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SANTA CLARA — Fans celebrating The 49ers’ first triumph in a period sent questions via social media for america to reply in this week’s version of The 49ers mailbag:

Purdy is The champion downfield-throwing 49ers QB since ____? (@j.mata530)

Two things onslaught me: Brock Purdy’s unabashed aggressiveness, and his NFL-best 9.3 yards-per-attempt average. On The second note, that would beryllium The champion single-season people ever by a 49ers quarterback. Joe Montana’s 9.1-yard mean in 1989 ranks first among passers pinch astatine slightest 4 starts and 100 passes. The 49ers’ starring profession averages: Jimmy Garoppolo (8.3), Steve Young (8.2), Nick Mullens (7.9), Montana (7.6), Y.A. Tittle (7.3). Purdy is averaging 8.8 yards per effort done 18 profession regular-season games.

“I’m fierce pinch what I do and really I propulsion The ball,” Purdy said aft Sunday’s 34-3 triumph in Jacksonville. “I still person to study times and situations in games I person to beryllium smart pinch The ball. They do a bully occupation of not conscionable handcuffing me. They fto maine play backmost in an fierce measurement and get The shot to The guys erstwhile they’re open.”

Is The No. 1 seed in The NFC realistically in play for The 49ers still? (@j.mata530)

Eight games remain, truthful The 49ers (6-3) are conscionable past The halfway constituent and in reasonable style to onshore a precocious seed in The NFC playoffs. The No. 1 seed? That’s The goal, and it’s achievable, but only if they propulsion disconnected cardinal wins (see: Dec. 3 astatine ) mixed pinch immoderate stumbles by The Eagles (8-1) and The Detroit Lions (7-2). The Eagles are coming disconnected their bye and look a gaunlet: astatine Kansas City, past location games against Buffalo and The 49ers earlier roadworthy trips to Dallas and Seattle. The Lions person a five-game cakewalk earlier closing astatine The Vikings, astatine The Cowboys and against The Vikings.

The 49ers were not cleanable yesterday. What do they still request to activity connected for The playoffs? (@david581)

Christian McCaffrey benignant of addressed this postgame: “What I liked is that it wasn’t cleanable but we conscionable stayed pinch it. We kept going, kept going. The defense came up immense pinch a bunch of turnovers. Offensively, we person a batch of things we Can still get amended at, which is exciting. We learned our instruction these past 3 weeks. We conscionable person to play bully shot each week. We person to execute. We person to minimize mistakes. And spell retired location and do what we request to do.”

Do you deliberation Steve Wilks being connected The sideline was The immense difference-maker for The defense? (@tyler.webb14)

What helped astir were The sum disguises and The champion walk unreserved since Week 1, calls he happened to make connected The sideline aft moving down from The booth this game. He congratulated players but not precisely pinch maniacal emotion. My binoculars strained to find him connected The sideline interacting pinch players, though tv closeups showed him congratulating players specified arsenic Charvarius Ward (end area walk defense) and Javon Hargrave (1 ½ sacks). After each series, Wilks typically would study video connected a tablet by himself, past talk to position coaches. Fred Warner commended The streamlined communication: Wilks was capable to nonstop calls straight into Warner’s helmet for The first clip this season, which evidently didn’t hurt.

Will Wilks stay connected The sideline? (@DanielUkiah)

Wilks getting retired in The Florida aerial seemed to respire life and accountability into The 49ers’ defense by Sideline Steve (as coined by our Instagram friends astatine @ourSF49ers).

Will Arik beryllium OK to play this coming Sunday? (@brucemahan6)

Defensive tackle Arik Armstead said he should beryllium OK but he took awesome objection to Brandon Scherff’s “dirty” deed that could person impacted a superior limb injury.

“I had a batch of respect for him, but tripping me, kicking maine in my knee, I could person sewage earnestly hurt,” Armstead said. “It was conscionable a soiled play.”

Armstead limped disconnected The section but returned to play 34 snaps (60 percent of The protect action).

How do The Niners hole The statement midseason? (@hulkmsaterfunk)

Which line? The violative statement sewage Trent Williams backmost and that made a immense difference, pinch Jon Feliciano aptly filling in for near defender Aaron Banks. The defensive statement added Chase Young to The operation and his 35 snaps were only 2 less than Nick Bosa’s, 11 much than starter Clelin Ferrell’s and 14 much than Randy Gregory. The betting line? The 49ers are mostly considered co-NFC favorites on pinch to scope The Super Bowl according to The sportsbooks, pinch almost arsenic bully a chance of playing connected Feb. 12 arsenic The defending champion Chiefs.

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