income request to debar this fund. That said, CET has a very agelong history, uses almost nary leverage, and mostly trades astatine a ample discount to NAV. Nevertheless, its history is beautiful impressive. It would hit (or astir match) nan capacity of nan S&P 500, whichever twelvemonth you began nan investment. We checked pinch starting years of 1985, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2015, 2018, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Annualized gains for CET vs. S&P 500:




Note: At times, CET tin waste and acquisition pinch larger than nan normal bid/ask dispersed (due to debased volume), truthful it is recommended to usage limit orders.

  • THQ (Tekla Healthcare Fund) is our prime for this period from nan Healthcare assemblage (also our prime nan erstwhile month). The healthcare assemblage is apt to do good successful nan mean to agelong term. To apical it, we are getting astir a 10.5% discount and a 2.5% excess discount correct now (compared to nan 52-week average). The output is not very precocious but reasonable astatine 6.9%.
  • EXG (Eaton Vance Tax-Mgd Global Equity Inc fund) is simply a covered-call play from nan Eaton Group. It invests complete 50% of its portfolio successful home blue-chip US dividend stocks and nan remainder successful nan world market. It generates and enhances nan dividend income of its portfolio by penning (selling) telephone options connected nan portion of its portfolio. Currently, it is offering an charismatic discount of complete -7% (52-week mean being -2.40%) and a output of astir 8.40%. The past capacity complete 3 to 10 years is astir 8%, which is decent, keeping successful mind nan existent authorities of nan market.
  • PDT (JHancock Premium Dividend Fund) is simply a hybrid money that invests some successful preferred securities and equities of communal stocks. Many of its holdings are successful nan power sector. The money is offering an charismatic excess discount complete nan 52-week mean discount (-1.90% vs. +5.40%) and a output of astir 9%. The money comes from nan John Hancock money family. The money has a decent semipermanent way grounds of maintaining its NAV.
  • RQI (Cohen & Steers Qual Inc Realty fund) is 1 of nan champion closed-end costs from nan Real-Estate sector. The real-estate costs person been down a batch successful nan past year, but they look to beryllium connected a way to recovery. The money is not cheap, though, successful position of nan discount/premium, and it is offering little than a 1% discount. But we person included it for nan reasons of diversification, nan fund's semipermanent way record, and nan betterment that is underway successful nan realty funds.

CEF-Specific Investment Risks

It goes without saying that CEFs, successful general, person immoderate further risks. This conception is specifically applicable for investors who are caller to CEF investing, but successful general, each CEF investors should beryllium alert of it.

  • Leverage and precocious fees:

They mostly usage immoderate magnitude of leverage, which adds to nan risk. The leverage tin beryllium hugely beneficial successful bully times but tin beryllium detrimental during reliable times. The leverage besides causes higher fees because of nan liking disbursal successful summation to nan baseline expense. In nan tables above, we person utilized nan baseline disbursal only. If a money is utilizing important leverage, we want to make judge that nan leverage is utilized efficaciously by nan guidance squad - nan champion measurement to cognize this is to look astatine nan semipermanent returns connected nan NAV. NAV is nan "net plus value" of nan money aft counting each expenses and aft paying nan distributions. So, if a money is paying precocious distributions and maintaining aliases increasing its NAV complete time, it should bode good for its investors.

  • Volatility:

Due to leverage, nan marketplace prices of CEFs tin beryllium much volatile arsenic they tin spell from premium pricing to discount pricing (and vice versa) successful a comparatively short period. Especially during corrections, nan marketplace prices tin driblet overmuch faster than nan NAV (the underlying assets). Investors who do not person an appetite for higher volatility should mostly enactment distant from CEFs aliases astatine slightest debar nan leveraged CEFs.

  • Premium complete NAVs:

CEFs person marketplace prices that are different from their NAVs (net plus values). They tin waste and acquisition either astatine discounts aliases astatine premiums to their NAVs. Generally, we should enactment distant from paying immoderate important premiums complete nan NAV prices unless location are immoderate very compelling reasons.

  • Asset-specific risk:

Another consequence facet whitethorn travel from plus attraction risk. Many costs whitethorn clasp akin underlying assets. However, this is easy to mitigate by diversifying into different types of CEFs ranging from equity, equity-covered calls, preferred stocks, owe bonds, authorities and firm bonds, power MLPs, utilities, and municipal income.

Concluding Thoughts

We usage our screening process to item 5 apt champion closed-end costs for finance each month. We besides supply a larger database of 10 CEFs, pinch immoderate of nan apical candidates from each of nan plus classes. As always, our filtering process demands that our selections person an fantabulous semipermanent record, support decent net to screen nan distributions (in definite categories), connection an mean of 7%-8% distributions, and are cheaper connected a comparative ground pinch a reasonable discount. Also, we guarantee that nan selected 5 costs are from a divers group successful position of nan types of assets. Please statement that these selections are based connected our proprietary standing strategy and are move successful nature. So, they tin alteration from period to period (or moreover week to week). At nan aforesaid time, immoderate of nan costs tin repetition from period to period if they stay charismatic complete an extended period. Also, statement that not each bully money would make it to this database because they whitethorn not beryllium attractively priced aliases trading astatine a important premium astatine nan clip of moving our filtering process.

The selected 5 CEFs this month, arsenic a group, are offering an mean distribution complaint of 8.78% (as of 02/10/2023). Besides, these 5 costs person a proven past grounds and collectively returned 6.80%, 8.20%, and 9.16% successful nan past three, five, and 10 years. Please support successful mind that these returns are overmuch little than what they were past twelvemonth and should beryllium measured successful comparison to nan broader market. The mean leverage for nan group is debased astatine astir 17%, pinch an mean discount of -7.2%. Since this is simply a monthly series, location whitethorn beryllium immoderate selections that could overlap from period to month.

When it comes to CEF investing, we ever urge that it's champion to beryllium a spot blimpish and build your positions by adding successful mini and aggregate tons to return advantage of dollar-cost averaging. We judge that nan supra group of CEFs makes a awesome watchlist for further research.

Editor's Note: This article discusses 1 aliases much securities that do not waste and acquisition connected a awesome U.S. exchange. Please beryllium alert of nan risks associated pinch these stocks.

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Additional disclosure: Disclaimer: The accusation presented successful this article is for informational purposes only and successful nary measurement should beryllium construed arsenic financial proposal aliases proposal to bargain aliases waste immoderate stock. The writer is not a financial advisor. Please ever do further investigation and do your ain owed diligence earlier making immoderate investments. Every effort has been made to coming nan data/information accurately; however, nan writer does not declare 100% accuracy. The banal portfolios presented present are exemplary portfolios for objection purposes. For nan complete database of our LONG positions, please spot our floor plan connected Seeking Alpha.

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